Day 149: Human Consciousness in the Journey to Source

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The New Age suggests that the entire physical Universe is the product of Human Consciousness — you know, which in the New Age is defined as a warm and fuzzy feeling of light and love — which, oddly enough did not exist at birth, but was conditioned through exposure to knowledge and information, interpreted through Language as Definitions that were TAUGHT to the person by other people – Language that did not exist at birth. Strange how the New Age fails to see that the New Age Consciousness Experience is a Personality Experience that is Designed gradually over a period of years through utilizing Knowledge and Information to construct Belief systems forming the foundation of Self Ideas that one Practices through Meditation and Visualization and Affirmation until it becomes Automated as just the ‘Experience’ — and this Experience is then claimed to be ‘the eternal truth that transcends physical reality’ – in spite of the fact that again, it did not exist at Birth. And strange how this experience will then blind the New Age participant to simple questions like — if the New Age Human Consciousness Experience ‘creates’ the Physical Reality — how is it that the Earth and the rest of the Physical Universe was Here before Human Beings were on Earth? Before Language was on Earth? Before books and websites and New Age shops promoting New Age ideas existed?

The very fact that the Physical Universe was Here before the New Age Consciousness Experience existed, should indicate that the Physical Universe is the Real Truth that should be investigated. The very fact that the Physical Body is the Platform through which the New Age Consciousness Experience is designed or ‘given birth’ if you will, indicates that the Physical Body is the Source of the Energy Experience as Consciousness — not the other way around. Could it be that we designed the idea of the ‘Source’ as being this ‘love and light’ experience awaiting for us after death, because we’ve become so deathly afraid to face the True Reality that the Real Source currently exists as, which is a Physical World filled with Suffering and Abuse, that we’ve Descended to the point of simply Making Up a better reality in our minds and hoping that if we imagine it long enough, it will ‘come true’?

We all know that you can’t just Imagine a Mountain and then have it magically appear in Physical Reality. Though – with enough Physical Human Hands, we could move enough rocks to form a Mountain. So why do we insist that by simply Imagining a world free of suffering, that it will just ‘happen’ if enough people Imagine the same thing?

And, it’s funny how people who have a practical understanding of how to work with Physical Reality in for example, designing technologies, food production infrastructure, water systems, don’t typically appear on talkshows and on websites delivering messages of Love and Light with elaborate descriptions of the kinds of heavenly experiences you could have if you just focus on ‘raising your vibration’ through focusing on happy, pretty pictures. And, those who are most prominent as Promoters of the New Age message typically do not have any practical perspective on how to change the actual system on earth to be one that supports everyone — instead, elaborate stories are given to ‘explain’ why for example poverty and starvation and war exists. Usually it includes something like: ‘we’re coming to the end of a cycle of separation and darkness, and very soon, amazing changes will happen as more people awaken to love and light’, etc, etc. But how can such messages be taken as Truth when the people delivering these messages cannot even stand in a position of Political Leadership, presenting new policies that can be implemented in re-structuring the World System in accordance with what is Best for All Life on Earth?

It’s time to Wake Up and face the True Source as the Physical Reality – the One Source as the Equal Starting Point for each Human Being in their process of designing the alternate, personal, energy reality in the Mind. You want to experience Oneness? Stand One and Equal with all that is Here as the Physical Universe. Place all the Physical Human bodies, Animals bodies, Plant bodies Inside Yourself, and See what ‘The One’ is experiencing in fact = the worst imaginable atrocities of suffering and abuse.

Stand as The One Physical Universe and See what each Cell as each Human Being in the Body of the One is participating in within their minds — the New Agers for example — sitting, waiting, hoping, meditating, imagining, chanting, looking at pretty pictures the whole time. What action are these Cells in the Body of the One taking to Rid the One of Pain and Suffering? Where is the Group Effort of the Cells in the Body of The One in implementing an Equal System to replace the Abusive, Profit / Self Interest Driven System that currently Abuses the Resources produced by the Earth / Heart of the One, that are meant to be Given / Delivered to Each Cell Equally to ensure Harmony in the Body of The One? Why are the Cells in the Body of the One instead making up reasons, excuses, stories, beliefs, fantasies to justify the ongoing Disease of Suffering and Abuse in the Body of The One? Why are the Cells in the Body of The One wanting to escape the Physical Body of The One, into a made-up reality that is not even Here? Why are the Cells in the Body of The One so intent on Abandoning Ship?

Shouldn’t the Cells as Physical Bodies in the Body of The One Physical Universe work together to sort out the Physical Heart/Earth Organ of the Body of The One, to be Structurally Arranged in a way where Each Part of Life on Earth is Held / Supported Equally to form a Harmonious Whole, based on the Alignment of All Relationships to the True Sacred Geo-metry where All are given an Equal Measure as All are Equal in the same Sacred Value as Life?

Why does the New Age promote the pursuit of Imaginary Dimensions built upon the value of Self Interest, and the Neglect of the Physical Dimension that is already here, shared Equally by each?

An Equal Money System will establish True Sacred Geometry on Earth through a Geometrically Equilateral Platform of Support for All Life — meaning, that no being will go to Greater or Lesser Length than another to Receive the Fulfillment of one’s Basic Needs. However, instead of focusing on making such a system a Reality for All, the New Age prefers to make a religion out of pretty shapes and colors.

It is clear that the New Age has Lost the Plot of Life – plotting a course of self interested Hope and Belief into Imaginary Individual Inner Realms of Entertainment rather than Standing Together as One as Equal at the Helm of the Ship of Earth, taking the Captain’s Responsibility in Plotting the course that will Lead to a World that is Best for All Life.

But it’s not too late – Self Forgiveness is possible, Self Honesty is Possible. Desteni I Process Lite is a free, online course to assist in developing the skills to be able to get to the Source of each experience.

Get a practical understanding of the Source of the world’s problems, and the Source of a Real Solution, at Equal Money.

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  1. New Age belief does not say that HUMAN consciousness shapes the universe, but consciousness in itself. Most new age beliefs preach that we are all one. Not just humans…everything the entire earth and universe. There is not separation between humans and any other kind of life form there is. We are all one consciousness and we as humans are just able to become aware of it and make sense rather than just be a part of it….


  2. May have posted too soon…definitely stand by my word but after finishing the entire article i do have to say that there are some really good points that i question myself, and am planning to research further.


  3. I was a wholehearted participant in the new age / spirituality — I experienced all the spiritual awakenings and energy experiences and apparent 'realizations' — but, what I saw when I started to develop my self honesty, was that there was an underlying foundation of assumptions / interpretations of what consciousness is. And, from my perspective — I shouldn't have to make assumptions and interpretations – I should see / understand in fact how this stuff works and what is really going on – not just have an experience based on an idea.


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