Day 158: Self as Opinionated Energy vs. Self as Physical Life – Part 1

Greetings and Namaste Dear Ones! You all know me as Matti, the author of this ‘Destonian’ Blog. But, something unexpected has happened. Something very special. I will begin by addressing the Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Ascending Beings of Earth, in telling you that, on Wednesday, 12.12.12 — something momentous definitely DID happen. I know this because I experienced it first hand. Now, I have never been a channel, never been a medium — but Miraculously, I am here today, overwhelmingly honored to deliver a message from……….Supreme Master Tek Tek La’khOng-Shaa, High Commander of the Divine Ascension Council of 12, Prime Universal Embodiment of the Solar Logos, and Overseer of the Galactic Federation of Light’s Earth-Family Spiritual Progress Commission. Now, If you are not familiar with Master Tek Tek, it is because he has been waiting for a very special time to initiate communication with the Earth Family of Ascending Beings.
I am overjoyed to tell you that this special time has arrived!

But first, a little backstory.

I was chosen by Master Tek Tek to be his special liaison to Earth, and I am told it is because I am the only Human Being on Earth that currently is able to remain stable at the Atomic level while at the same time Anchoring the Exceptionally High Vibrations of Master Tek Tek’s 12th Dimensional Frequency. Normally what would happen is that the Atomic structure of the 3rd Dimensional Human Body would enter a severe state of constant flux, that would result in the total disintegration of the Physical Form in a matter of moments.

I’ve been further told that the reason I possess such an extraordinary capacity to Anchor the Higher Dimensional Frequencies, is because I am the last remnant, the last descendent of the original Pre-Galactic Prime Root Race of the Obsidian Creation Ray. I received this Knowledge in the form of a sudden Realization, as part of my first communication from Master Tek Tek just over 7 weeks ago. In the days that followed I met with Master Tek Tek on the 7th, 8th, and 12th Astral Planes, where I received training in how to refine my ability to hold the Higher Frequencies.

As we near the Magnificent date of December 21st, 2012, Master Tek Tek feels that since an unprecedented amount of Divine Light and Love was delivered through the Cosmic Ascension Portal of 12.12.12, that the Ascending Beings of Earth are finally ready to move on to the next stage of Spiritual Awareness!

And now that you have a bit of background, my beloved light beings, without further ado, prepare yourself — because I now give you: Master Tek Tek La’khOng-Shaa’s very first message for Humanity!!

“Dearest, dearest, dearest, dearest, dearest most beloved and special lightworkers and ascending beings of Earth! I greet you today in love and light, to deliver this special message:

As we are moving closer and closer to December 21st, 2012, many of you are wondering what will happen. Well, I will tell you that on the the date of 12.12.12, the Cosmic Ascension Portal Stargate did open, and the Earth received a fresh influx of Divine Light, that will, over the coming days leading up to December 21st, assist you in uplifting your vibration fully into the 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies.

During this time we at the Earth-Family Spiritual Progress Commission ask you to spend as much time as possible in meditation, visualizing a vast pink-peach-amber hued blanket of Divine Love covering the Earth, and permeating the hearts of all those still trapped in the lower vibrations. We also ask you to invoke Altam R’taph, Lord of the Pink-Peach Ray, and request that he upgrade your capacity to intake the vibration of Divine Love, so that we may quicken the Upliftment of the Earth, to so enter through the Final Ascension Portal of December 21st in the highest vibrational state possible.

Great things are happening, magnificent events are about to unfold. If you find your attention is drawn to the many negative news reports of war, suffering, and destruction — know that this is simply the attempt of the Dark to bring down your vibration to try and prevent you from entering into the Higher Realms of Light. So, do not heed what the news tells you — it is of no consequence, of no importance. The events presented are merely an illusion of the 3rd dimension. We ask you to focus on your deepest inner Light, your deepest feelings of Bliss, Joy, Happiness, Contentment, and Love – and know that All is Well – All is Perfect – All is as it should be – All is Love – All is Light – All is God – All is Joy – All is Bliss!!! Very soon your world will transform into a Divine Garden of Light and Bliss such as has never been seen in the Universe!!!
Have Faith!
Trust in the Light!
Trust in what makes you feel Happy!
Your Sole Responsibility is that of uplifting your Vibration, your Feeling, to it’s highest level of Bliss! Know that Your Bliss is the ONLY thing that is in fact REAL — everything else is an illusion!

