Day 201: Psychologists do not understand Happiness

Is there a link between religion and happiness? Study finds Christians tweet more cheerfully than atheists

“The research found that overall, tweets by Christians had more positive and less negative content than tweets by atheists.
Christians used less analytical and more social words, which were correlated with the use of words indicating positive emotions, the researchers said.
‘If religious people are indeed happier than nonreligious people, differences in social support and thinking style may help to explain why,’ said University of Illinois graduate student Ryan.
He believes that the findings are in line with other studies linking greater levels of social connectedness to higher well-being.
Professor Preston said: ‘Religious communities are very social. Just being a member of a religious group connects people to others, and it may be this social connection that can make people happier.”

Okay – the reason for this should be obvious and yet, somehow it’s missed by psychologists.

Why does everyone like spirituality and religion? Why do people like having beliefs about, for example what will happen to you after death, or beliefs about some powerful being ‘out there’ that has a big plan for everything that we can’t possibly understand?

Easy — because, through such beliefs we can ‘give ourselves’ an explanation for all of the fucked up, messed up, horrific, atrocious stuff that exists in this world and that may happen in our own lives. And it’s always an explanation that conveniently removes us as an individual, from any form of responsibility beyond what is within our immediate world and relationships and survival. Duh, right? Isn’t that obvious psychologists?

Everyone knows the kind of abuse that exists in this world, the suffering, the pain, the inequality, the neglect. War, starvation, poverty, rape, murder, torture, drug addiction, the destruction of the Earth in the name of capitalism.

I mean, if you go and read about some of these well known spiritual people in the world today – authors, speakers, advocates of spiritual movements, the most deeply religious and spiritual people tend to have experienced some unpleasant or painful circumstance in their life — something was taken away, some kind of abuse or trauma happened, the person in one way or another was faced with seeing something in this reality / of this reality — a problem — for which they did not have an explanation or solution, or some question about the fundamental reason something is happening in your life or in the life of another, and which resulted in some experience of fear, or anxiety, or depression, or rage, or confusion, or frustration. Some kind of ‘negative’ experience. And then – all of a sudden ‘everything changed’ when the person ‘discovered’, or ‘found’ the ‘truth’ in the form of some kind of ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ in a particular idea like God, or Positivity, or Source, or Aliens, or Angels — it’s a long list — that provided an ‘answer’ that was easy to accept because – it presented an idea that gives the person Hope — even if the person is for example, poor or in debt, or going through some rough time, or recently lost their job — all of a sudden they ‘find religion’, or ‘find spirituality’, and magically, in spite of their circumstance they now ‘feel happy’!

Why? Because, ‘everything happens as a lesson to help us grow spiritually and gain access to heaven / higher dimensions of bliss after death’, or — ‘this circumstance was created because I wasn’t following the word of god, and I want to experience nice circumstances and if I follow the word of God I’ll get to go to Heaven so therefore — now I’m a happy Christian in spite of my misfortunes because my misfortunes are just God’s way of showing me I was ‘lost’ for a moment and now I’m happy and joyful and positive because I saw the error of my ways, the error and unhappiness that comes with not believing in God’. Now I’m happy because I have Hope! Now I’m happy because I have Faith! Now I’m happy because ‘I’m not responsible for what happens in the world, I’m only responsible for my own Faith and Belief and Positivity’.

I mean, that just makes things a lot easier doesn’t it? Because then you don’t have to worry about how meaningless and poverty stricken your life is, stuck in a dead end job for example, because — I’ll get to go to Heaven when I die!

Or, maybe I’m a wealthy person and I see the abuse that happens in the world, and I see the destruction of the planet but — I don’t have to worry about that because — Humans have ‘free will’, and I’m ‘not supposed to interfere with the free will of another’ — ‘all I can do is set an example by being positive and happy, showing that — when you have the same beliefs as me, you’ll be happy and want a better world’ — and so I’ll just sit back and relax and enjoy my money and lifestyle because, the world won’t change in my lifetime – that’s for another generation to experience, waaaaay down the road from now when enough people have ‘realized’ they should be ‘positive”.

