Day 175: The Role of Market Dominance in Technological Failure

Grounded! All U.S. Dreamliners banned indefinitely from the air after TWO Boeing 787s made emergency landings this month

All of Boeing’s new 787 ‘Dreamliner’ airplanes have been grounded due to multiple cases of faulty batteries. The batteries are part of a new technology that enables the plane to burn 20% less fuel than older technology used by rival jetliners. The Dreamliner was supposed to set a ‘new standard’ in jet travel, but Boeing had experienced years of delays and cost overruns that some say caused Boeing to rush to get the planes built, resulting in the recent problems.

Within our current Capitalist system, technology advances are primarily the product of competition between companies to see who can develop the best technology, the best product, in order to dominate the market and make the biggest profits. However, time and time again we see product recalls due to malfunctioning technology and faulty parts – often of a hazardous nature, which are usually revealed to have been caused by a rush to get the product out in order to start making money. These examples demonstrate how this kind of profit motivated competition actually sabotages technological developments, and can be potentially harmful when you’re dealing with things like cars, planes – anything where you have parts that can catch fire, explode, leak hazardous chemicals, etc. And on top of this, because Corporations are by law given the right to ‘hide’ their technology secrets from each other in order to maintain dominance in, for example the passenger jet market, we end up with skies filled with inferior airplanes alongside superior airplanes, when in common sense, the only plane that should be used is the most technologically superior, the most efficient, the safest, and the most comfortable. Because after all – the point of an airplane is to transport human beings, and this should only be done in the absolute most effective way.

So the problem – the Consequence, with our current Capitalist system where money is a resource that is not Equal for all, is that the drive for profit creates division within humanity’s technological engineering community, and what ends up happening is that instead of all the engineers of the world working together as a Team, pooling all available expertise and resources to develop the best possible technology that can be used for the benefit of Humanity – the individual Corporations end up sabotaging themselves and endangering the lives of others through cutting corners, rushing, and being deprived of the innovations and advancements that other Corporations may have been able to contribute. Does this sound like a responsible way to develop technology? Obviously not.
And, as long as this kind of Profit motivated division exists within the Engineering community – our technological advancements will remain limited.

Within Equal Money Capitalism where by Law only the best quality products and services will be produced and made available to everyone and where it will be illegal to produce inferior products within the Principle that the only reason products and services exist is to Benefit Life – there will no longer be any reason to accumulate money as ‘wealth’, as there would be no point to such accumulation when you have everything you need, and where everything you have is the best possible quality. When there no longer exists any need to ‘dominate’ an industry, then innovation is set Free and companies can work together, Engineers from around the world will be able to work together in pooling their resources to solve problems and develop the most Perfect technology possible. Within this there will no longer be any need to ‘rush’ and cut corners, because instead of competing with each other for market dominance motivated by profit, Engineers will be competing with themselves in making sure a piece of technology undergoes effective trials and testing and adjustments until it achieves its utmost level of Perfection in Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability possible. In this way Consequences like dangerous part failures will be able to be prevented or even eliminated completely.

The Reward of such a system is that Engineers will have all the resources they need to really express themselves within what they’re doing, pushing themselves to Perfection. And everyone will be able to experience and enjoy the fruits of their expression, even as we’re each pursuing perfection ourselves within our own lives as we’ll all have the support to do so.

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