And now, I will take my leave dear ones, as I have communicated all that is necessary to assist you in your process of Ascension.

We may speak again soon. Until then – Namaste! Love and Light!

– Master Tek Tek La’khOng Shaa, High Commander of the Divine Ascension Council of 12, Prime Universal Embodiment of the Solar Logos, and Overseer of the Galactic Federation of Light’s Earth-Family Spiritual Progress Commission.”

JUST KIDDING! All I did here was take vocabulary from various spiritual and new age websites that I picked up during my time as a ‘lightworker’, and write a script – as if I were scripting a character for a movie. It is completely made up. And, this is really easy to do – all you need is the vocabulary and an understanding of the concepts and ideas of spirituality / new age.
And yet, if extracted from this blog and placed within a ‘spiritual channelings’ website, there are many out there who would read this message and accept it ABSOLUTELY — merely based on the fact that they experience a FEELING while reading the message. This Feeling is not investigated in any way, nor questioned in any way — it is immediately accepted — simply because ‘it feels nice’. And the feeling is taken as ‘proof’ that the message is Real. What the person fails to see and understand as they are experiencing the Feeling, is that the words of the message are merely playing into the person’s existing Desires, Values, and Self Definitions, and the ‘feeling’ is generated through the person’s Relationship toward the Words — where, the words are given value / importance / validity because they validate / substantiate / support the person’s Desires and Self Definitions and thus they then ‘feel good‘ about the message, and ‘feel’ that what they are participating in is ‘real’ and valid. The message is judged as ‘positive’ / good based only on the fact that it supports the person’s Desires, Values, and Self Definitions. On the other hand, if the message does not substantiate / validate the person’s self definitions, desires, ideas, values — then the person will react, seeing the words / message as a ‘threat’. There is still a relationship toward the words / message, but it is now of a ‘negative’ nature — the person judges the message / words as ‘negative’ – and the experience that is generated is of a ‘negative’ nature – the message is seen as ‘wrong’ / bad.

This is the same principle applied within Advertising to manipulate people into buying products through forming ‘positive’ relationships toward a particular product based on a Feeling triggered with words that play into a person’s self definitions, values, beliefs.

If a person believes that ‘America is the best’, and ‘America is righteous‘ – then all you need to do is connect words that play into this belief, with your product or service – and when the person hears about your product, they will form a positive relationship toward it because that particular product, based on the words used, substantiates / validates that person’s beliefs.

This shows how easy it is to brainwash / control people when they exist / define themselves within and through beliefs, and the acceptance of Feelings as being an indication of what is real.

The problem with the ‘spiritual’ approach to participating in this reality, is that the definition of ‘what is going on’ in reality, consists of stories / messages / knowledge, that have been accepted as fact, as truth, as reality — with only a FEELING as cross-reference. And, the problem with this is that there is an Assumption that ‘if it feels good’ = it must be real / fact / the best — without actually having any understanding of how the feeling is really being generated / where it’s coming from.

I mean, in my past experiences with reading channeled messages of a similar nature to the example I provided in the beginning of the post — I would read the message, and immediately accept it as being ‘what’s really going on’ — ONLY on the basis of it producing a ‘good feeling’ inside me, because the particular message was what I wanted to hear – what I wanted to be real, was aligned with my Opinion of what is real.

