Day 185: Are we Earthlings or Aliens? Secrets of the Human Race

Aliens are the Personalities that Invade the Orb on top of the human Physical Body and cause the human to Orbit Planet Earth on flights of Imagination.

What’s strange about the whole ‘aliens / extraterrestrials / advanced spiritual races / cosmic beings / galactic family’ thing within New Age, is that the various types of races of aliens that are described in channeled messages, are all very ordered and specific in terms of coming from a specific planet, looking a certain way, having certain characteristics, and having reached like a ‘unity’ as a race in their development. Where, only AFTER they became ‘advanced’ and ‘unified’ as a race, did they then set out to contact other planets. I mean, the whole foundation of their ‘advancement’ – the ‘prerequisite’ so to speak, was that they FIRST learned how to live in harmony with each other as a species — before they turned their attention / consideration to other planets and to exploring the universe, etc. The story goes that, these supposed advanced alien races have achieved perfect harmony and unity and cooperation as a race — and that is the reason why they are now allegedly ‘here’, watching over Humanity – ‘waiting for us to advance spiritually’ so that they can welcome us into the ‘galactic family’.

However, when you look at the Human Race, which come from the Earth – which according to New Age, are in the process of becoming more ‘One’ and ‘advanced’ spiritually — I notice a strange thing. I don’t see unity as a species, I don’t see Earthlings living within the parameters of Earth as an Earth Culture committed to developing the entire Earth Race of beings to its best, most effective expression, and making sure all Earthlings are supported Equally so that we can achieve Unity as Earthlings of Earth.
Instead, I see those who are supposed to be the leaders here to set an example of how to change into a more effective Earthling and suggest effective ways for Earthlings to live – which is the Spiritual people – focusing all attention completely AWAY from Earth and Earthlings, into all kinds of alternate, non-earth realities that bizarrely exist only in the imagination / head area as pictures with feelings attached to them. I see these alleged ‘awakened’ beings actually promoting the idea that we as Humans are not Responsible for figuring out solutions to the problems faced by their fellow Earthlings – like poverty, war, starvation, corruption, violence, pollution, abuse.

Earth is a Physical Planet – with Physical Earth Laws called Physics that no Earthling can deny they are subject to. One of these Physical Earth Laws is Hunger — the physical Earthling Body requires Physical Food so that it can exist – and when food is not available – the Earthling cannot exist on Earth = it dies of starvation.

Another Physical Earth Law is Education — where, in order to move about effectively and work with the Earth and Participate and Contribute to the Earthling Culture in harmonious, aware ways, and develop one’s expression and communication effectively and not become Dysfunctional, one has to receive instruction and support from other Earthlings, from Birth.

Other Physical Earth Laws include the Earthling’s requirement for clean Water, Medicine, Clothing, Shelter, and all kinds of Physical Technology and Equipment that Enhances the Earthling’s experience and facilitates greater levels of Expression, Innovation, Happiness, Self Fulfillment, Self Exploration, Comfort – such as Electricity, Transportation, Computers, Internet, Art supplies, Musical instruments, etc.

When an Earthling does not have access to these things, they are in essence Excluded from the rest of the Earthlings — they become a lesser race, capable of lesser expressions and contributions. They become angry, depressed, disempowered, violent, suicidal – and seek to develop power, happiness, and self fulfillment in unhealthy, harmful ways — such as drug addiction, rape, violence, and hatred. Earthlings that do not have access to all the enhancements and ways of support that have been developed on Earth, as a given part of their environment, are still here on Earth and still have the same requirements as those who DO have access to these enhancements, and so will find ways of accessing these things that cause harm to others. We call this ‘Crime’.

Now, the problem is, most Earthlings do not have access to the support required to develop one’s highest potential expression as an Earthling. This is because Earthling Support has been made subject to something called Money, which – if you don’t have Money – you can’t access Earthling Support. Within this, accessing Money has been made extremely difficult, as you must perform a certain job / work first, before you can get Money, and the jobs that give you enough money are so few that half the entire Earthling Race exists in essence as a ‘lesser race’ – the ‘poor race’ – those whose entire existence on Earth is spent literally trying to make enough money to survive within the most basic Laws of this Planet – like, getting enough food to eat and water to drink, finding shelter, and staying protected from disease that ruins the Earthling Body.

