Day 198: Tao Te Ching to Self Freedom: Acting without Thinking

This is a continuation of an exploration of quotes from the To Te Ching by Lao Tzu:
Day 196: Questions to Awaken you to the Path of Enlightenment
Day 197: Tao Te Ching for a New Humanity – Belief and Timelessness

“(It is the way of the Tao) to act without (thinking of) acting; to conduct affairs without (feeling the) trouble of them”
– Lao Tzu

Let’s look at these statements from the starting point of the – let’s call it the ‘Tao of Desteni’ — which is simply the message that suggests the best way to live is to be Self Honest – which is to face the actual ‘Who I Am’ within each Thought, each Feeling, each Emotion, each Belief, each Opinion, each Definition we Accept and Participate in – which then determines how we live and what we support to exist not only in ourselves but in everyone else and in Existence as a Whole – what we give permission for, what we Allow within our Acceptances – One and Equal, and to within this Evaluate ourselves as to whether that which we Accept and Allow to exist within ourselves as Who we Are, can be lived / applied / can stand as what is Best for All Life – or whether what we Accept and Allow to exist within ourselves as Who we Are, will result in the Allowance of outflows of Consequence which is — anything that is not Best for All Life.

And to place this in a very simple context in order to see the Principle of Equality and Oneness at work, we can look at the example of how if we say for instance ‘I’m going to Allow poverty to exist because it is my Opinion that it is just ‘part of life’, or because it is my Opinion that ‘those poor people have a ‘higher self’ and this ‘higher self’ made a Choice to experience poverty’ – and, ‘I choose to have this Opinion because it makes me feel good / happy / comfortable / at peace / able to live my life without worrying about poverty’ — the Acceptance here is the idea that one has a ‘Right’ to use Opinion to basically, exclude yourself from the actual Reality we Share as One — being made of the same Stuff and existing within Interdependence on each other and the Earth for our very survival as Humanity — in order to Justify the idea that ‘I’m not responsible’ for what exists in this world as a Whole — it is not ‘Me’ — it is ‘outside of my Responsibility / Existence’.

So, within this Acceptance, if your children, or your boyfriend or girlfriend were killed by a drunk driver, you could not – according to your own Principle of the Right to an Opinion and a Right to Exclude yourself from Responsibility for All that exists in this world – you could not get mad, you could not judge the Drunk Driver, you could not demand they be punished for their actions, you could not get outraged — because, they were simply living according to the same Principle YOU support — which is the Right to an Opinion that for instance, Drinking makes me feel Happy and better about my Life. And – you could not say — well, my Opinion / Happiness is Justified while the Drunk Driver’s is not Justified — everyone has a right to their Opinion and Happiness as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else — because, the very fact of living for one’s own life / interest / happiness / opinion only while millions starve and suffer in poverty — is causing massive Harm and Death daily — it is actually Murder.

So with the Acceptance of Self to exist / participate within the Principle / Starting Point which is — Self Interest — comes the Allowance which obviously is the Allowance of Consequence / Harm which is obviously going to flow Abundantly when you have billions of Human Beings following the way of Opinion / Self Interest which Ecologically simply does not make any Sense and is complete Dysfunction when you look at how Humanity exists as a physical Organism that is part of the Earth, Dependent on the Earth, and Dependent on Each other’s skills and labor and agreement in order to have a society capable of anything beyond hunting and gathering.

So, to act without thinking of acting. What does that mean? This aligns perfectly with the Tao of Equality and Oneness / Best for All, and is not possible when one exists within Self Interest / Excluding yourself from Responsibility / the Whole. Because, when you look at for instance, feeding your child, or feeding your pet, or tending your garden, or feeding yourself for that matter, you’ll notice that to neglect a child, or to neglect your garden, or to neglect your own body — all such actions have a prerequisite of Thought. All such actions are the result of accumulated participation within inner conversations and beliefs and opinions and definitions that are not aligned with the Basic, Common Sense reality that you are dealing with which is — the child requires food or it will die, the plants require care or they will die, your own body requires food or you will die. None of these actions require Opinion or inner conversations or constructing elaborate stories and philosophies and belief systems inside your head. It is something that you work with Directly at a Physical level through direct understanding of reality. So — there is no Justification process taking place, because you are not working with a Made up Reality in your Own Mind that you have to Justify acting out.

“…to conduct affairs without (feeling the) trouble of them”

Physical Reality is not Positive or Negative. It is not an energy experience – it is constant, stable. And so is the Human Physical Body. Constant, Stable, in fact Made of the Physical and so — One with the Physical.

