Day 146: Consciousness vs. Physical Reality: The Seed Experiment

Does consciousness have the power to support Life on Earth?

To determine the answer to this, we can undertake the following experiment:

Start with two, garden variety seeds.

Take the first seed – Seed ‘A’, and plant it in some soil. Water the seed regularly, and make sure it gets enough sunlight.

Take the second seed, Seed ‘B’, and place it in a cardboard box. Seal the box so that no sunlight can enter. Do not place the seed in soil. Visualize the seed in your mind — visualize the seed receiving nutrients and sunlight, visualize the seed sprouting and growing into a healthy plant, visualize love and light streaming into the seed.

Now, the goal here is to have the seed grow into a plant. And, if one dares to undertake this experiment, one will be faced with a result that brings into question the idea that ‘consciousness is the source of the physical reality’. You’ll find that, with seed ‘B’, no matter how effective you are in generating energy and sending it to the seed — it will not grow. Whereas, with seed ‘A’ — you could actually program a robotic device to water the seed and make sure it gets sunlight, removing the human consciousness / experience factor altogether – and the seed will grow.

What this experiment shows is that – no matter what your ‘consciousness’ experience is — to get the seed to grow you have to actually walk the physical steps of caring for the seed, supporting it grow into a plant. The Growing takes places through Physical processess, not Human Consciousness processess. And in fact, the human being is also like a plant – growing from a seed, the same way as a tomato plant grows from a seed. And if you look at the process involved in getting to one’s experience of for example ‘spiritual consciousness’, with all the light and love and feelings and pictures — that did not exist at birth. What you had is a plant made of flesh – and the plant goes through a process of learning language, based on definitions that are implanted by the grown-up plants, where this plant will then have experiences within itself, thoughts within itself, based on the specific definitions that have been implanted into it. I mean, the consciousness experience of the plant is gradually designed through a process of self definition based on words that one connects a meaning to. If you don’t learn language, you can’t communicate with spiritual people or read spiritual material and thus you cannot implant the knowledge into your mind to use in designing certain experiences like ‘light and love’. This clearly shows that the Physical reality, the Earth – is the source of Consciousness — and how, the consciousness is not Life — because the physical body-plant is alive even before the consciousness is developed.

So why is it that we keep holding onto this idea that ‘all we need is consciousness, all we need is energy, all we need is to feel light and love and send it to each other and the world will be healed’, when it’s perfectly obvious that life on Earth is Physical, and thus requires effective systems of Physical support?

Caring for the plants of the Earth, the plants that support us in being able to exist on Earth, involves Physical actions that do not require any form of energetic feeling experience of light and love, or any pictures / visualizations in the mind of light and love or colorful energy streaming and flowing everywhere. And – the same thing thus applies in terms of caring for animals, and other human beings.
What IS required is an understanding of how to direct the resources provided by the Earth to ensure all the plants / animals / humans on earth receive the support required to grow and flourish. However within Spirituality — this is strangely ignored and all focus is placed in how to improve one’s experience of consciousness to be more blissful, more happy feeling, more warm and fuzzy feeling, within this somehow believing that by achieving a more warm and fuzzy consciousness experience / energy experience, we are ‘supporting’ life on earth. But, as the simple experiment with the seeds proves — consciousness cannot create support for life on Earth – Energy as feelings / visualizations / light and love cannot create support for life on Earth. Supporting Life on Earth involves Physical actions.

And within this, we don’t need some consciousness / energy experience as ‘motivation’ to walk these Physical actions — all we need is the Decision to Be Life and to care for All Life as we would like to be cared for – the Decision to focus on what is Here, the Decision to be a Participant in the Reality that we Share – the Decision to make sure that the reality that is Here, is one that is Best for Everyone – no matter if you are human, animal, or plant, and no matter where or when you are born into this world, and the practical understanding of Physical Reality that will enable us to put that Decision into application. We need to re-define our words based on what supports Life – instead of what supports our consciousness experience. And then we need to live our words in physical action.

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