Day 155: The Christmas Conspiracy

The Holiday Season is upon us once again! Rejoice! For it is time to Sing together as we welcome Satan Claws to town! You know, that Evil demi-god that works for the Corporations, giving Gifts as Rewards to the ‘good little children‘ who have shown their loyalty to the Consumer-Cloning Program carried out by the Parents, placing the gifts like fallen Fruit under the Tree of the Knowledge of Good (Self Interest), and Evil (Equality) that represents the Parents’ Acceptance of the Capitalist Value System.

Seriously, Christmas is fucked up. You start with an innocent child that has no knowledge of this ‘holiday’, and you carry out this ritual of cutting down a tree and sticking it in your living room and putting presents under it, year after year after year — and when you look at the result of years of impulsing a child with the concept of ‘feeling happy’ and ‘feeling grateful’ for ‘receiving gifts’ as a ‘reward’ for ‘being good’ / obeying the parents — what you end up with is a Consumer – a person motivated by the prospect of being Rewarded for accepting the laws / rules / knowledge passed on by the Parents / Teachers / System. A person who accepts the concept of repeatedly buying the same stuff over and over again, in the latest model, the latest style, etc. And, because ‘Christmas only comes once a year’, and ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’, the child accepts the concept of ‘gifts’ existing within a conditional context, where you start with ‘nothing’, and you ‘earn your gifts’ through ‘being good’. And so, the child grows up and goes on to look forward to things like ‘Christmas bonuses’, and ‘raises’, and ‘benefit packages’, as a Reward for their Loyalty to the rules / laws of the company they work for. And, because they’ve been taught / programmed / impulsed to ‘feel good’ and ‘be happy’ and ‘joyous’ and ‘grateful’ when receiving these ‘gifts’, ‘naturally’ they’ll then want to pass on this Tradition / Ritual of Christmas to their own children — believing it is an act of ‘love’ as ‘I want you to be happy because you got the stuff you wanted’ — when really what they are doing is programming the child with the concept of Greed / Desire / Self Interest within the context of Consumerism.

By the time the child reaches adulthood, words like ‘love’ and ‘care’ have become completely defined within the act of accepting the system and making money to be able to support themselves and their families, and be able to ‘give them happiness’ through rewarding them with gifts in the form of ‘presents’ and ‘nice words’, and a ‘nice life’, and where the fear of losing their own feeling of happiness generated through their relationships of family / friends, is so great that they will never challenge the accepted starting point of the relationship – they will never challenge the Self Interest, and thus will never be able to come up with a Solution that would end the Abuse and Inequality of the Capitalist system. They’ll never consider that there could be a way to Give to Everyone Equally, because the entire starting point of the current system is dependent on the Acceptance of Fear for one’s survival, and the Fear of losing one’s Happiness / Relationships, and this Fear always overrides any real consideration of the Plight of those who have nothing.

If we are to stop the crimes against life of Poverty and Starvation and Greed and War – we have to put to death the Consumeristic Ritual of Christmas, and stop brainwashing our children to become Happiness Machines that run on Fear of loss and the Desire for a reWARd. We have to find the courage and Self Forgiveness to stop our Self Interest, and redefine our relationships from Agreements based on the Value of Happiness / Self Interest, to Agreements based on the Value of Life. We have to re-define Giving from an act of Self Interest motivated by the desire for someone to ‘love me’, to what is Best for All as the Giving to All as we would like to Receive for ourselves.

The problem is, by the time we reach adulthood we’ve accumulated so many ‘happy memories’ of christmas time, that the idea of ‘putting an end to christmas’, brings up all kinds of emotional experiences like nostalgia, and sadness at the idea of ‘denying’ our children the ‘chance to enjoy the tradition’ — but this is just Brainwashing! It’s just Self Interest! It’s just Consumerism! I mean, how is it that we feel ‘sad’ about ‘missing out on christmas’, but we aren’t in a constant state of sadness for all the people missing out on even basic necessities like food and water around the world? How is it that we care more about passing on a completely useless tradition to our children, than passing on a supportive world for all the generations of children to come? It’s really fucked up, it’s really nothing but brainwashing, and it’s time to be Self Honest, face this, Forgive yourself, and STOP. Stop wasting time with made up bullshit! There are REAL issues to take responsibility for in this world. I mean, we’re supposed to be the Shepherds of the Earth, we’re supposed to be our Brother’s Keepers, we’re supposed to have Peace on Earth and Good Will toward All Men. Instead, we have Hell on Earth for most, and bubbles of Hypnotized Consumeristic Happiness for the rest. This is madness. This is insanity. This is bullshit. This is unacceptable. This is EVIL.

There is another way to exist. There is another Tradition — the original Tradition suggested by Jesus: Give and you shall Receive, Do Unto Others as you would have them Do Unto You, Love thy Neighbor as Thyself. Where is there any mention of ‘holidays’, ‘christmas trees’, ‘presents’, ‘christmas photo albums’, ‘christmas cards’, ‘santa claus’? Somehow I don’t think Jesus would approve of Humanity gorging themselves on Christmas Feasts, spending thousands of dollars on ‘presents’, cutting down trees, putting them in our living (eviling?) rooms and covering them with shiny golden orbs and singing ‘Joy to the World’ while half the world exists in fucking Poverty. I’m not being ‘negative’ — I’m just telling it like it fucking is. And why? Because I give a shit. I do not accept a world of poverty and starvation and greed and war and inequality. And this Christmas I’m showing that I stand for the value of Life — I stand for a world that is best for everyone, not just the people who have money.

There is a solution – the Equal Money System.

This Christmas, give yourself the Gift of Education, and learn how we can transform the world from a system where Giving is Seasonal, to a system where Giving Equally to All is the basic Principle that guides All Decisions, at all times.
Join us at Equal Money and show your vote for Peace on Earth and Good Will toward All Life.

If you read the Journey to Life blogs, you’ll notice a level of articulation and insight that simply does not exist where the Consumerist Brainwashing of Fear and Self Interest is still in place. We’ve given ourselves the Gift of Self Forgiveness – and we do this daily, to show that it is in fact possible for Humanity to change.

Join us at Desteni I Process, where we have a free online course designed to Give one the skills to remove the brainwashing of Fear, and embark on the Journey to Life.

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