Day 139: Response to Eckhart Tolle: What is My Responsibility – Part 2

Continuing with some points from Eckhart Tolle’s video: ‘What is My Responsibility?’

Your primary responsibility is in taking responsibility for your state of consciousness which determines what kind of world you create

The change that you want to see out there – you need to embody that

What you do flows from your state of consciousness – who you are

So the basic idea that Tolle presents, is that to take Responsibility in creating a world that is not dysfunctional, it is to take Responsibility for your state of Consciousness – because what you do, flows from your State of Consciousness. So, obviously within this you would want to make sure that your state of consciousness is not dysfunctional, and would be aligned with actions that will result in a world that is not dysfunctional.

Now in my example of my experience as a Lightworker in my previous post, my ‘state of consciousness’ was that of an experience of being a lightworker, which I explained is something that I designed through utilizing various ideas and knowledge and information that I took in, into my mind, to create this experience of a lightworker, which I then focused on and practiced experiencing, until the experience was vivid enough that I really ‘felt like a lightworker’.

Within this, in terms of ’embodying the change you want to see out there’ – this was my starting point. From my perspective, I was ‘taking responsibility’ for my ‘state of consciousness’ — becoming a lightworker, aligning myself with the words, the messages, the experiences of a lightworker – which was primarily that of the message and experience of ‘love’ — in order to ’embody’ the ‘change’ I wanted to see ‘out there’. And from my perspective at that stage, the ‘change’ I wanted to see ‘out there’, was a world aligned with the descriptions of ‘higher dimensions’ where for example, everything is ‘less physically dense’ and we can fly around, and are constantly experiencing love and saying namaste to each other and stuff, and a world where I for example don’t have to work a job and earn money, but where everything instantly manifests that I could ever want.

The problem with this, is that my ‘state of consciousness’ was in no way aligned with any understanding of the reality, the world in which my Actions that ‘flow from my state of consciousness’ will play out in. I mean, the extent of the actions that flowed from this apparently ‘responsible’ state of consciousness of being a ‘lightworker’, were in large part no different from a completely non-spiritual person. I had a job, I earned money, I bought groceries, I payed bills, etc — and if someone were to ask me ‘what is your solution for the current economic problems, how can we eliminate poverty?’ I probably would have said something like ‘focus on light and love and send out light and love, and eventually enough people will be awakened to light and love that the world will change to a world of light and love and those problems won’t exist’. But this wasn’t based on an actual understanding of how things work — it was based on assumptions – on beliefs, on ideas that I liked the sound of. If I had been dropped into the white house and asked to run the country according to ‘light and love’ — I would have been utterly useless because all I knew how to do was to ‘experience’ light and love while my actual actions were that of a consumer surviving within the system.

But, from my perspective I was applying exactly what Tolle suggests – I was ‘taking responsibility for my state of consciousness’ to ’embody the change I want to see’ – within the belief that the world ‘out there’ will change according to my state of consciousness. I wanted to see a world of light and love, so I embodied light and love as my ‘state of consciousness’. So the problem here is that, this idea of taking responsibility is completely open to interpretation through whatever idea / belief / desire / want you’ve defined the word responsibility within – whereas, since we’re all here in the same Reality – the same Earth, our Responsibility should be defined within that which will produce the best benefit for everyone on Earth — within an actual understanding of how the world works and the logistical considerations of providing support for everyone. Because without such an understanding, all we can do is keep accepting and allowing the current system.

The fact is, here on Earth we’re dealing with a solid, physically manifested system that is dysfunctional in that the institutions that constitute the system, are not aligned with that which equally benefits all beings on Earth – they are aligned with what benefits a minority, within which human beings, animals, and nature are abused and taken advantage of in order to achieve this benefit.

And the way it works and the consequences of the way it works are not open to interpretation — it’s a system that has a specific way of functioning. Like an engine — it has a specific way of functioning that does not change according to your belief of how it functions. So how can the world system change in its functionality, if the participants within the system are all embodying different ideas of what the world should be, in their minds according to their preferred experience they’d like to have, and just assuming that the world will outwardly ‘change’ to become their particular idea / want of what the world should be?

We’ll explore this further in the next post.

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