Day 200: Getting Lost in the Naked Spiritual Quest

“Woman missing in Washington state forest after going on naked ‘spiritual quest’ with nothing but a fanny pack”
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Why are we so stuck in the Quest to escape the Physical Reality of what is here?
Why do we believe our imagination is showing us a real reality, when we all know our imagination is just make believe and that we cannot for instance, use our imagination to change the economic system or be able to live without money?

It seems no one learned the lesson of 2012. The lesson was that — the entire starting point of spirituality is a Self Deception – pretending we know something when it is in fact just stories in our mind we like the sound of, which we ‘bring to life’ through connecting feelings to it where we then convince ourselves that we’re ‘experiencing another reality’ — not even seeing that the very feelings themselves are generated through the Physical Body Chemical Processes and that without the Physical – there could be no Spirituality as the Spiritual Experience is simply a program installed into the Physical Body through Self Definition.

2012 was a clear message that it’s time to start focusing on what is Relevant – which is how to sort out this Physical World to be a place where Life is supported, and to stop the Quest to fulfill the imagination of the Have’s while the Have Nots continue to suffer through a system of inequality that disregards human rights and the value of life.

Stop your imagination before it causes you to do something stupid like wander naked into a wilderness expecting an improvement to your reality.

Instead, join us at where we’re busy with real solutions based on reality.
And join — a FREE online course where you will develop effective self investigation and self honesty skills.

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