Day 193: Sales Secrets of Spirituality Part 2: What Are You Being Sold?

Let’s now look at how Spirituality functions the same way Sales functions.

Spirituality is about Belief. Your ‘Core Beliefs’. And, if you have a look at the Experiences of for example Love and Light, and Awareness, and Awakeness, it’s like this ‘Spirit’ that seems to get Sparked within us as we go through a process of coming to a clear decision about what we are Believing in. Like, with my ‘spiritual awakening’ experience I had, it was a process of moving from a state of ‘not knowing what to believe’, to a state of deciding ‘Yes, THIS is what I believe’. For example in my case — ‘the world is in the process of ascending to a higher dimension, and me with it, and I am here to spread this message, and the way we will reach this higher dimension, free from suffering and limitation, is to Trust and Know that there is a Loving Creator and that everything is Perfect and that all we have to do is Abide in this Knowing and fill ourselves with the Positive, Uplifting Feeling that comes with this Knowing, and eventually we will experience and enter into a total reality of Freedom and Love and Fun and the world will be a different place, because what we are FEELING, we are Creating and Manifesting‘.

So in this case the Core Belief that sparked my Spirituality was that everything is Perfect, and there is a Loving Creator with a Plan, and that everything is as it is supposed to be, and no matter what, all I have to do is Feel Good – Feel Love – Focus on Love and Light – and then I am Fulfilling my Supreme Purpose and All Good Things will follow from this Practice, from this Trust, from this Faith, from this Belief. But — I did not in fact SEE that this is So in Fact. All I in Reality did, was to read stories telling me – ‘this is what is going on, have faith, everything is fine, if this makes you feel good, then know that it is where you’re supposed to be’ — stuff like that. I mean, and the reason it made me feel good was that I was coming from a starting point of fear and hopelessness and confusion — and Spirituality was advertising some really nice sounding information that fit perfectly with what I was looking for — a way out of this messed up world, and some really cool sounding stories to fill me with hope while I basically wait to die and go to the ‘afterlife’. I mean, I didn’t have the self honesty at that stage to see this within my starting point, because I was believing that feelings are the indicator of whether something is Real or not — not seeing that, Feelings only indicated my particular points of Self Interest, my particular Values and Definitions.

The same as with Edward Bernays as I mentioned in the last post, manipulating Women to buy Cigarettes through presenting them as ‘Torches of Freedom‘, showing women smoking as a symbol of casting off the ‘oppression’ of the Male dominated society. It ‘Feels’ like the ‘right thing for me to do’ — because ‘I want to be free’, and ‘I want to feel free’. So – with the Cigarettes and Women thing, was like Freedom as a Personality, Freedom as an Idea — where, then when you’re smoking the Cigarette – you ‘feel free’ — which is like touching a crucifix and ‘feeling the holy spirit’ — same thing — it’s a Religion based on an Idea aligned with Self Interest and connected to something that Symbolizes the Idea — like a Cigarette, or a Crucifix — or in the case of myself with Spirituality — it was all the ‘Spiritual’ Paraphernalia that I started participating with, because of the ‘Spiritual Feeling’ that was triggered with it.
This is the same as when one Buys into the idea that by owning a certain pair of pants, you will be ‘Sexy’ and ‘Attractive’, and, because one exists within a point of Self Interest as the desire to ‘feel sexy and attractive‘, one then has these feelings while wearing the pants.
But then – isn’t it strange how the style will change from season to season, and what was Sexy last year is now ‘Sooo last year’?

So, the process of deciding Yes, I will Believe this — is actually the process of Buying Into the Belief – because it benefits our Self Interest in some way. But who does it really benefit? Who designed the advertisement? Who came up with the idea that the Buyer Buys into? The person that stands to make a Profit – Make Money – from the Buyer Buying into the idea, the product, the feeling. But it’s funny how we tend to not notice this, and believe that what we’re feeling when we’re buying something is really ‘my own’ – when in fact, we’re actually making the statement that we’re being Owned by someone else — the person who Sold us the idea, the product, the feeling. Like a Christian who fears going to hell and so says ‘Hallelujah!! I belong to Jesus Christ! I accept Jesus Christ! I love Jesus Christ! All that exists is Jesus Christ!!! I am Saaaaved!!!’ The perception is that ‘I’ve come to this decision of my own ‘free will’ — and yet, it’s obviously not so — because it was an act of Manipulation based on the actual Self Interest of wanting to escape this world and not have to face what we’ve allowed it to become — wanting an easy way out. And thus why Religion is so successful and it is so easy for one person to manipulate millions of people into Buying into a Religion — because, the Self Interest is already there, it just has to be ‘tapped into’. And the same goes for Advertising.

And when I became a lightworker, it’s fascinating when I look at the thought process I participated in, because, although I bought into the idea / belief that I am ‘ascending’ into a different reality, one with no money, no system, no laws and rules – one where I am ‘totally free to do what I want’ and there are only ‘feelings of love’ — the ACTUAL underlying Benefit that was driving me in my Investment within Spirituality was the prospect of —- Making Money. I mean looking at it now it’s quite obvious how one of the primary desires I existed within in relation to being a ‘Lightworker’ – was exactly that: being able to use my spirituality to make ‘lighter work’ of my life, and be able to make more money so I can live the way I want and have the things I want, and go to the places I want. It was in fact all about Material Gratification. Because, although I would tell myself and others that ‘It’s about the vibrations’, and ‘it’s about love’, and ‘it’s about what is non physical’ — I could not in fact confirm what was after death – I could not in fact confirm that I am ‘Ascending’. What I COULD confirm, was how many people were publishing books and websites and being these gurus and spiritual leaders — and that they were making a nice living doing it. And I could also confirm through the physical example of others, that if I have more money, I can live more comfortably, and I don’t have to work a job I don’t want to, for instance. And interestingly, I could see that – I in fact needed more money, so that I could establish a living environment that would better facilitate ‘raising my vibration’ and ‘doing my spiritual work’. The need for Money is Real – the Need for Physical Support is Real. No matter what you believe in. The need for Higher Vibrations and Ascension — is a Belief – and disappears when you stop believing in it.

