Day 187: New Pill Sobers you up in Seconds – Why is Science Justifying Poison?

I’ll drink to that! New ‘alcohol busting’ drug that sobers you up in seconds being developed by MIT scientists

scientists are working on a pill containing a ‘cocktail’ of enzymes that rapidly metabolize alcohol that could sober you up in seconds. And, unsurprisingly, this pill is being tested on mice. The ‘scientists’ give the mice alcohol and then attempt to sober them up using the enzymes.

And – also unsurprisingly, it is not even considered in the slightest that maybe the best way to sober up is to — GASP — stop drinking alcohol. I mean, alcohol is after all a poison that impairs your ability to function in the most basic ways, and causes people daily to injure and kill each other, crash their cars, behave like complete idiots, and do a variety of things you later regret doing. And – people get drunk in full awareness that they are suppressing the reality of their life for a moment – which, is obviously an act of being dishonest with one’s self, hiding from reality instead of standing up and investigating solutions to the very problems motivating you to get drunk in the first place. In spite of all this abundant evidence that alcohol is holding humanity back from solutions to our problems, and just causing further problems – it is justified through excuses like – oh, wine has health benefits. Really? Then why not drink non-alcoholic wine only if it’s really the health benefits you’re looking for? And what is more important, preventing unnecessary death, abuse, self abuse, and violence – or making ourselves feel like we’re going to live longer if we drink a glass of wine a day? Or, ‘I drink because it’s fun’. Sorry, but who says that ‘just because it’s fun’ means it’s okay? There are lots of people who think shooting up heroin is fun — and look how we judge heroin users as ‘addicts’ but refuse to look at our own addiction? I mean, we’re saying we can’t have fun without a chemically induced experience? Doesn’t that indicate a very limited idea of Self and self-enjoyment that we’ve accepted? Where self enjoyment apparently doesn’t exist unless you’re drunk?

How do these petty excuses justify drunk driving murders, death, violence, alcohol poisoning, rape, and countless sabotaged and ruined lives caused by alcohol addiction? I had an uncle who drank himself to death – he died in a pool of his own vomit, having destroyed his organs to the point where he could no longer process food and so didn’t really eat. How can anyone support the existence of such an abominable thing? Where are our Principles? Where is our Integrity? And the fact that we’ll force this poison on animals in the pursuit of developing drugs to minimize consequence, instead of just eliminating alcohol altogether to prevent the consequences of alcohol altogether just shows how disgracefully self interested we are. How many animals and human beings need to suffer and die each day, each year so that we can hold on to our addiction to denying reality and ignoring everything but ‘my own little world of fun’?

It seems to me that Science should be focused on preventing anything that causes a harmful consequence to one’s self or others. Instead – science is being abused in the name of self interest to protect our addiction to our favorite coping mechanism – Alcohol – in our unwillingness to stand up and stop accepting and allowing a world system that we can see is limiting our self expression and self development, and driving us to intoxicate ourselves to feel better. I mean, if we were not being limited in our self expression and self development – why would we want to get drunk? Isn’t getting drunk just a crappy replacement for a genuine satisfaction with our lives?

Research Equal Money Capitalism to see how the world could be different. The world could be a place where Life is honored and respected. The world could be a place where we can live and work as our self expression, and no one has to find ways to cope being less fortunate than other – because we’ll all be equal in life. The world could be a place where no life is wasted and everyone has a chance to discover their passion and we can develop real satisfaction – where, we don’t want to miss even one moment of being here, in this world, living.

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