I mean, anyone can understand where happiness comes from — all you have to do is loo at what you participate in within your own Mind each day, each moment. You’ll notice that — in order for the body to produce those nice chemicals that make you feel happy — you first need a nice set of beliefs to program your body with. And — it’s not the brain, or ‘nature’ that is determining the beliefs and thoughts you’re participating in within your mind — it’s YOU! It’s a decision we make. And, from there, the effect of the participation in the beliefs, in the thoughts, in the faith, is that the body then produces the nice energy experience we call ‘happiness’.

The same as how if you’re thinking the whole time ‘oh this is so stressful, I can’t handle all this work, this is so draining, this is overwhelming, I can’t do this, this is too much for me’ — you’re DECIDING to participate in such thoughts — creating an Alternate Reality in your mind, instead of just focusing on practical physical self direction within your circumstance. And as you’re having these thoughts, you’re generating and accumulating this negative experience, this stress, this anxiety for example.

It’s the same with Happiness. It’s just self-programming. And then we believe that apparently we can only make Decisions based on how we ‘Feel’ — even though we created that Feeling in the first place by Deciding to program ourselves with Reactions and Judgments and Beliefs, so it’s really bizarre because we’re then Mind Controlled by our own Mind.

And, it’s fascinating how we’re so obsessed with studying ‘what makes people happy’ when it’s obvious that happiness is not producing anything beneficial to Life, not producing any economic solution, not producing any solution for war or for the destruction of the Earth. Nope. It’s just producing Tweets with a more ‘positive content’ than the ‘less happy people’. And, bizarrely, avoiding words related to questioning things, and analyzing things, and pointing out problems in the world, is seen as an indication of ‘higher well being’ — but that’s really strange because that means we’re functioning within an accepted psychological definition of Well Being defined by ignoring and denying reality and focusing only on your own life and relationships and finding beliefs that make you feel good.

This means that the Psychological Institution currently accepted as the ‘authority’ on suggestions about how we should more effectively live our lives, supports selfishness and self interest and denial as a way of life. Whether it’s a recommendation for pills or for beliefs — it’s all the same question: What’s the quickest way to feel happy?

Shouldn’t Well Being be defined by the ability to take Responsibility for Life and function within an understanding of how to Create a supportive system for everyone on Earth?

Isn’t it obvious that Psychology as it exists only supports people to remain Consumers of Happiness, instead of promoting actual understanding? Because, when you start to actually investigate your Mind as we’re doing at Desteni with the Journey to Life blogs and the Desteni I Process, you can see — everyone can be their own Psychologist because everyone actually knows what’s going on in their minds. It’s just that no one wants to take Responsibility to align themselves and their minds with what is Best for All — because everyone’s too obsessed with this experience of Happiness, this addiction to inventing Faiths and Belief Systems that Justify Self Interest and Justify Allowing Abuse to exist in the world.

And that’s really cool for the big Corporations that everyone loves to criticize, because when you’re obsessed with bettering only your own life and creating an environment of comfort to support you to keep participating in the beliefs that make you happy — when you exist in a constant state of Paranoia where ‘I must feel happy, I must find a way to feel happy, I’ll do anything, I’ll believe anything!’ — it’s really easy to manipulate you and make you buy things using advertising and movies and TV shows.

And, if you investigate the Atheists’ lives as well — they’re also obsessed with happiness — as you’ll find the primary interest is still the search for enough money and sex and entertainment to keep you
occupied and that you’re actually just another Consumer with no solution for this world.

Happiness is a scam. It’s not self expression or a more beneficial state of mind – it’s just chemicals produced through self brainwashing and delusion that then traps you in a cycle of addiction and fear of losing your happiness – just like drugs.

In a world where half the population is in poverty – to glorify happiness as the goal of life is absolute abuse and an indication of severe psychopathic value systems.

Real happiness is where everyone can be happily enjoying a life of dignity with all their human rights provided for through the Basic Income Guarantee. A world where you can be happily assured that no one is starving and where there is no fear of losing what you have.

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