Day 142: A Nice Place to Live is a Basic Human Right – Why is this not yet part of our society?

So recently a co-worker of mine came back to work after a couple weeks absence. It turns out the reason she was absent was that she was busy sorting out a little problem that came up in her personal life. The problem was that she was homeless. Apparently she lost her place for some reason, and was living in her car for a few days and now has managed to get a place again and has come back to work.

Now, this girl does the same job I do, and in fact is a lot more successful in the job than me. It’s a sales job and she’s been there longer and has more experience. In spite of this, within her particular circumstance, the income from the job was not enough to support her in maintaining a place to live.

This girl also has a daughter and so has to work not just to support herself but to also support a child.

Whenever I talk to this girl I can see that her life mainly consists of a daily struggle to ‘make ends meet’, and hoping she doesn’t ‘burn out’. And, a lot of people would look at someone in this situation and say ‘well, go back to college and get a degree and find a better paying job’. But, the reality is, this person is in her thirties and I can see she’s already developed all kinds of emotional and thought patterns revolving around the stress of survival, and the reality is millions of people are already so inundated with bills and debt that they simply can’t afford to risk ‘starting a new path’. I mean, you find a job that works and once you have a point of job security that ensures your survival there’s very little incentive to risk that job security in pursuit of something better – especially when you’re reading news telling you how even people with degrees are struggling to find a job and have to resort to something like a retail position or some general labor job just to pay the bills.

But, let’s say this girl had been born into money, and had been supported from childhood to receive a top education and earn a top degree. If money had always been there she never would have developed the thought and emotional patterns of stress and fear in relation to survival — her life would have been completely different.

With an Equal Money system the point is that we can eliminate the point of fear / stress in relation to survival through simply providing access to all the basic needs that enable one to pursue higher skill development and creativity as a human being. And this skill development would start from a young age – everyone would be supported to reach their full potential from the beginning.

The reason we don’t already have such a system is that those with power – those who have always had money, administer policy based on the premise that Human Beings are inherently irrational and violent and thus the only way to have a ‘stable’ society is to ensure everyone remains controlled within a bubble of survival – where your very ‘self’ is programmed from a young age through the environment of consumerism to live within the starting point of the pursuit of a lifestyle that fulfills desires and preferences designed, depicted, and advertised by companies through the mediums of Television, Movies, and Magazines that appeal to the self interest of a person – which has worked fabulously well, and thus don’t see any reason to give up their own point of security / their massive profits made from a system that exploits the less fortunate.

For a detailed history of the design and implementation of the modern consumer by corporations, watch the following documentary:

Fortunately through Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness one can delete this brainwashing and change one’s starting point from that of self interest to that which is best for all Life – which is the only way we’ll ever transcend a society where control is required.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define life as surviving and buying things, which has led to me to see those who are struggling in poverty and homelessness as just ‘part of life’

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize and notice that not being able to afford a place to live is a violation of basic human rights and is a crime against life

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that a nice place to live should not be something that one has to spend 60 hours a week working just to afford – human beings need homes – it’s a basic right, not a privelege

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize and notice that blaming the job market or a person’s underdeveloped job skills as the cause of poverty is bullshit in a world where a handful of people have enough money to provide a comfortable lifestyle for the entire population

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe it is normal to see a comfortable life without stress or fear as an achievement that must be earned through years of hard work, instead of realizing that a comfortable life is a basic life right that must be guaranteed to all – and that to deny someone a comfortable life on the basis of them not having sufficient skills to for example be a lawyer or doctor, is a crime against life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that Spirituality or New Age or Love or Light or Recycling or Vegetarianism or Law of Attraction or Positive Thinking is ‘good’, and is a ‘solution’ – instead of realizing that none of these movements challenges the idea that survival and a comfortable life must be earned and are thus supporting the ongoing Crimes against Life of denying someone a comfortable life if they don’t have what it takes to ‘earn it’ or ‘attract it’ or ‘manifest it’ – however you put it, it’s the same

I commit myself to show that Life is not a few decades spent trying to find a way to survive and achieve comfort but that Life itself is Who we All really Are and that the current world system does not support the existence and expression of Life

I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing myself and humanity to see poverty and struggle as ‘part of life’, and to investigate where within myself I have defined myself through and as fear of being poor, and the desire to make money and achieve comfort and buy things, to see where I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as a brainwashed consumer robot that is not here as Life in awareness of All Life, but is in the mind consumed with self interest / survival / self preservation

I commit myself to show that humanity is brainwashed by consumerism as self interest and fear so extensively that things like having a place to live at all times are not regarded as a basic right for All, but are regarded as an achievement to be earned

I commit myself to show that the right to profit is a Crime against Life – as to make a profit, there must exist someone who is less fortunate who has a need that you can exploit / abuse for your own personal gain

I commit myself to expose all philosophies and lifestyles that present themselves as ‘progressive’ and ‘enlightened’ and ‘positive’, that accept the idea that survival and a comfortable life must be an achievement that is earned – as philosophies that support the ongoing Crime Against Life that is Poverty

I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing Crimes Against Life

Show your vote for the End of Crimes Against Life at Equal Money.
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  1. Absolutely! For a new world / actual change and the end of abuse, we require an entirely new system, not just new policies and promises of change. As long as there is a hierarchy in any system, abuse is predetermined. That's why I support an equal money system, because unlike the current profit-driven system, it will be a life-driven system that will give everyone the power to life through equal rights, equal access, equal support and equal opportunities in FACT, and actual democracy of one man one vote for all practical aspects of life/living.


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