Day 199: A Living Wage is a Basic Human Right – Why is the Minimum Not Enough to Live?

Here I’m placing some questions in relation to the recent strikes in Seattle by fast food workers demanding a pay raise to a ‘living wage’.

See the following articles for context:

“Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn supported the striking fast food workers with several Twitter tweets.
“I support fast food workers’ organizing effort because they deserve a living wage that can support their families. #strikepoverty,” one of his tweets read.”

 (Photo: @Molly_O/ Twitter)

Why is a living wage not a Human Right?

Why is the minimum wage not enough to live effectively? Why does the minimum wage not provide a minimum of a comfortable, stress free life which obviously is a human right?

Why do workers have to organize strikes to demand an income sufficient to support themselves? Shouldn’t the real Organization have already been done long time ago to prevent this situation in the first place by designing a system where resources and labor produce an Equal benefit for everyone?

Why is the minimum wage different in different states and different countries? Why are there Laws giving the Government / Leadership of different States / Countries the ‘right’ to decide their own minimum wage, even though human beings require the same things in order to live effectively in each state, and each country?

Shouldn’t the Minimum Wage be determined by the minimum income necessary to have access to all the basic needs and nice things that even rich people would want for themselves?

Why do the CEOs and people in ‘Leadership’ positions Spite those who fill the positions that allow their companies to exist and thus to whom they in fact OWE their quality of life? Is this Freedom or Abuse?

Shouldn’t the Minimum Wage be enough to create a comfortable and fulfilling life without ever having to worry about money?

Why have we all Accepted that the Minimum Wage must be BELOW the actual Minimum income that we would want for ourselves?

Why would any job exist that does not provide an income sufficient to afford basic things like food and a place to live? Isn’t that Slavery? Isn’t that Abuse? Isn’t that unnecessary?

Why have we Accepted it as normal and acceptable to have statements like ‘you must prove yourself worthy of enough money for an optimum quality of life, by learning how to do something really really difficult like being a doctor’, or ‘by proving your abilities to increase the profits of a company’? Why have we Accepted that it is normal for an optimum quality of life to not be a basic human right equal for all?

Why do we believe it’s normal and acceptable to have lower and higher qualities of living, and that if you don’t have the intellect or connections or education to achieve a job of a higher status than say, working at a fast food restaurant, you deserve to have a lower quality of life than say, someone who becomes a doctor or CEO? Isn’t that Discrimination? Isn’t that Hate? Isn’t that Spitefulness? What ever happened to Civil Rights?

How can we call ourselves Civil if we allow poverty to exist through the act of Discrimination toward those who don’t possess ‘high level skills’, or a college degree? Isn’t it obvious that anyone who Accepts and Allows such an act of Hate toward your fellow man, has a serious Psychological imbalance and should be removed from society where they cannot act our their harmful philosophy of Discrimination, until they can be assisted and supported to realize that Life has Value?

If the strikers and protesters all suddenly received a higher wage or won the lottery would they then be ‘happy’? What about the rest of the world – what about half the world that survives on two dollars a day?

Why do only a few people out of millions strike and demand a living wage? Why do so many accept the system? Is the possibility of a comfortable retirement after decades of struggle really of such high value that it defines your entire purpose and capacity as a human being on Earth? Isn’t that just a statement that we really don’t care what happens to others? Isn’t that also a statement that we’re too afraid to risk our own happiness, relationships, and entertainment to stand up and expose the bullshit of the life we’ve all accepted, the world we’ve all accepted?

How can anything in our lives currently have any value whatsoever when everything we do takes place in the context of survival, entertainment, and the quest for retirement within complete Acceptance of Inequality, Poverty, Starvation, Abuse in the name of Profit and Wealth?

How can Charity, Protests, and Strikes have any value when in the end we’re not willing to give up the lives we’ve been brainwashed to believe was our ‘choice’, stop doing what we ‘feel like’, and start doing what is actually Best for All so that we can make sure future generations are born into a world where Life is Respected?

Isn’t it obvious that we have been Preprogrammed and Brainwashed, when we don’t see that Poverty is Discrimination? Doesn’t this prove that we have the responsibility to make sure our Words have the Correct Definitions — which would be definitions which support actions that produce only what is Best for All Life? If you were to ignore this realization and just ‘go back to your life’, wouldn’t that mean you could not claim to be a responsible, honest, caring, accountable individual without Lying?

The reason we don’t have a Living Wage in this world, is because we don’t have Living Words — we aren’t Living Words in a way that is aligned with the Value of Life. How can we come to any solutions in this world if everyone has the so called ‘right to their opinion’ – which simply means the ‘right’ to make up our own meaning of words, regardless of how self interested is the meaning we choose?

No use protesting or getting angry at the rich or drowning your stress in alcohol because — in spite of your Rage at your Minimum Wage we are still just Rats in this Cage. The Cage of our Brainwashing and the Cage of the Money System.

If you truly want a Living Wage for Everyone in the World, join us at Equal Money and support a real solution.

And join the DIP Lite online course where, for FREE, you can learn how to develop your self expression and common sense clarity in writing and speaking — through learning how to break free of your brainwashing through the simple act of writing because — the mind is information, thus the brainwashing is information, and information is — words with definitions. So all you have to do is – start writing out your mind and you’ll start to see the brainwashing. With DIP you’ll be assisted with specific, highly effective writing methods that have been developed through years of application. We’ve done all the hard work of figuring out the ‘how to’ already. All you have to do is join for free. And, there is enough time — don’t worry, there are hundreds of us already doing this — and we work the same jobs as you, have the same ‘tight schedules’ as you, have the same bills to pay. The only difference is — our lives are much more fulfilling and much more of an adventure because – we’re not just playing pretend or thinking about stuff or waiting or imagining, we’re actually Living the real ‘Evolution’ of Humanity.

Read about how the Minimum Wage would function within a Basic Income Grant system:
Day 420: Basic Income and Minimum Wage

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