Day 167: Peak Oil and the Spiritual Blind Spot

To anyone currently practicing the Law of Attraction, or any other form of spirituality for that matter, I highly suggest watching the documentary ‘Blind Spot’.
This is essential viewing for anyone interested in actually understanding Reality.

The pervasive idea within spirituality is that the Physical Reality is just an illusion, and that the feelings and experiences of Consciousness as love and light, bliss and happiness are the ‘real reality’; that the spiritual experience is independent of the Physical World.

I used to believe this – but that’s just because the education system in this world does not teach people how this reality works.

We live within a money system. A consumer system. This system consumes physical resources of the Earth in the production of physical infrastructure and industry through which we consume goods and services that enhance our lives. We get access to these goods and services with money. Money comes from people that pay us for doing work. Our work mostly supports the continued production and distribution of goods and services to be consumed by consumers.

Unfortunately, what we do not learn, is that this system did not just magically appear out of thin air, and goods and infrastructure are not produced out of thin air – nor are the resources required to keep the entire system going.

Almost everything we interact with within the money system is in fact dependent on — OIL.

What is Oil?

Petroleum (L. petroleum, from Latin: ‘petra’ (rock) + Latin: oleum(oil)[1][2]) or crude oil is a naturally occurring flammable liquid consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons of various molecular weights and other liquid organic compounds, that are found in geologic formations beneath the Earth’s surface. A fossil fuel, it is formed when large quantities of dead organisms, usually zooplankton and algae, are buried underneath sedimentary rock and undergo intense heat and pressure.

Oil is derived from Fossils. It is not renewable. And without oil – we could not have consumerism. And without consumerism – we could not have the Law of Attraction could we? I mean, all those nice things like furniture, parking spots, vacations, cars, clothes, appliances, jobs that one is busy ‘attracting’ into one’s life, exist within the context of the consumer system and are dependent on Oil.

To put this in perspective, let’s look at this list of products made from Oil I found on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge website:

Clothing Ink
Heart Valves
Transparent tape
Vacuum bottles
Rubbing Alcohol
Epoxy paint
Oil filters
Hearing Aids
Car sound insulation
Motorcycle helmets
Shower doors
Refrigerator linings
Electrical tape
Safety glass
Salad bowl
Rubber cement
Nylon rope
Ice buckets
Hair coloring
Toilet seats
Denture adhesive
Movie film
Fishing boots
Water pipes
Car enamel
Shower curtains
Credit cards
Golf balls
Fishing rods
Plastic wood
Soft contact lenses
Trash bags
Hand lotion
Shaving cream
Paint brushes
Fan belts
Paint Rollers
Model cars
Floor wax
Sports car bodies
Dishwashing liquids
Unbreakable dishes
Hair curlers
Ice cube trays
Electric blankets
Tennis rackets
Drinking cups
House paint
Rollerskates wheels
Guitar strings
Ice chests
Life jackets
TV cabinets
Car battery cases
Insect repellent
Typewriter ribbons
Cold cream
Plywood adhesive
Artificial turf
Artificial Limbs
Beach Umbrellas
Ballpoint pens
Nail polish
Golf bags
Tape recorders
Vitamin capsules
Fishing lures
Shoe polish
Petroleum jelly
Faucet washers
Food preservatives
LP records

See anything familiar?

Spirituality, particularly the idea of ‘creating your own reality via some infinite ‘source’ of abundance’, is delusion in that there is absolutely no consideration of the real physical resources that go into the real physical things we use to enhance our experience and have the lifestyle we want.
Will the physical still seem like an illusion when the Oil runs out and Consumerism can no longer be sustained?

Why are the Spiritual people not applying the Law of Attraction to manifest more Fossil Fuels?
Why are all the spiritual gurus and channelers promoting the message of ‘everything is fine, just focus on bliss and happiness and getting what you desire’, and ‘we’re entering a new Golden Age of light and love on Earth’, when in fact what is actually happening is that the entire foundation of our spiritual lifestyle, our entire foundation of peace and contentment and safety accessed with Money through Consumerism is being sucked dry at a rapid pace?

Look at the wars being fought for control of Oil in complete awareness that the current scale of production and consumption of energy and products is far beyond what can be sustained. Imagine the scope of Self Interest involved in such complete disregard for anything but profit. And we all accept and allow this disregard, this lust for profit, this suicidal impulse to consume, through living in complete and total acceptance of a life defined by the pursuit of the fulfillment of our desire to entertain ourselves with beliefs and feelings and a nice lifestyle for ourselves.

Imagine what people will do when the oil runs out. It will be chaos. No one has a solution because all people have done is to imagine ‘solutions’ in the form of fantasies of futuristic utopias. No one has been willing to give up the bliss of not taking responsibility to face the physical Hell we have created on earth, that is covered up with pretty pictures and shiny lights and fuzzy feelings – all possible only with MONEY. No one has been willing to stop self interest and work together to align ourselves with principles that are based on the practical common sense of what is best for all on Earth.

Do you really believe that when the oil runs out we’re just going to shoot some light and love into everything and then magically reboot Consumerism? I don’t think so. You can test this out right now by trying to drive your car with the power of light and love alone. You won’t move one inch.

We live in a Reality of Physics, of Mathematics. A Reality of measurable Cause and Effect. A Reality of Consequence.

The Physical Functioning of the Earth within for example, the production and depletion of fossil fuels, cannot be changed by simply saying “Mathematics and Physics is an Illusion! Geology is an Illusion! Love and Light is the Source of my Abundance!!!”

I mean, how can such self delusion be called Enlightenment?

It’s time to wake up before it’s too late. Nothing happened on December 21st 2012. There is no wondrous Cosmic plan that is going to magically heal the world while we just sit back and Send our Ass to some higher dimension. We have to stop the Force of Consumerism as the Self Interested lust for Energy inside us, so we can start Moving ourselves as a Physical Force for what is Best for all Life on Earth.

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  1. We're dealing with an entire global system that everything about our lives is dependent on. Thus, what is required is to actually design a real economic solution based on mathematically sound policy that will produce the most functionally effective and sustainable relationships between human, animal, and plant. We are beyond simply stating buzz words like 'electric cars, 'recycling', 'hemp' — saying those words does not equate to a new system. Thus I suggest researching Equal Money. Within an Equal Money System we'll be able to utilize things like Hemp to transform certain industries – but that is only possible once the profit motive is removed.


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