Day 157: Google’s most-searched terms of 2012 – Do they indicate a Global Spiritual Awakening?

Are we in the midst of a global Spiritual Awakening? Does December 21st 2012 mark the close of a vast cycle of suffering, conflict, separation and abuse on Earth? Is Humanity ready for the next step in Evolution? Are we about to step into a new Paradigm of universal brotherhood? Have we reached sufficient spiritual development that the healing of the world is imminent? Is poverty and world hunger about to end? Is war and greed about to end? Is inequality, exploitation and abuse about to end? Is the destruction and wiping out of species of animals and nature about to end? Is the end of 2012 a tipping point in human nature from that of selfishness, to a real care for all our fellow beings on Earth?

Surely, in this time of much prophesied change and transformation, a solution to the limitations and abuses of the current world system would be on the forefront of the consideration of those who have ‘chosen’ to come here to Earth, to be born into a position where the means and support are available to push Humanity through to a New Age.

However, it seems the Ascended Masters, the Angels, and the Galactic Federation of Light have made a gross miscalculation in interpreting the ‘Divine Plan’ for Humanity’s progress as a species, as the evidence clearly shows that those with the power to make a difference, are nowhere near understanding the Priorities involved in our Responsibility toward each other as the Sole inhabitants and stewards of the Earth.

Let’s have a look at Google’s list of most searched internet terms in 2012

As it turns out, The Euro 2012 Football Championships, Olympics Tickets, and Whitney Houston are the most searched terms in 2012. Here are a few more:

•”What is Love” tops the list of questions beginning with ‘what is’.

• Olympian and Strictly contestant Victoria Pendleton tops reality TV stars

• Psy’s Gangnam Style most trending song, Skyfall most enquired-about film

• Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez head list of Googled celebrity break-ups

• Synchronized swimming and ‘murderball’ are most searched-for sports”.

It seems that Sports, Movies, Reality TV, Celebrity Relationships, and Viral Music Videos dominate Humanity’s attention, rather than the investigation of solutions to the horrific plight of the Earth and its inhabitants that escalates daily.

This goes to show that currently, the portion of Humanity that has the resources to make a difference, is still of the opinion that a life of self interest is a life worth living. The Signs of the Times unfortunately indicate a gross lack of passion for creating a world where life is worth living for all beings.

When the passion for waiting for predictions and prophecies to come true finally runs out, we’ll be waiting for you at Equal Money where we are busy with research and development for a new global system. It’s not too late to dedicate your life to something worthwhile.;sz=300×250;ord=%5Btimestamp%5D?;lid=41000613802463762;pid=UBM9780307336941;usg=AFHzDLtkYGHfE5VLBLFCBnvVpcdmre2j4g;;pubid=617593;price=%2420.20;title=The+Book+of+Understanding%3A+Creating+Your+Own+Path+to+Freedom+by+Osho+%5B;merc=CDS+Books+and+DVDS;;width=89;height=135

In my experience, Osho is one of the few sources of practical self transformation / realization insight.
I suggest that anyone who has not read Osho’s books — read them all. And then take them a step further  by developing Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness skills through the free DIP Lite course online. You can investigate Osho material by clicking on the picture above.

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