Day 154: Response to David Icke: 2016 is the Year of Change, not 2012

According to David Icke, 2012 is just a distraction — the REAL transformative year is 2016!
So, when nothing happens on December 21st, 2012 — not to worry — we’ve still got a few more years to prepare ourselves in excited anticipation for the REAL ‘big change’.

Here’s an excerpt from his interview: David Icke ~ 2016 Is The Year Of Change Not 2012

“I think 2012 is a diversion, personally. And I think you’re gonna see that exploited by hollywood movies and other things. My feeling is around 2016, life in this reality is gonna transform. And it’s gonna transform because…this is a virtual reality. Quite provable fact.”

And here he then goes on to refer to the matrix, where morpheus explains to neo that ‘real’ is just electrical signals interpreted by your brain. He also refers to the fact that atoms having no solidity indicates the ‘solidity’ of this reality is a construct, an illusion.

Unfortunately though, what David Icke fails to consider is that the understanding that we’re in a ‘matrix’, does not stand as a solution for the current massive scale of abuse and suffering within our current world economic system. How does realizing that atoms are not solid, and that what we see, hear, touch, smell, taste is merely electrical signals interpreted by the brain, translate into practical policies that can by implemented to restructure the global system at all levels to support Life?

This is what enabled me to hear the Desteni message – the fact that none of the spiritual practices or ‘realizations’ I experienced, include practical, real-world research and development of a new global system.

And, it was quite obvious to me that the reason for this is because of the obsession with the idea of ‘powerful elite forces controlling everything through manipulating the population with fear’, where, within this then the ‘solution’ is only that we should ‘raise our vibration’ out of fear, into ‘higher vibrations’ of love, compassion, joy, bliss. And that, when enough of us are experiencing these ‘higher vibrations’, then the ‘powerful elite forces’ will no longer be able to control us, and reality will start to ‘transform’ to reflect our ‘higher vibrations’.

But the point that is always neglected is the question of — even if one billion, or two billion, or three billion, or four billion people all experienced only feelings of love and bliss and joy, and even if all the ‘powerful elite forces’ disappeared — then what? What are the actual ‘changes’ that will happen?

Will we still have Consumerism?

How will we use all the millions of buildings and other infrastructure throughout the world?

What will we do with all the billions of tons of unused products produced by Corporations for consumption within the Capitalist system?

How will everyone get fed?

What happens to all the slum cities throughout the world, filled with people living in poverty and starvation, drug addiction and prostitution?

Will the physical structures of the economic system suddenly transform into magnificent glowing palaces of light?

Will machines appear that magically spew an endless supply of food, water, and medical supplies for everyone?

Will support systems for all the animals and plants spontaneously appear?

Will some beautiful glowing multicolored beam of light stream down from the heavens and make all the trash, toxic waste, and plastic in the oceans disappear?

How will Education change? Will all the teachers spontaneously start talking about love and light, and teaching children how to meditate?

What kind of careers and expressions will exist when this ‘transformation’ takes place? Will people only be allowed to sing songs about love and light? Will artists only paint pictures of glowing spaceships and geometric forms, and angelic beings robed in white light?

Will all the rapists, murderers, sex addicts, and child abusers suddenly be possessed by light and love and forget all about abuse, and start chanting ‘namaste, namaste, namaste, I love you, I love everyone, I am love’? Will they receive a light and love lobotomy sent by ‘the source’, or ‘the universe’?

Or will reality transform into a big white space like in the Matrix, where anything that we want instantly manifests? Is that the reality we can expect to experience in 2016?

I mean — where is the actual Plan? Where is the actual Action? Where is the actual consideration of other beings? Is it because ‘reality is just an illusion’? Are all the problems of the world just a poorly painted picture caused by people’s ‘lower vibrations’? Is Energy the ‘paint’ of reality? If enough people ‘feel good‘ and ‘feel love’, then will the picture just spontaneously change?

Why do I stand with Desteni? Why do I stand for an Equal Money System? Why did I stop being a lightworker? I’ll tell you why. Because Spirituality / New Age is BULLSHIT! It’s just our fucking imagination! It’s just a fucking personality! There’s no Substance to it — there is no Practical Principle that can be applied to FIGURE OUT how to support all Life on Earth! It’s just a projection – an IMAGINED, MADE UP Mental Movie — where all we’ve done is create a personal Cinema in our minds, in which we show ourselves pretty lights and colors, that happen to have an interactive element – Feelings. We can make ourselves feel anything we want! And the great thing about that is, we can then look at all the problems in the world, and see and feel only ‘happy stuff’!

