Day 159: Self as Opinionated Energy vs. Self as Physical Life – Part 2: Energetic Inertial Mass

In Maya Rote’s Journey to Life blog, she’s busy walking an investigation into how the Laws of Physics of this Physical Reality play a role in the way we participate on Earth within Who we Are, within our Minds.

Within her research she demonstrates how our energetic experiences of thoughts, feelings, and emotions function according to the Principle of Inertia:

“the property that determine how much resistance an object will have is their “inertial mass” as the mass of the object, within the Desteni Process of self change, the “inertial mass” that will resist our self change is energy, as in how much energy / attention we give to our mind components as patterns / thoughts / beliefs, how much we are emotionally invested in our self beliefs and self definitions, how much value we give an idea / opinion – where the more “inertial mass”, the more energy a pattern has, the more resistance it will have towards change. Newton’s first law of motions tells us that without a force acting upon an object, the object will simply continue as it was – the same goes for us, without any force “pushing” us to change – we will not change, we will remain in our comfort zone, where the more energy, as “inertial mass”, we have invested in a point/pattern/thought/idea, the more uncomfortable it will feel to move out of it.”
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Where, within this if you look at how you experience a particular Opinion / Idea you’ve formed, the experience of this Opinion is defined by specific thoughts, feelings, emotions, inner conversations – which are the Intertial Mass given impetus through continued participation within the Opinion and value placed in the Opinion. The more we define ourselves within this particular Opinionated experience, the more we invest ourselves in the particular feelings, thoughts, fantasies, hopes, desires associated with our Opinion – the more Inertial Mass we are generating within ourselves as Energy, and within this, the greater Resistance to Changing our Opinion we will experience. Our Opinion, within its Intertial Mass of Energy as thoughts, feelings, emotions, becomes the Force that directs us in how we live, in what we consider, because we believe that since all we’ve ever experienced ourselves as is thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires – the Inertial Mass as Energy – that it is just ‘who we really are’ — is our ‘Soul’ – endowed by an Assumed Force of Nature, or God – and that within this, since Energy is apparently ‘Who I Am‘ – then to change myself – is to alter the character of my Energetic Inertial Mass, through changing my Opinion, my Belief, my Thought Process.

Within Spirituality, you then have practices like Meditation, which are designed to assist in developing one’s ability to focus on for example, a specific concept like ‘Who I am is an experience of Bliss’, or ‘who I am is an experience of silence and inner peace’ so that, as one is moving through one’s day, one is able to maintain focus on this concept and not go into all kinds of other thoughts in reaction to events and situations that happen – thus aligning one’s Energetic Inertial Mass with an experience of ‘Bliss’ or ‘inner peace’. And since the cause of the world’s problems is seen as an Energetic Inertial Mass of for example greed, selfishness, fear, caused by particular self beliefs and opinions leading to acts of violence and control, the solution to these problems is thus reasoned to be a change in one’s Energetic Inertial Mass to a more ‘peaceful’ experience, which is achieved through focusing on the idea that who we really are as our ‘true self’, is an experience of bliss, peace, and love — where, when everyone has aligned their Energetic Inertial Mass with an experience of bliss, peace, and love — then we will have a better world. So, meditation and visualization where one focuses on an experience of bliss, peace, love, is seen as a practice of Self Change, as Self has been defined within and as the experience of Energetic Inertial Mass as thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

We’ll investigate this further in the next post.

You can read more about Physics and the Desteni Process at Maya’s Blog

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