Day 164: It’s the Most Delusional Time of the Year

Somebody help me understand:

Why do we still accept and allow christmas to exist even when we see the horrific level of self interest and disregard for the earth and other beings involved in this holiday?
Breeding trees and turkeys by the millions and then killing them to satisfy our desire to relive a childhood memory over and over again each year, going out and buying ‘gifts’ for people because we’re afraid that if we don’t, they’ll think we don’t love them! Fucking with our children by telling them some magical being exists that gives toys to good little children who obey their parents, what’s the point? Why do children need to ‘believe in santa claus’? What value does such a delusion have for this world? Isn’t it obviously just to satisfy the Parent’s desire to pass on their own point of nostalgia? Isn’t that child abuse? I mean you’re programming the child to separate themselves from REALITY into an alternate reality of beliefs — and they have no choice in this, it’s forced upon them because they are completely at the parent’s mercy to be programmed whatever way the parent wants — why would anyone do this to their child? Why is this accepted and allowed? Is it because we actually see, self honestly, that this world is fucked up, and we want to give our child a little ‘slice of happiness’ generated through the bliss of ignorant belief? Why would we not educate our children as to the Reality of this world?

Why do we absolutely accept our life of enslavement to an unequal system that demands we pay huge sums of very difficult to get Money, in order to survive and get access to basic necessities?
Why do we brainwash our children with Christmas to believe that the world is a happy, nice place filled with celebrations? Christmas is supposedly about the message of Jesus — which is obviously not lived in any way whatsoever in this world, except as an interpretation through self interest based on a desire to escape responsibility for this world. Shouldn’t Christmas then be a solemn day of investigation into how we can stop the Abuse in this world and come to a practical solution that Honors Jesus’s message?
Why do we instead honor only self interest of wanting to ‘escape’ for a moment in a ‘day of celebration’, and satisfy our addiction to nostalgia as memories?

Not accepting and allowing the bullshit of christmas means you have to face the wrath of those who react to one of the characters in their mental movie of repeating memories stepping out of their role. There will be those that see you as a threat to the process of brainwashing their children with ‘happy memories’ that validate the parent’s self definition as a ‘good parent that makes my child happy’. But it seems to me that’s what Jesus would do on christmas – he would not participate in the ridiculous ritual, but instead expose the passing on of the sins of the fathers as the acceptance and allowance of inequality and abuse, through the forced acceptance of self interested rituals onto the child by the parents. He would demand an explanation as to why his message of Equality as Love thy Neighbor as Yourself, has been turned into nothing but a sentiment and why millions and millions of beings are allowed to die each year in the name of the survival of Consumerism.

Apparently it’s not enough that daily even those of us with money are murdering, raping and torturing each other showing that when self interest is accepted and allowed as the starting point of who one is, it leads only to disaster — as the world will never conform itself entirely to what the individual wants and desires – it seems that the only way to get humanity to wake up out of the hypnosis of the pursuit of the gratification of feelings and memories is to force everyone to live in absolute poverty and despair to see the reality of what is being neglected in the name of the blissful ignorance of a life of happiness bought with money.

Isn’t it strange how when our children cry and get all ‘sad’ when they don’t get something they want, we’ll tell them ‘you can’t always get what you want in this world, the world doesn’t revolve around you and what you want’ — but then we turn around and live EXACTLY as if the world revolves around only ourselves, our memories, our happiness, our wants? It seems that all the humans with money and a nice life in this world need a big fat TIME OUT — yes, go in stand in the Corners of the world where no one has any money and where each day is an unimaginable despair and suffering.

I’m not judging anyone, I’m not being ‘mean’, I’m not being ‘negative’, and I don’t want anyone to suffer – I in fact would like a world where no one suffers – EVER, and I’m pointing out the undeniable facts of reality. It’s just that no one is interested in facts, and no one seems interested in a world without suffering and neglect — everyone seems more interested in remaining preoccupied in an alternate reality in the mind, waiting out their time until they die. What a pointless life!

I don’t have any problem standing up and exposing bullshit, because I have the tools to face my own bullshit and stop it, I have the tools to change myself – I’ve proven I can change — and I’m interested in a world where everyone takes responsibility to care for all Life. I will accept nothing less. Will you?

If you dare to face the end of the world of self interest and delusion, join DIP Lite for free and start the Journey to Life.

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