‘Oh this world is so dark and negative and evil‘ — therefore I will focus on bright, shiny white lights and make myself feel good!! YAY!!! I’m Enlightened now!! I’m a Divine Being!!! ‘ooooh, I saw a light streak across the sky!!! It’s a UFO!! Holy shit!!! It’s the Galactic Federation of Light!!! They’re signaling to me that they’re aware of my magnificent love and light vibration, and that I’m ready to ascend and be welcomed into the Galactic Family!!!! Weeeeeeeee!!! I’m becoming a Galactic Human!!! I get to leave on a spaceship and never return to this fucking dump of a planet! I get to fly around forever looking at stars and planets and wearing futuristic looking outfits like in sci fi movies!!! ‘OH SHIT, I just experienced a warm tingly feeling inside me….*gasp* — it must be my DNA Activating!!! Oh FUCK!! I think I just felt my DNA transform from 3 strands to 12 strands!! Yahoooooooo!!!!! I’m going to the fuckin’ 12th Dimension bitches!! Fuck this 3 dimension shit, that’s so ‘last cycle’ — I’m all about as many fucking dimensions as I can handle!! I wanna have 1200 Chakras, and a rainbow Aura 60,000 miles wide that emits a soft humming sound that makes anyone who wanders into its vicinity have 12,000 orgasms!!

Come ON!!!! This is not LIFE – it’s not SELF EXPRESSION! I mean, why the fuck would I want to talk in a peaceful, calm voice, look at mandalas and crystals, and chant ‘namaste’ over and over again for all eternity??

I implore you — when nothing happens on December 21st — before you make the commitment to wait another 4 years, or 6 years, or 20 years for the ‘next big cosmic alignment’ or whatever — investigate Equal Money, and Desteni. We are the ones who are TRULY sick and tired of Limitation — that means, we are not interested in waiting around entertaining ourselves in our fucking minds, wondering when the fucking spaceships are going to land, or the angels are going to arrive and take away all the ‘bad guys’. We’re interested in the fucking END of abuse, the fucking END of suffering, the fucking END of WAITING. And, we’re the only ones that TRULY stand as ‘Loving Co-Creators’ — we’re the ones with an actual PLAN of LOVE — a New System based on the only Real Value in existence which is LIFE. I mean, how could we have missed such a simple point – that the only real Value is Life – that which is Equal in Each — not some pretty picture of angels or spaceships or glowing crystals, what the fuck does that have to do with being a Creator? Why would we believe that our only Expression is pretty colors and shiny golden palaces of light? Why would we believe that our only Expression is to copy knowledge and information into our minds, to form pretty pictures?

And — at Desteni we’re actually spending our time researching and learning exactly how the current global system works inside and out, so that we can understand what exactly, specifically must change, how it must be re-structured and re-designed through the formulation of real Policies that can be implemented through the Real Medium of the Existing Political system. Because we realized that talking about love and light, and coming up with ways to make ourselves feel good results in *gasp* NO action being taken to formulate real solutions for the billions of suffering beings in this world!

And – I’m not being ‘negative’, nor am I being ‘positive’ — in fact as I’m writing this I experience no Feeling or Emotion within me whatsoever. And yet — I am still here, Expressing myself — Expressing that I am HERE, standing as Life, standing in support of a solution that is best for all Life as Me. That simply proves that light and love is an Illusion.

I don’t hate spirituality — Hate is the statement that one values one’s own feelings and opinions more than what is best for all Life. I simply do not accept any form of justification for a world with suffering and abuse. I thought I had the answer to a new world with spirituality — but I how could I take on the problems in this world if I kept trying to escape in my imagination?

Read some of David Icke’s material, and then compare it what you see in the Destonians’ Journey to Life Blogs, and Equal Money research:

7 Year Journey to Life;sz=320×320;ord=%5Btimestamp%5D?;lid=41000613802463762;pid=UBM9780952614753;usg=AFHzDLuWdsBqwbfNroOAuWw7g9Q688OzFQ;;pubid=617593;;width=200;height=320

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  1. So many questions here in the blog asking what will happen if people were to change their vibration. But who can tell?

    And BTW: what will happen if people hear and follow the Desteni message and blog every day? Will that bring about any change for the better and in support of life?

    What does it mean “to support all life”?

    What does it mean “to do what is best for all”?

    Who is to give the answers to those questions?


