Day 141: Response to Eckhart Tolle: What is My Responsibility? Part 4

Day 138: Response to Eckhart Tolle: What is My Responsibility? Part 1
Day 139: Response to Eckhart Tolle: What is My Responsibility – Part 2
Day 140: Response to Eckhart Tolle: What is My Responsibility? Part 3

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define my responsibility in this world as ‘being / experiencing myself through and as positive experiences’, believing that positive experiences somehow equate to ‘benefitting life’ — instead of defining my responsibility within / toward what all beings require as support to live effectively – which, when one looks at it in terms of physical support for all beings – is not ‘positive’ – supporting life on earth is not a ‘positive experience’ of energy / feeling — it is a physical living action that would be based on the decision of self to investigate and put into application a system of support. See the Equal Money System.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that to have a world where we take care of each other, we must all live the same definition of responsibility – and our definition of responsibility must be aligned with what it takes to care for each being on earth – I mean this is so simple and yet we have missed this because we made the mistake of valuing ‘what is best for me’ within the context of only ‘my life’ – instead of valuing what is best for Me – in the context of Me as Life – Me as every being that is here

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that I don’t have to interpret my mind / consciousness through ideas — I can actually, from the starting point of being Here as the constant, stable point of Breath within this Reality, write out my mind / see my mind in detail / get to the actual origin point of each thought, feeling, and emotion – as if I really slow down and look for a moment, I can see that my inner experiences are based on words – my thoughts can be written out as words, my feelings and emotions can be written out as words — I’m a living book – and the responsible thing to do is to make sure I am actually Self Aware in investigating the words I am living / the definitions I’m living – from which flow the experiences of my Consciousness — just as when reading a novel, the imagery / experiences flow from the words on the page — so I can see the starting point of the Book that I Am

The Free DIP Lite course assists in developing this kind of self investigative writing within an online platform.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fall for the idea presented within spirituality that, we don’t have to understand how things work – how the mind works, how the world system works — all we have to do is ‘be positive’ and ‘be a blissful presence’, and that somehow through this, we are ’embodying change‘ — instead of realizing and seeing that I am in a Physical reality where things take shape through real physical actions with our hands — and that, if the starting point of myself behind the physical actions I take with my hands does not contain a total understanding of how this world / reality currently functions — obviously my actions will be limited in how I am able to direct what is happening on Earth.

At Equal Money you can do some research to see how Destonians, as a group – are working together in laying out the practical reality of how the world system currently functions in its totality, and then re-aligning / restructuring the system in its totality from the starting point of supporting each being equally effectively — we’re giving ourselves the ability to really be the change we wish to see in the world, through becoming a real, physical, practical embodiment of change that can be put into application using our hands, as a group — so that we’re no longer just these individual ‘states of consciousness’ floating around from positive experience to positive experience — because if you look at the spirituality / new age movement you can see — there is no standing together as a group in presenting to the world how things actually work and what is the practical solution — there is only messages that suggest to interpret things in whatever way feels good, and to ‘be positive’ — where the participants within spirituality exist in complete separation from each other and from the world — through a individual bubble of experience flowing from individual interpretations / beliefs / ideas based on the individual’s self interest. Which is the exact same starting point as anyone

I commit myself to show that taking responsibility for my state of consciousness would be to stop all self interest within my actual starting point – and to within that, stop all addiction to the experiences that flowed from a starting point of self interest — because, look at it from this perspective – who would you trust to take Responsibility for the Universe: A god whose starting point is self interest and preoccupation with entertaining, nice feeling experiences based on entertaining, nice ideas and beliefs? Or a god whose starting point is the Interest of what is Best for everyone together as a Whole and has a real understanding of how to work with physical reality within the consideration of what will benefit everyone equally?

I commit myself to show that the future of the earth in terms of ending pollution, ending poverty, ending starvation, ending the destruction of nature and the habitats of animals depends on an understanding of physical reality and the ability to direct our relationships with each other, nature, and the animals, in a way that is best for the Whole — and that this has absolutely NOTHING to do with ‘being positive’ and ‘exploring states of consciousness’ — because look — states of consciousness are in the mind — whereas physical reality is not in the Mind — it’s HERE — as proven by the fact that when a human being dies — they’re gone – their state of consciousness is irrelevant because it’s not HERE — whereas the result of our Physical participation REMAINS in the physical reality.

Thus, I commit myself to transform myself from a ‘state of consciousness’ to a real, physical being that understands its physical environment and can direct its physical environment / world to a Result that is Best for All

We’re busy with this already – check it out and start participating in developing new Policies for a New Earth based on taking Responsibility to care for Life

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