Day 188: Rodeo Lawsuit: Why does the Law Protect Stupidity?

Devastated father sues ‘negligent’ rodeo over 16-year-old daughter’s death

Two years after a teenage girl died in an bull riding accident in Brandon, Florida, her father is suing the rodeo for negligence.
Brooke Ann Coats, 16, was thrown off the animal during the amateur event at Crosstown Arena on February 18, 2011. The bull kicked her in the chest and the keen rider died just 90 minutes later.
Now Keith Coats has filed a suit against 18 defendants involved with the rodeo, including Corey Costa and his company, Remington Rough Stock Inc, who ran the events.
Keith and his wife Susan allege that Costa allowed their daughter to ride an ‘aggressive bull above her skill level,’ of failing to provide emergency personnel at the arena, and of waiting at least 15 to 20 minutes to call an ambulance after the teenager was kicked.
Coats had been bull riding for about a year as a hobby. Her parents were in the stand on the night the tragic accident happened and had signed a waiver allowing the pretty teenager to take part in the event.

The 16-year-old managed to stand up and walk out of the ring after sustaining the massive chest blow, but she began complaining of breathing difficulties and later collapsed.
Miss Coats was rushed to Tampa General Hospital, where she died later in surgery. According to the lawsuit, medics determined the kick had lacerated her liver and she bled to death internally.
According to 10 News the rodeo has been shut for sometime and the arena is now for sale. -Mail Online

How is it possible for humanity to call itself responsible or advanced or intelligent in any way whatsoever when our laws protect blatant, deliberate stupidity?
Let’s define stupidity:
Forcing a large, potentially dangerous animal with hooves and horns into a circle of humans, in full, complete awareness and understanding that the bull is going to try to throw you off, and trying to stay on the bull for as long as you can. And then – getting angry and shocked when the bull injures the person who was idiotically trying to ride it.
Somehow, our laws protect this kind of stupidity. Why? Because I guess it’s some ‘tradition’ or ‘culture’ that needs to be respected for some reason beyond my comprehension.
And then on top of this, in the story above, the man whose daughter was killed by a bull, what does he do? He sues the rodeo for making a ‘mistake’ by giving the girl a bull that was ‘beyond her skill level’. Really?? that’s the lamest excuse I can imagine. Talk about total denial of responsibility for one’s actions. Wouldn’t the intelligent, responsible thing to do be to face your stupidity in having allowed yourself to support such a stupid, arrogant sport? Isn’t the girl’s death showing how it is not a good idea to enslave dangerous animals and try to use them as play things? Wouldn’t the intelligent thing be to forgive yourself for having believed that riding a huge, angry bull for fun is a ‘good idea’, and that’s it’s an even better idea to encourage your child to ride a bull themselves?
I guess that’s just too much to ask. And this goes to show how preprogrammed humanity really are — that the idea of the tradition of bull riding would be so accepted as something ‘normal’ and ‘okay’, that even the death of your child would fail to assist you to face reality. Instead, something really bizarre happens — the person immediately jumps to a lawsuit to try and get some money out of the situation – as if getting money will somehow ‘make up’ for something. I guess that’s the clever thing about our money system – as long as there’s an opportunity to get some quick cash through suing someone, we’ll choose that option rather than take responsibility to face our own accepted and allowed nature and question ourselves. As long as money is not equal, and you can attain a ‘higher level of life’ through accessing more money – the human will remain an obedient servant of the system and accept all the abuse that goes with it. Quite convenient for all those huge corporations who’ll bring us to extinction rather than give up their profits, right?
Imagine – if this man could not ‘sue’ the rodeo, and everyone had an equally high quality of life — then you couldn’t try to ‘hurt’ the object of your blame by taking money from them – you’d have to face your actual decisions you made. You’d have to face the reality of the situation. Equal Money Capitalism would facilitate Responsibility and Accountability in this case. Instead, what the current system does is support Blame and the protection of Stupidity.

In Equal Money Capitalism, abusing animals and limiting their chance at an enjoyable life will be illegal – because it’s not best for all. It’s abuse.
In Equal Money Capitalism, people who want to have children will receive training to ensure that they are not going to brainwash their child with ideas and definitions that produce behavior that abuses and neglects life and would bring harm or death to the child.
In Equal Money Capitalism – things will make sense.
In Equal Money Capitalism – Life will be protected – not stupidity.

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