Day 179: Race to save the Ancient Language of Jesus

Race to save the language of Jesus: Aramaic in danger of becoming extinct as  number of speakers of ancient tongue plummets

  • Language once widely used in Middle East but speakers are now scattered
  • Aramaic is believed to have been used by Jesus and his disciples 
  • British linguist Geoffrey Khan developing database of recordings 
  • Aramaic is not alone as an endangered language. Around Fifty to 90 percent of the roughly 7,000 languages currently spoken worldwide are expected to die out by the end of the century, reports”

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Wonderful news! This is exactly what we need – more languages dying off. And, I’m not being sarcastic here. I mean, do we really need thousands of years old languages that have no practical purpose? The only reason someone would want to preserve this ancient language is for sentimental purposes. And by sentiment I mean Religion, Ritual, Beliefs, and any other form of lifestyle that is not directly based on what can be practically applied for the immediate benefit of all life on Earth.

What’s the point of preserving the ‘ancient language of Jesus‘? Isn’t the point to live his message rather than make a Cult out of the Culture of the Time in which Jesus lived? What’s so special about Aramaic anyway? Wouldn’t Jesus have had the same message if he’d been born in ancient Japan, or South America, or the Arctic?

What’s the point of having different languages on Earth anyway? Aren’t we One species, One Humanity? Isn’t it more practical and beneficial to Life on Earth to have only One Language? Wouldn’t that Prevent a lot of miscommunication? Look at the amount of time people spend translating things into different languages: Books, educational material, research, etc. Wouldn’t it make sense for all books to be in the same language? Imagine how much more time we’d have.
Language is just a program anyway. If you’re born in Japan – you’ll speak Japanese. If you’re born in America, you’ll speak English. If you’re born into a family of wolves – you’ll not learn any human language – you’ll learn to communicate with the wolves. The same goes for Culture. If you take a baby born in Israel to a family of deeply religious Jews, and raise them in an environment completely removed from Religion, say – on a farm somewhere in a remote part of the world — they won’t be Jewish – they’ll be a Human Physical Body that learns to interact with the Physical Earth environment. This shows that the values we attribute to different cultures, religions, and languages are just made up – they’re sentimental. They’re not REAL. They have nothing to do with what’s required to live practically in support of Life. Effective living is based on what is Measurably Best for Everyone in the reality that is actually Here – not some made up Opinion of reality.

And look at how much conflict, war, disagreement goes on daily in this world, and has existed for thousands of years, all because of differences in Culture and Language – all because Human Beings are so preoccupied with trying to survive as MAKE BELIEVE, refusing to see that we’re all Equal as Life, Here in this One Reality, all subject to the Same Physical Laws. And in Accepting this Division, this Separation – look at the Consequences we are Allowing. Look at the conflict between Israel and Palestine – that wouldn’t exist if everyone in those countries had grown up with the same Language, with words defined within the understanding of what is Practical and Effective for Humanity. Instead, you have a bunch of robots acting out a Program of Opinion, believing that their Opinions are who they really are.

Belief and Sentiment creates Dysfunction and Division in Language – which in term creates Dysfunction and Division in Humanity. Shouldn’t we all have the same definitions of words? Isn’t Language supposed to be a tool with which we can communicate effectively in order to make sure Humanity as a whole, as a Species functions effectively and meets all the needs of the Species?

If everyone on Earth spontaneously could only speak and understand the Same language, wouldn’t that be cool? Imagine how cool it would be to travel anywhere in the world and be able to speak with anyone with ease. And those who would throw a tantrum about their ‘lost language’, would simply be showing their Self Interest in where they would prefer to create Dysfunction in society through placing Sentiment above what is most effective and supportive of all Life on Earth.

You know what would also be cool? If everyone spontaneously forgot everything about their particular culture, traditions, religion — everything except things like techniques and methods used to produce effective ways of physically living. Like growing food, making things, etc.

One Language, one Culture – the Language of Life as Equals, the Culture of Life as Equals. Maybe one day everyone will decide to stop trying to be special and just care about Life. That would be a good day. Unfortunately that day is nowhere yet in sight.

But for those who are interested in a world that makes sense, fortunately we have Desteni I Process Lite, which is a free course that will assist in breaking free from the Program of values not based on what’s best for all life.

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