Day 148: What Economists Fail to see in the Claim that Happiness leads to Wealth

So according to some economists, making sure your child grows up happy is the best investment you can make in their future. Why? Because if you’re happy, you’re more likely to grow up to be wealthy!

“A data analysis of 15,000 young adults in the U.S. by economists at University College London, revealed that those who reported higher levels of life satisfaction, went on to receive larger paychecks than their gloomy counterparts.
This is due to the fact that people with sunny dispositions are more likely to be outgoing, finish a degree, secure work and get promoted quicker.”

Since all parents know that if you don’t have money you will suffer, ‘naturally’ they would want their child to become wealthy to escape the suffering and limitation that comes with poverty. And according to this research, it would thus ‘make sense’ that the ‘best investment’ for your child’s future is to try and make sure they are happy so they could possibly become wealthy.

This ‘research’ by these apparently ‘smart’ economists, utterly fails to recognize a few key points however. For example, happy or not – you firstly need to have your basic skills of reading, maths, writing at a level of development effective enough to take on a college course load and earn a degree – I mean no matter how happy happy happy happy times a million you are — if your information processing skills are not effective – sorry, you’re not going to be able to study that college material and comprehend it effectively. Happiness does not magically make you able to understand an advanced subject-specific vocabulary. And, within this no matter how happy you can make your child, if your child happens to be going to school in say, America – chances are they will fail to develop their basic learning skills to a college-ready level. In fact education in America is so bad, it’s been called a ‘national security threat’:

Report warns US educational failures pose national security threat

And whoops, if the parents happen to have a low income, they won’t be able to afford tutors and private schools to support their child in developing good reading and math skills. Did you know qualified tutors charge anywhere from around $30 – $80 an hour for their services? Did you know that various test-preparation companies charge around $2000 for a 25 hour SAT test-prep session? Parents are willing to pay these kinds of fees to make sure their children get into a good college. And it’s not just the ‘gloomy’ kids that need tutoring – it’s the happy, motivated ones as well, because even if you feel happy and ‘feel motivated’ — basic learning skills are not something that just ‘happens’ because you are motivated. Like, you can’t just pick up a book and just start feeling really really happy and motivated and then Voila! You can understand the entire book without even learning the vocabulary. You need specific support from a young age to develop proper reading abilities which mostly consists of learning vocabulary so that you can actually understand what you are reading — and effective vocabulary and reading skills development is simply not part of the American school system.

Don’t take my word for it, read these studies published by the Annie E. Casey Foundation:

2010 KIDS COUNT Special Report: Why Reading by the End of Third Grade Matters

Obviously if as a young person you are not supported in learning your basic skills effectively, you’ll tend to react and take it personally when you don’t understand an assignment and poorly on school work and tests, which can develop into a pattern of resistance and dislike toward learning — and, encouraging the child to ‘be happy’ isn’t going to magically make them understand how learning works. What if the child, based on their initial reaction toward not understanding an assignment, develops a pattern of feeling happy only when they’re not at school, in order to avoid experiencing the fear of not understanding an assignment? What if the child is only happy when they’re playing video games? What if the child is only happy when they’re not reading or studying? Should the parent still encourage their child’s happiness? If candy and video games make your child happy, would that then mean that giving your child candy and video games is the best investment you can make in their future? These economists obviously understand nothing about how the mind and emotions and feelings work. What reality do these economists live in? Do they have any clue what the fuck is going on in this world?

According to the research:
“A data analysis of 15,000 young adults in the U.S. by economists at University College London, revealed that those who reported higher levels of life satisfaction, went on to receive larger paychecks than their gloomy counterparts.”

It all comes down to Paychecks. The end goal of earning a degree and finding a job is a paycheck you need in order to survive and exist comfortably. But if ‘a high level of life satisfaction’ is the way to a bigger paycheck, what about the children born into an environment where ‘life satisfaction’ is impossible? Are they doomed to a life of lower pay and thus lower quality of life? Doesn’t that seem like a pretty fucking Spiteful system, where you get punished for not being happy? And, lets not forget the fact that there aren’t enough high paying jobs for everyone, and that even happy, highly qualified people can lose their job in a recession.

“However findings highlighted that there are a range of factors outside of the home that cannot be controlled by guardians, as siblings often reported different emotions.”

Well yeah, no shit — what about the pressure and competition to succeed and get the highest grades? What about those children who, by virtue of their DNA and behavior patterns copied from their parents, are not competitive and driven to become wealthy? What about a child who is ostracized, bullied and abused for being ‘ugly’ or ‘different’, who becomes so angry and fed up with the abuse that they decide to shoot up the school?

And this research also fails to account for parents who do not give a shit about their children.
What about parents who physically, sexually, and / or verbally abuse their children? What about these parents we read about in the news who lock their children in kennels, basements, cages, beating them and / or raping them and leaving them to starve and live in their own waste? What about the future of those children? How can those children achieve a ‘high level of life satisfaction’?

How about children born in slums in third world countries, sold into prostitution? How does this research by these economists benefit those children?

“Happy children are more likely to grow into wealthy adults”

I think by now it’s fairly obvious that this only applies to a very very small percent of people who happen to exist within a very specific set of circumstances, in only certain places in the world, and is based on complete neglect of the reality experienced by the vast, vast majority of beings on Earth.

Wouldn’t it be preferable to have a world where your education and survival is not dependent on maintaining a constant experience of ‘happiness’?

Wouldn’t it be preferable to have a world without fear and abuse, so that we could focus on living and expressing and exploring life on earth instead of being consumed by the ‘pursuit of feeling happy’ to avoid fear?

Wouldn’t it be preferable to have a world where education is about learning how the world works and exploring skills as a point of self expression, instead of being about competition for survival and quality of life?

Wouldn’t it be great if quality of life didn’t come in varying ‘degrees’, but was equally the BEST for everyone at all times, from birth to death?

Wouldn’t it be great if people who are unfit to become parents, are not allowed to become parents?

Wouldn’t it be great if no one ever had to worry about how to get a paycheck ever again?

What is the greatest investment we can make for the future of ALL children currently on Earth and ALL the children to come? Shouldn’t that be the real question?

Time to wake up and realize that happiness is just Self Interest conditioned by an economic system based on FEAR, and does not indicate an understanding of what actually benefits Life. The only way we’re going to sort out this world is if we decide to Value all Life Equally and implement a new system that supports Life instead of supporting the profit interests of only a few people.

Educate yourself, stand up for Life, stand up and show your vote for a real solution at

Read Economist’s Journey to Life to learn the truth about Economics.

Expose the Ignorance and Neglect of the ‘leading experts’ of this world who are so brainwashed that they can only see things through the eyes of the capitalistic money system and have no clue how to support life on earth.

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Must Watch Documentaries for the Human interested in understanding reality:
The Century of the Self: Part 1- Happiness Machines
The Power Principle
The Trap
Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century

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