Day 170: Pope Warns against Abuse of Human Rights – but who actually understands Human Rights?

Pope warns that selfish individuals are deliberately abusing the Human Rights Act to get what they want

Yes, the Pope – that guy who wears huge hats embellished with gold, carries a golden scepter, lives in his own country, and is employed by ‘god’ – a god of ‘love’ whose apparent ‘principles of love’ have repeatedly demonstrated that they cannot be applied to make a self honest, responsible human being as proven by the countless child sex abuse scandals that have rocked the vatican and other catholic institutions throughout history, and have also failed to produce any solution for poverty or starvation or war or animal abuse or the destruction of nature, has the nerve to talk about human rights.

He declares the Human Rights Act has become a vehicle for ‘selfish individuals’ to use for their own selfish ends – such as equality laws. In fact, specifically he called for more tolerance of Christians who object to equality laws. And here we’re talking about gay marriage primarily.

Obviously for many people the pope and religion is easily used as a point of ridicule, pointing out the hypocrisy in religion’s claim of love and peace while at the same time having a history of war and torture and sex abuse and a penchant for indulging in extravagant buildings while so many are in poverty, as well as saying gay marriage gets you eternity in hell.

But the fact is, the Pope is no more hypocritical than the rest of humanity. That is, the humanity that has money to live comfortably in this world. See – everyone, including gays, want the ‘right’ to protect their values and their family and their beliefs and feelings. What is the Pope doing? What is Religion doing? Acting within the same starting point of trying to protect their values and their family and their beliefs and feelings.

I mean, most people want equality laws so they can pursue happiness, pursue their own values more comfortably, with less restrictions. And, the church wants less equality laws so they can pursue their happiness, pursue their own values more comfortably.

If life is all about happiness and respecting each others beliefs and ‘tolerating’ each others different values — how can we ever have a harmonious Humanity? History shows, and current events show – that trying to tolerate each others beliefs and values and opinions and different ‘loves’ only results in endless conflict and debate and blame and finger pointing. And meanwhile, the real important issues – like the fact of half the fucking world in poverty and a billion starving – seem to go unnoticed by everyone with the money and clout to lobby for laws that protect their values and beliefs and lifestyle – both religion and non religious, gay and non gay. Everyone wants to stand up and do whatever it takes to have the right to the freedom to pursue what makes them happy – but no one is willing to stand up and stop accepting and allowing an economic system that neglects even the basic Human Right to a dignified life without having to worry about money – the basic Human Right to Education, Employment, Entertainment, Technology, Transportation, Travel. Everyone loves to shit on the pope, but no one wants to see that the reason we love to shit on the pope so much is because we’re all full of shit. How do you know you’re full of shit? When you have a shit-storm of thoughts, reactions, blame, judgment, desire and fear revolving around the the starting point of placing ‘how can I protect my life and what I love and what makes me happy’ before what is best for all Life – with no consideration of what it is to really create a world that demonstrates love and consideration of thy neighbor as thy fellow human, animal, and plant – as thyself.

No amount of debate and compromise will result in a harmony between the beliefs and values of any of the groups in this world, because the fact is that until Humanity realizes there is only one valid interest group – which is the Interest of what is best for all Life — we cannot have peace and we cannot have freedom because as long as self interest exists, one man‘s freedom will be another man’s oppression.

With Equal Money Capitalism we propose that it is possible for everyone to be happy. This is possible through ensuring all decisions that shape the human experience on Earth are directed by the Principle of what is best for all Life. With Equal Money Capitalism we propose a true system of United we Stand – a true system of All men are Created Equal – Equal as Life – in realizing that we have Fallen into a huge fuckup of abuse and inequality through our insistance on Dividing ourselves into different interest groups – none of which consider what is best for all.

 Educate yourself.

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