If I had really been self honest I would have seen – the problem of my limitation in this world, and the cause of all the ‘bad stuff’ in this world, all comes down to — inequality in money, resulting in a drive to get money to gain access to a better life. It is not a lack of vibration or light and love — it’s a lack of Money. And if you study Spirituality and New Age for a while, you’ll find that a clear theme within all of the ‘energy work’, and ‘ascension work’ – is that it will apparently bring more money into one’s life — it presents an apparent ‘short cut’ to money — and this is why it is so popular. Because everyone knows that without Money – you have no Freedom in this world.

And in spite of the message of Spirituality claiming that when enough people are visualizing light and love, and feeling light and love, and imagining a better world, that we will magically ‘ascend’ into a better world — who is actually benefitting from all this Spiritual Application the whole time? Starving people? Poor people? Abused animals? Nature? If Spirituality is the way to ‘freedom’, and we have millions of people applying Spirituality for hundreds of years now — where is all this ‘freedom’ accumulating?
Wouldn’t it be the bank accounts of the Spiritual leaders? The bank accounts of those most skilled at painting the Spiritual picture and convincing large numbers of people to – Buy the Book / Buy a ticket to the Show / Buy the Psychic Reading / Buy the Private Channeling Session / Buy the Crystals / Buy the Do-it-Yourself-Ascension-Kit? I mean, in this world – the only real ‘Freedom’ is — Financial Freedom. Because, with Financial Freedom you can buy food, a home, clothes, medical care, a car, travel, vacations, free time — you can buy a comfortable life, a comfortable experience, and explore doing the things you like. Isn’t that what everyone wants anyway? Isn’t that why people want to Ascend into a ‘higher dimension’? To have free time?
And where is all this Money, all this Spiritual Profit going? Funding a new economic system that will give this Freedom to everyone as a Human Right? Funding a new political party with new policies based on what is Best for all Life?
Nope. We all know where it’s going. It’s going into the private bank account of the Seller who Sold the Nice Idea, Sold the Nice Feeling, Sold the Hope, Sold the Happiness, Sold the Enlightenment. And in fact, these highly successful Gurus and Spiritual Leaders even promote the idea that the LAST thing one should do is focus on the world’s problems because — it’s just going to make you feel bad, and you have a right to feel good! So focus on the light, focus on the light, focus on the light, focus on the light — have hope, everything will be alright – just buy the book, buy a ticket, buy the private channeling session — and don’t worry! Those who are suffering will find their way eventually, just as you have! All those past lives paid off and you’ve learned all your lessons — now it’s time to Ascend and Retire in the 5th Dimension! And for a small Fee – I will assist you in this. Strange though how all those claiming to be able to show the way to the 5th Dimension, or Heaven, or the Galactic Federation Fleet of Starships — are still here, still subject to the system, still subject to Money, still needing to Pay the Bills.
Do you see how your Soul has been Sold?
It’s not a Judgment! It’s not a personal attack! It’s a Suggestion — let’s stop selling each other Beliefs, and focus on Practical Solutions that everyone will Profit from Equally!

This is why I stand for an Equal Money System, why I stand for Equality in Money, Equality in Quality of Life, Equality in Access to a nice life — because if I am actually Self Honest — this is what I would like for myself. And, if I look at the Message of Jesus rather than Buying into the Religion, the way of the truly Spiritual, the way of one that truly values that which is Holy – which is Life – will make sure that Everyone, All Life, is Given that which I would like to be Given to Me. That would be Love thy Neighbor in Action. That would be Compassion in Action. That would be Enlightenment in Action.
But – to make such a world a Reality is impossible if we are all Driven by Self Interest. Because, when we are driven by Self Interest – then we can be Sold. We can be Manipulated. We can be Controlled. We’ll end up Buying into anything we hear, as long as it ‘Resonates’ with our Self Interest.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a world where, instead of Buying and Selling, we’re Giving and Receiving?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a world where, instead of Advertising and Profit, we have Self Expression and Sharing?

Equality Here on Earth is of far more Value to me than any Belief in some higher dimension or afterlife or warm and fuzzy energy experience or feeling. Equality on Earth and a nice life for Everyone and the End of Abuse is of far more Value to me than finding a way for only me to have a nice life or fly around in some spaceship.

And an interesting thing – is that when you Decide to Stop Buying into Beliefs, and start Standing Up for the Value of Life and stand for what is Best for All and will not Accept or Allow anything Less than what is Best for All — when you do not Accept or Allow Self Interest — then you cannot be Sold.
Thus, for each to stand within and as the Decision to Live only that which is Best for All Life, and to Change ourselves from Self Interest to that which is Best for All, is the Real Key to a Future without Money, a Future of Harmony, a Future of Oneness.

And if someone is Promoting a message that does Not stand within and as and for what is Best for All Life in All Ways — then one must ask one’s self; what are they Selling? Who does this really Benefit?
Buyer Beware! Before Investing – Investigate Self Honesty.

If this makes sense to you, then join us at Equal Money and Desteni I Process.

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