And, the problem is no effort is being made by the Earthlings that DO have access to Money, to redesign and expand the System of Jobs to make sure every single Earthling on Planet Earth has access to enough Money to develop into a Healthy, Harmonious Being.

Now, it seems to me that if we Earthlings valued the Earth – our Planet – our Home – our Source, and were truly Committed to Honoring our Oneness as Earthlings in advancing the Expression, Happiness, Fulfillment, Expansion, Well Being of the entire Earthling Race — which actually includes not just Humans but Animals and Nature as well, that the Priority Mission of every Earthling with the means to do so, would be to change our starting point in our Earthling Relationships to that which places an Equal Benefit for All Earthlings as the Sole Principle, Grounded in the understanding and awareness of Physical Earth Laws, within which all Earth affairs are Directed.

Instead, the Earthlings that are supposed to be the ones that Lead the Earth into a New Age, have been invaded by the idea that the Earth is just an Illusion, and that there are no Physical Planetary Laws – and that —– we’re not even FROM the Earth! — We’re actually ‘star beings’ that came here from ‘other planets’ and ‘other dimensions’, to apparently ‘remember’ that we are actually Aliens, and that our Source is not Earth — our real ‘Source’ is something called ‘love and light’, and that once we ‘remember’ this – then our work is done – we have no other responsibility towards anyone or anything on Earth.

And the most bizarre thing, is that those whose Earthling Bodies have been Invaded with this idea, believe that this is somehow proof that we have ‘advanced spiritually’ as a Species and that our time has come to be welcomed into a ‘Galactic Family’ of ‘advanced aliens’ where we’ll get to use spaceships to explore the universe and become these graceful ‘Galactic Beings’. And in fact, are already imagining themselves as a ‘galactic being’, already imagining themselves flying around in spaceships and exploring the universe — these Earthlings have, for all practical purposes actually left the Earth entirely, and are far away in some distant galaxy in their Imagination the whole time, having transformed themselves into an Alien. Meanwhile the Physical Earthling Body is still here – but is not being directed by an actual Earthling within the practical considerations of what is best for all Earthlings.

So, the Earth has been invaded by Aliens — who, so far have not demonstrated Benevolence toward Life, as Benevolence would produce a new world system that ends Poverty, Starvation, War, Pollution, Animal abuse, Inequality — instead of producing imaginary realities that are valued above what is Physically Here on Earth. These Aliens function as a Parasite in the Grey Matter of the Earthling, using the Life Force of the Earthling as Fuel to Project itself on Flights away from Earth into Objects of Imagination.

Planet Earth does not need Aliens. Planet Earth does not need Earthlings who fly away into distant galaxies in their Imagination, while ignoring what is going on on Earth. Planet Earth needs Responsible Earthlings that have educated themselves about how the Earth works, and how to support all Earthlings effectively. The Earth needs Earthlings with a plan that can be put into action in Physical Reality to transform Earth from a reality of Inequality, to a reality of Harmony, Oneness, and Support. The Earth needs Earthlings that are willing to Dedicate themselves to the Mission of taking the Lead in Advancing the Earthling Race into a New Age where the Earth and Earthlings are Honored and Valued.

To do this, the Earthling must remove any parasitic entities of Beliefs, Ideas, Fantasies, that cause the Earthling to direct its attention away from Planet Earth, and to Ground itself on the Earth by ensuring that its Awareness is Here on Earth with Each Breath – every Moment. The Earthling must Ground itself as Breath, Re-Connect itself to its Source – which is Planet Earth. And then comes a process of Learning how to Earth Walk on Planet Earth, instead of Space Walking on Planet Imagination.

The Earth needs Earthlings Awakened to the Plight of its fellow Earthlings. Earthlings who will not stop the Earth Walk until all Earthlings are Walked out of Suffering, out of Inequality, out of Abuse, into a New Earth of Harmony, Peace, and Support for All.

Don’t be a Space-Case. Be an Earthling. Here’s how:

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