Within this, it wasn’t until I started walking my process, with writing out my thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions and investigating the actual beliefs / definitions / ideas behind them — that I began seeing and realizing that my Feelings were nothing but me experiencing the ‘validation’ of my own self definitions / beliefs / values / opinions / ideas. And when I faced the question of ‘is my starting point of my self definitions / beliefs / ideas / / opinions / values that which is best for all life? That which values Life? I realized the answer is – No. I faced the point of realizing that I had never actually valued Life — I had only valued my own self definitions / desires based on MY self interest – like ‘I want to experience a different reality where I don’t have to deal with money / work / pain, etc’, and ‘I want to be significant / special’, and ‘I want to know there is a reason for suffering to exist’. And, spirituality presented an abundance of explanations and stories perfectly aligned with these desires — but, the problem I realized was that none of these explanations are able to be applied as practical living that will produce a world that is best for everyone, they are only able to be applied as Opinions that make me feel good through providing a justification that aligns with my particular self interest.

I mean – take the recent school shooting where a 20 year old boy shot and killed 26 people. As a lightworker, if I had been asked HOW did this person get to the point of deciding to walk into a school and shoot children — I would not have been able to give any kind of answer based in any actual understanding of the HOW involved. I merely would have accessed my ‘explanations’ as Opinions such as ‘oh, well those children died because they agreed with the shooter at a ‘higher level’ before they came to earth, that they will be shot by him, so that they could support others to learn how to think positive and stay hopeful in the face of suffering and atrocity – because, when we feel good, then we are connected with god and helping god’s divine plan manifest’. But – I did not in fact see this directly, it was just a belief, just an opinion.

The thing about the physical reality is that it shows the direct consequence of the particular thoughts, beliefs, definitions, values, inner conversations we participate in, and allow to direct our physical behavior. It is really simple actually. One does not need god / angels / aliens / chakras / auras / galactic federations / positive energy to understand human behavior. We do what we do as a Physical Body, based on what we accept and allow to Direct us. Plainly, the school shooter had gone through a process of participating in specific thoughts, ideas, emotions, reactions, that were accepted as ‘Self’ and thus accepted as the Directive Principle of the physical body. You didn’t just have a physical human body, here, breathing, participating with physical reality – you had an entity inside the body, possessing the body as beliefs, ideas, thoughts, inner conversations, directing the physical body according to its particular character of self interest. This can be seen by simply looking at the situation from a Physical perspective, rather than an Opinionated Feeling perspective.

Or we can also look at Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea. Why does this human being allow starvation in his country? Why does he behave like a god and demand that the population worship him? Same as the school shooter — you have a physical body that is possessed by an entity as beliefs, ideas, thoughts, inner conversations, that is directing the physical body according to the entity’s particular character of self interest.

And within this, we can see that these entities merely exist as interpretations – as opinions – as opinion-entities. Like, ‘in my opinion, I am god and must be worshipped’. Or ‘in my opinion, shooting children is the solution to my inner experience’. Or, ‘in my opinion I have the right to live a luxurious lifestyle, and I have the right to exploit and enslave other beings through fear / survival to do the labor required for me to maintain my profit so I can maintain my luxurious lifestyle’.

Within these examples, the decision to shoot people, or to allow starvation, or to exploit people for profit – FEELS justified, FEELS right according to the particular nature of the opinion-entity possessing the physical body. And, within this, the feeling is obviously based entirely on the Value of one’s opinion – and nothing else.
So, obviously to prevent such actions, one would have to remove that opinion-entity from the physical body. Moreover, the world that the person is born into, the family that the person is born into, the society that the person is born into, would need to be able to assist and support a new being, to not develop as an opinion-entity in the first place — but to develop as an Aware, Stable, Physical Body – a Life Form, that directs itself according to principles that produce what is best for all.

This is where Spirituality fails, as it is unable to provide step-by-step practical tools that can be applied to prevent the formation of harmful opinion-entities within the physical body. This is because the starting point of Spirituality is in itself – an opinion. It does not work directly with the mechanics of Responsible self-creation within and as the Physical Body based on the Value of Life. It works with the self interested manipulation of Energy experiences through Opinion and Belief based on the Value of Energy Experiences.

We’ll investigate this further in the next post, in having a look at how we can transform ourselves as humanity from an Opinionated Energy experience as Self Interest, to a Physical Awareness as Life

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