And so, conducting the affairs of, for instance setting up an effective ecological support system for human beings, setting up infrastructure, working out the logistics of how to support all the beings in the eco system of Earth Equally to ensure there is no dysfunction like Poverty and Starvation and Malnutrition and Poor Sanitation and other forms of suffering and neglect and lack — that is all direct physical stuff, doing our part as parts of the Physical Organism called Earth where — if you would then experience that any part of this common sense physical living Responsibility as Parts of the Whole Organism —  is ‘negative’ or ‘I don’t want to’, or ‘this is so limited’, or ‘those problems are not my responsibility’, and would then within the mind start making up your own alternate reality where you would believe that there is some ‘god’, or ‘source’, or ‘higher beings’ out there somewhere directing the affairs on earth from ‘behind the scenes’ and that somehow no matter what happens on Earth it’s all part of some ‘perfect plan’, or would make up beliefs that for example it’s okay to ignore the dysfunction on Earth and in the Human because there is apparently some ‘higher dimension’ of bliss and happiness awaiting for me when I die, and that the suffering is thus not real because the Physical reality is just an Illusion — and would then result in generating through this made up Mental Reality all kinds of Feelings of Hope, and Faith, and Excitement, and Bliss which then would apparently Justify separating yourself from the Physical that we are a Part of, and giving attention only to Make Believe Pictures and Feelings — you’re actually becoming a very very Negative influence in the world, especially when one then presents one’s self as a ‘Positive’, and a ‘Benevolent Force’ in the world that is somehow making a diference because you feel good about the pictures you made up in your mind — then you are actually Lying and spreading a message that says ‘It’s Positive to Lie to yourself and Live according to Make Believe’ — you are playing pretend – pretending you know there is an ‘easier way’ to solve the problems on Earth, pretending you know there is ‘some god out there’ looking out for us — here you are becoming a Disease in Body of the Physical of which you are made — because, you don’t actually know these things — you made them up because you Judged the Physical as Negative and thus Created a Negative Experience in yourself — and from that you created the Positive and then became Addicted to the Positive and started spreading this addiction through your words and actions to other Human Beings, and more and more Human Beings started Judging the Physical and neglecting the Physical as they became addicted to the Ease of creating nice feelings based on Beliefs.

“To know that you do not know is the best.
To pretend to know when you do not know is a disease.”
― Lao Tzu

When, in the first place we should have been able to simply look directly at the direct actual reality that we’re working with – that we’re made of – which is the Physical, and conduct the affairs of sorting out the physical relationships between human, animal, and nature, to ensure that we are using what the earth provides us, to support everyone equally — just as the Bodily Systems in your Physical Body ensure the resources are being used to ensure proper functioning for All Parts Equally because — when part of the body starts functioning out of alignment with what is best for All Parts — then Health Problems start forming.

So, Spirituality is actually causing Human Beings to function as a Disease in Reality, out of alignment with what is Best for all Parts of the Physical, because the Physical Responsibility we have to ensure our Interdependent Relationships are producing outcomes that Benefit All Parts Equally, is Devalued and Denied in favor of Valuing and Glorifying the feelings one creates based on pictures – which is obviously only Self Interest because — it started with the act of Judgment – Judging the Physical as Negative, Devaluing the actual Source, the actual Substance we are made of in this reality — which is now being Abused and Enslaved as merely a vehicle for the production of Energy as Feelings based on Beliefs and Make Believe. Which is all actually Paranoia — the Paranoia that has been Accepted and Allowed to direct our Decision Making — the Paranoia projected toward anything that implies Responsibility and giving up our self interest and doing the actual Hard Work of sorting out this world at a Physical Level – Together in Agreement. Because to do that — we could no longer be in our heads in our Imagination and Beliefs, pretending we know everything’s just going to ‘work itself out’.

If we were applying the message of the Tao Te Ching – we would be Acting within Common Sense without Thinking and without making up justifications as to ‘why we don’t have to act within what is best for all’. We would be Conducting our Affairs on Earth without feeling the trouble of them — we would not be looking at poverty or war, or starvation, or pollution, and Judging it and Fearing it and becoming Overwhelmed by it and then Making up delusions like ‘if I send it love and light through visualization it will eventually go away’ — obviously love and light plays no role in the actual Direct Physical Reality of what it takes to design for example a way to feed everyone and then implement that design practically. That is all stuff that can be done without Thinking and without Feeling energy experiences.

To apply the Tao Te Ching requires Self Trust – Trusting ourselves to Physically Move in working out a Solution to support Life.

Because look – what is the fear that comes up with the suggestion of letting go of love and light, and letting go of ‘god’, and letting go of all the make believe about ‘higher dimensions’ and ‘perfect divine plans’? It’s the Fear of — what will I do? I will be trapped here, I will be miserable. Which simply shows that Negativity – our own Judgment and Fear of the World we have Accepted and Allowed is the Starting point of the Positive, and we have no Self Trust in Physical Living as a Responsible Participant on Earth which is why we place all our trust in Made up Forces like God and Higher Dimensions so we can feel like someone else is taking Responsibility.

So to get to a point of Acting without Thinking and Conducting our Affairs without feeling the Trouble of them — we have to start with an act of Self Trust to let go of the Make Believe – realizing, I don’t know who I’ll be without it — and then the next step would be Self Forgiveness, applied specifically to remove the fears and judgments we have connected to the Physical, so that we can Empty ourselves and start Learning how to Move, how to Live as an actual Physical Life form, Part of the Whole as the Physical — in discovering the real Potential we have, in Contributing to what is Best for All — which would obviously be the Real Higher Purpose everyone is looking for.

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