  2. Thank you. I feel just to say this…your article makes me think a lot. The Plan, the Higher Vibration… the real solution to all the problems on this planet. There is much to think about.. and thinking or knowing that this entire universe is just a virtual illusion doesn't help a think about all this suffering and injustice and devastation humanity. In Matrix Mr Smith was saying to Morpheo that humanity acts just like a virus. We have to transform somehow ourselves deeply, we have to change our minds and hearts and then put ourselves to work hard and make things right on Earth. Indeed we need to 'fix' ourselves higher in consciousness to make things work right and peaceful down here, where life goes on and on, for ourselves and for those who will come, children and animals.
    So, thank you for all your words.
    From Italy, ciao


  3. “And BTW: what will happen if people hear and follow the Desteni message and blog every day? Will that bring about any change for the better and in support of life?”

    You can read the blogs to see exactly how Destonians are applying the common sense principles of self honesty, self forgiveness, and self corrective living application within the day to day actual human experience we all go through, in being able to for example, come to clear understanding of how we've designed our thoughts, reactions, behaviors, decisions, and actually changing the way we live with each other and look at the world — in terms of for instance being able to stop being directed / controlled by thoughts, reactions, experiences coming up in the mind – and rather develop practical common sense ways of participating with each other based on agreements and outcomes that consider the best interest of everyone involved. Everyone in this world can relate to the experience of having thoughts and reactions coming up toward things and people, and we're demonstrating how it's possible to understand where such things come from, how we create them, and to actually deconstruct our own minds and change our 'nature'. You can see in the blogs for instance many examples of how couples are creating more stable and supportive relationships based on self honesty, self responsibility, and real trust — stopping the secret mind of self interest as desires, fantasies, blame, judgments, reactions. And I mean, the world on a larger scale is simply the sum of all the individual / smaller relationships between human beings. And – as you can see on a large scale there is conflict, disagreement, war, abuse. We've found that abuse on a larger scale – takes place as a result of the exact same starting point we accept and allow ourselves to live in our individual minds toward each other. I mean, what's best for all is common sense – to stop conflict, stop blame, stop judgment – stop self beliefs and self definitions that don't take into consideration everyone as equals as Life. The abuse, violence and conflict and plays out every moment of every day in every place on earth is evidence of how our current nature as humanity is – not best for all.

    Of course, if you are really serious about answering your questions – you'll apply and test the Desteni principles for yourself every day consistently. This is why we provide a free online course that will assist and support you to develop the skills we are applying. At the end of the day – Desteni isn't about 'Desteni' – that's just a name. Desteni is about the individual making a decision to take responsibility to write out your own mind and investigate how you created yourself from birth. The decision to allow your mind / your experiences to direct you and remain basically a slave to your 'nature' — or to walk a process of standing one and equal with all that you exist as within and as your mind – to be able to change yourself. Free choice after all, would imply that you are Free to choose to understand how everything works and direct yourself to be and become a being that in every way cares about life.


  4. Hi, yes here is the link to the free “Desteni I Process Lite” course:

    This course was developed to support with becoming aware of what the mind is actually 'made of', and learning the practical tools of self investigative writing, self honesty, self forgiveness, and self corrective statements and application.



  5. @ Lorenza: I highly recommend the DIP Lite course, as suggested by M Freeman. I have taken it also and even though I am not finished yet is tremendously revealing. If you do, i am certain you will learn a lot about yourself, your beliefs, and how to take charge of your thinking. Enjoy it 🙂


  6. Thank you Axel, I've already started with the course. I already appreciate it, since the first lessons. I think it will be a good, useful journey for my inner and outside realities. Even though I will probably go slowly with it, because my first language is Italian…it should really be translated also in Italian to be useful to many other people in my country! I hope it will be done soon 🙂 have a nice day!


  7. I read most of the post not all. But from what I could see you're doing exactly what icke is telling you to do. Icke is not asking anyone to chant, buy crystals, or anything else besides that. He is simply telling you to love more and fear less.
    And is that not what you're doing?
    Clearly you want what is best for all life, if that is not the ultimate form of love then I don't know what love is anymore.
    And you say you hate spirituality, why do you do that? Far as I can see in this writing is that you value spirituality a lot. Spirituality is not about crystals or chanting or looking like a hippie saying nameste to everyone. Spirituality is about making yourself a better being. It's about connecting to all life regardless of race. By race I mean all enteties that could be described as “life”
    You ask a lot of questions too about how we should get food etc if we all just love without taking any action. We will figure that out slowly, as they say Rome wasn't build in a day. We all take action everyday for a better world, but it's hard to make an ecosystem for 7 billion people with 7 billion opinions. But in my opinion David did his job quite fine, because he made you take action, he made you do this work.


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