Day 186: Would you be the Same if I Saw you in Heaven?

I used to believe that when I die, people I knew in my life would be there in the afterlife, like in some form that I remember them as. You know, that whole idea of being ‘reunited’ with your family / friends after death?

But only after I began studying my personality, my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings and emotions, my reactions, my physical behavior patterns – did I come to realize and see that, hey — this name / personality / family / culture that I believed is ‘who I am‘, and ‘who my family members are’ and ‘who my friends are’ — is not who I really am at all. It’s just a program, a design.

What I realized, and what’s not seen at all in this world is that, my personality — meaning my thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, desires, dreams, hopes, speech patterns, nationality, etc — and the personality of my friends and ‘loved ones’ — did not exist at birth — it developed over time through environmental influences where the person developed ideas, beliefs, self definitions in reaction / response to it’s environment and according to what they were taught by others — which is why a child can be raised by wolves and grow up to have a wolf’s personality and not speak or act like a human — this shows that the person we know as our ‘loved one’ — is not their true essence — it’s a design that only exists on earth in the context of the society / environment that shapes it — and yet, we believe our loved ones would be limited for eternity after death to a single personality design that we remember them as, shaped by a single life on earth? Isn’t that rather selfish and bizarre?

And look at how much of our experience of ourselves – in terms of happiness and hope and comfort in particular, is based on the assumption that when someone we know dies, they’ll go to heaven? When a family pet dies — we tell our children ‘he’s in heaven now’. When a grandparent or other relative or family member dies, we tell our children and tell ourselves — grandpa Joe is in heaven, smiling down on us, having fun! Don’t be sad! We literally program our children with this idea — because, we ourselves have been programmed with this idea. And yet – when looking at how a personality develops, we can see it’s quite ridiculous to believe that when someone we know on Earth dies, we’re going to meet them in heaven and they’re going to be exactly the same, just like we remember them – even wearing the same clothes and having the same voice and language! In spite of seeing that everything we remember about someone – was shaped by their life on Earth — their entire self definition is dependent on the context of their family, friends, job, religion, social functions, culture on Earth. Do we really believe when someone dies, they’re going to maintain the personality, the language, the fears, desires, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, likes and dislikes that we remember them as? Does that make any sense at all??

This shows that actually self awareness does not exist on Earth — does not exist in the society we’re born into and educated by. We grow up and function as a program. We’re programmed. If we’re born in a different country to a different family and culture – we’ll become a program of that family and culture. So how can this program be who we really are? Is that all a Human Being is?

And, it’s no wonder the world isn’t changing — because, we’re not changing. We’re just passing on the same programs over and over again.

So – when we look around and see that the primary value system of the Human Program on Earth is that of pursuing one’s own wants, desires, hopes, dreams — we’d have to be foolish to predict and assume that our children, or our children’s children are going to set aside this pursuit, to dedicate their time to solving the world’s problems. Because, when we look at ourselves – we’re entirely predictable — we can predict that tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next year, and the next decade – we’re going to focus on the next point of happiness, the next point of entertainment, the next point of gratification, the next point of survival — until we die. And – we can look back at our parents, and our grandparents and see that their entire lives were predictable in this way as well. This goes to show that we’ve inherited the same program our parents and grandparents had. And — we’ve now passed on this program to our our own children.

So – if we look at our own lives and can see that we cannot predict that we will come to a solution to end poverty, end starvation, end inequality, and we can see that we’ve passed on our own program to our children — that means if we truly care about coming to solutions to these problems — we’re going to have to stop and change our program! We can no longer just float along on the idea that ‘this is just my human nature’ — because, to accept human nature as it is, as the program we inherited, is to accept a nature that predictably will focus only on self interest and will only perpetuate further generations of self interest.

And within this, when we come back to the point of believing that we’re going to be reunited with our ‘loved ones’ after death, we can see another interesting point. If we change ourselves, and remove the predictable programming that we inherited, and replace it with self directed programming based on valuing / loving all life equally and caring about all life equally — then, if we were to meet our dead granddad in heaven — we wouldn’t be the same person they remember us as — and then wouldn’t the whole kodak moment family reunion be disrupted? lol. Like, imagine you’re in heaven and your dead granddad runs up to you and says ‘ohhh Susie! I’m so glad to see you! You’re just as I remember you! Come and sit down on this bench with me! I want to talk about the old days when I was a young man, and tell you my war stories! We’ve got eternity to spend sitting here talking about this one life on Earth that we had! And you then say — actually I’ve changed since you last saw me, I realized we were perpetuating a world of inequality and abuse by not changing, so I changed myself and my life is now focused on practical solutions to end suffering on Earth – so, sorry, can’t stay and sit on benches with you and listen to you talk about your war stories anymore, got to get back to Earth to some practical living in taking responsibility to design a new world system to end poverty and starvation and abuse! I mean, it changes the entire idea of ‘heaven’ and ‘the afterlife’ and shows how absurd and irrelevant it really is. In order to have the whole ‘reunited with my loved ones’ experience – we’d have to make sure we never change, and remain the predictable program that our dead loved one’s remember us as.

So, all of this is an example of Self Honesty – of Common Sense. But – this is something that has to be developed, because Self Honesty is not part of the predictable program that’s passed on to us. Understanding how to Change is not part of the predictable program passed on to us. This is proven in how the previous generations lived out their lives predictably – never changing, never making a difference in this world no matter how much money and resources they had. Because currently, it’s predictable that people use their money within the acceptance of the point of ‘this is mine’, and ‘I want a nice life for myself’ — it’s predictable that Billionaires will not use their money to make everyone Equal in this world – – because it’s predictable that everyone wants to be rich – and we can’t experience ‘being rich’, if we’re all Equal in Quality of Life. And if we pass on this predictable programming to our children – we can see – this predictable pattern will continue. If we’re self honest – we can see that the acceptance and justification of poverty, starvation, war, greed, inequality is predictable. When you have a child, you can predict that they’ll grow up and learn to live similarly to how we did – because we program them with our program.

So, it’s time to make peace with the realization that we’re programmed. Time to get over any reactions in relation to the word ‘programmed’. Time to realize that change will only happen if we stop – and change our program.

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  1. Cool blog. I found this about the 4 Agreements just today and I think it relates to your blog.

    The 4 Agreements

    The Toltec's teach us that we are dreaming all the time. Everything we think, see, experience and react to is a cause/effect reflection of how we are dreaming. The Toltec's teach that there are 2 principal phases of dreaming in our lives. The first is the way we dream before we have awareness. And the second is how we learn to dream with awareness. These are referred to in Toltec terms as the Dreams of the First (conditioned) and then the Second (with Awareness) Attention.

    The Dream of the First Attention is the dream, or reality, of the planet. It includes the rules, agreements and beliefs that were given to us by our birth families and the society that we grew up in.The Toltec's also call this our domestication, or what we have been conditioned to see and believe about ourselves and our world. Naturally, and without any fault, this old attention of ours is full of hooks and beliefs that have been passed down through our families and society through many generations.

    The Dream of the Second Attention is the beginning of a new dream, or a new reality for ourselves and our lives. It happens when we come to a place in our lives where we realize that what we have learned was not necessarily our choice, though one could argue it was our choice on a soul level to have these experiences.

    We begin to create a New Dream for ourselves when we have garnered enough awareness that our lives were based on false beliefs and lies. We have adopted and beleived so many lies about ourselves, our limitations, and our faults, that we are overwhelmed with feeling more trapped in our reality than free. But today we will begin to change that.


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