Day 202: Is Independence Day an Act of Terror?


Independence Day is just around the corner, and already I’ve been hearing the loud bangs, pops, and explosions of fireworks around the neighborhood.

Fireworks are a big thing here where I live, because there’s a Native American Reservation nearby and they operate huuuuuuge firework stands.

Independence Day is really quite a bizarre ‘holiday’, which could easily be called Terror Day if you’re looking from the animal kingdom’s perspective.

I mean, you have a bunch of people, thousands throughout the local community, congregating in their yards, on street corners, parks, beaches, etc, with arsenals of small explosives, excitedly lighting the fuses and waiting to see the explosion of colorful fire in the air. Some of these fireworks are extremely loud, sounding like multiple gunshots, and many of them sound as if a small bomb has been lobbed into the neighborhood by some displaced Iraqi insurgent.

It’s interesting how so many people have a problem with the Meat Industry for example, protesting the cruelty and terror the animals are subjected to on a daily basis. But what about all the animals in your backyard? What about all the pet dogs and cats?  What about the small rodents, the birds, the insects? Does anyone first comb the area, and carefully relocate all of the pets and insects and birds and rodents to a safe distance where they won’t be startled by the loud bangs? If not – isn’t that just an act of terror? To subject pets and other small animals to such shocking noises? All in the name of the Human’s apparent ‘Independence’ — independence? Everyone is dependent on Money to survive and dependent on each other’s labor, depended on Animals, dependent on Nature to keep our system going — who’s independent? What difference would it make if Britain all of a sudden took back control of the USA? They have the same shit over there that we have over here. It’s an irrelevant obsession with the past that only serves as a distraction from things that actually matter – like sorting out our dysfunctional economic system.

Support the Basic Income Guarantee

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