Day 169: Why are we Thankful for Limitation and Inequality?

One of my co-workers sent out an email to his fellow employees over the hollowdaze, er – I mean holidays, thanking everyone for the work they do, explaining how it’s because of us that he’s able to feed his family. And of course the usual response to a message like this is to react with feelings of appreciation and worth, and to typically write back saying ‘you’re welcome, thank you also for helping me put food on my table, etc, etc.’ But such feelings are a scam. Such sentiment is a cop out. It’s not an actual self expression. We’ve come to enjoy such sentiments and feelings not because it’s genuinely who we are as our self expression, but because it’s momentary high, a momentary ‘positive experience’ in a day to day world that consists of working long hours at a job you probably would not choose to do if you were rich, just to ‘put food on the table’.

Shouldn’t enough food be available equally to everyone at all times, no questions asked? It is beyond my comprehension that anyone can believe that sufficient quantity of high quality food is not a basic human right for everyone. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can think it’s normal and acceptable to have to search for whatever job becomes available just to be able to afford to buy food.
It is beyond my comprehension that anyone’s potential to contribute their skills should be wasted just because they never had a chance to develop their skills due to an unequal education system, or because they were forced into an irrelevant job by survival.

It is beyond my comprehension that anyone can believe that we’re so completely limited as to not be capable of providing food and other basic necessities, as well as all the accoutrements of a comfortable life – to everyone, for FREE, and at the same time ALSO contribute our labor / efforts toward the ongoing functioning and maintenance of the economic system.

We already have the facilities, the infrastructure, the technology, the science, the mathematics, the physics, the biology, the training to produce enough support for everyone in the world. This is not the stone age. We’re not alone in the wilderness. We should not have to hunt for work to try and gather enough money to survive. To claim that we must be motivated by fear for our survival here on Earth when we’re already planning manned missions to another fucking planet to grow food and create a sustainable living environment, is absolute nonsense. Claiming that we can’t provide an equally high quality of life for everyone on this planet is the opinion of those who have accepted themselves to exist within limitation. The acceptance of limitation is a dangerous cult that promotes the existence of inequality and fear, so that one can attempt to find one’s little puny reward of happiness in a world of struggle and threat of loss.

Happiness, thankfulness, gratefulness based on the awareness that there are those who are unable to achieve your quality of life – is a disgrace to life. Happiness, thankfulness, gratefulness based on the acceptance of a life of compromise and limitation in the awareness that you cannot afford to live up to your fullest potential, is a disgrace to life.

We don’t need thankfulness and gratefulness. We need the passion to stand up and not accept or allow limitation through inequality. We need people with the fucking guts to not accept excuses and justifications that argue for limitation . We need people who trust themselves to find the way to a way of life that is best for all.

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