Day 203: The Age of Global Happiness is Coming

More money always leads to more happiness.
Yep, new research has found that increases in income virtually always bring an increase in well being.

“New research tells us what we already kind of knew about money and happiness, but may have chosen not to believe: More money will make you happier.It doesn’t matter if you are very rich, very poor or somewhere in between, advances in income are always met with increases in life satisfaction, according to an April report conducted by University of Michigan professors Justin Wolfers and Betsey Stevenson. Their findings debunk previous studies claiming once basic needs are met, more wealth no longer leads to more happiness.The researchers’ analysis of 155 countries, accounting for over 95 percent of the world’s population, found no evidence that advances in income for the rich are met with diminishing increases in happiness.”  Huffington Post: More Money Always Leads To More Happiness: Study

There is a prominent message promoted by many in the spiritual community that people with money are ‘not always happy’ and that, ‘happiness leads to wealth’, not the other way around. LOL.

Obviously this is nonsense if you have a basic grasp on the reality that is in fact here, which is an economic system, where for example, no matter how happy you are, if you do not have effective education, qualifications and connections and an understanding of business and are not able to find a well paying job, or you do not have sufficient capital and skill to start your own business representing some kind of product that consumers value enough to pay lots of money for — you will find it extremely difficult to achieve any form of ‘abundance’ in this world. You will likely find yourself being a wage slave barely scraping by trying to pay your bills, with credit card debt, unable to do anything else because — you must pay your bills and try to cover your basic needs paycheck to paycheck.

You can also look at all the failed MLM’s and all the failed artists and entrepreneurs and Psychics and who thought they were going to make it big and failed because they were actually just gambling and hoping that it would work, not understanding that — the big corporations, the big money makers in this world — they’re not gambling, they’re not leaving their profits up to hope and positivity and believing the universe will give them money — they have an actual system, they know how it works, and it functions as a system, not as positive thoughts and imagination. And those who have become rich as an artist or a musician or author for example — as you notice not everyone has what it takes to ‘make it’ — not everyone ‘has IT’ — your success is at the mercy of the whims and preferences of the consumers. If the consumers don’t like your product – sorry, you’re not going to be rich. It’s not in fact ‘the Universe’ that is helping you ‘make it’ — it’s your ability to create yourself as an effective product that can be marketed to consumers. This is why the most popular singers today all sing about sex and are engaged 24/7 in self promotion with all kinds of pictures of themselves in bikinis and underwear and sex tapes and relationship drama — they have the biggest audience because the most prominent ‘taste’ in this world is SEX. Do you think Justin Bieber would be popular if he was an ugly fat kid? NO fuckin’ way! And – everyone knows it.

And it’s the same for the Spiritual artists as well – the most successful ones are the ones that have a well constructed message based on how to feel good and attract the perfect relationship partner, and how to magically create money out of thin air with your thoughts alone — all that stuff sells because consumers want Sex, and Money, and Happiness.

So, if you are ugly, have a poor education, have no business skills and have no connections in society — sorry, it doesn’t matter how happy you can make yourself feel with all those positive thoughts — an envelope filled with cash is not going to show up on your doorstep.
You’ll have to keep buying those scratch tickets and lottery tickets and Hoping that you’ll hit the jackpot.

I mean, if you really believe that you do not need education, or business skills, or connections to generate wealth in this world, and that it’s simply a matter of ‘allowing the universe to give you money’ — I suggest you do an experiment where you interview everyone you know, the ones with money, and the ones without money, and bring a notepad and paper and write down each person’s level of education, their skills, their qualifications, their connections — actually investigate how they made their money. And, the ones without money, ask them the same questions — what is their level of education? What are their qualifications and experience? What kind of societal network do they have access to? Do they have debt? Do they have Capital?

You will find that you’ve been deceiving yourself and deceiving others if you claim there exists some magical thing called ‘the universe’ which exists solely to ‘send you’ money if you just ‘allow it’, and if you can just be ‘happy all the time’ regardless of your current situation. And it’s most certainly not a ‘positive thing’ to spread such a message, because what you’re in fact doing is taking advantage of people’s tendency to believe anything that supports their self interest, and getting them to justify their own poverty and suffering in the name of Hope and Imagination. And why? So we can feel better about ourselves and our own lives in the face of the massive suffering taking place daily on planet Earth simply because we do not have an effective system to support Life.

Since research now shows that, in fact more money does lead to more happiness — and it should be obvious why, because when you don’t have to worry about money and paying the bills and saving to be able to afford stuff to enhance your life — when you have enough money to simply access the things that enrich your experience and allow you to explore your expression and enjoyment, then you can focus on living and expanding and you’ll be happier because you don’t have to worry that you or your family will lack what you need! Why should we have a system where we have to spend years and decades of our lives just trying to gain access to basic life enhancements? We make the stuff, the Earth does not charge Money for it’s resources, we made money up! Why have a system of Inequality? Inequality is just Negativity. We have a system of Negativity where only a few get access to enough money to have a Positive experience but — that’s not really Positivity because those who do the work to make the system function are in a position of Negativity — they are in Debt and they have to work sometimes 2 jobs, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 hours a week so that a few can enjoy the benefits. And many do not even qualify for a job at all, or can’t find a job, or the only job is collecting scraps to sell, or stealing, or finding food in the landfill. And, don’t forget the WARS fought in the name of preserving an individual country’s control of resources to fuel the system that provides you with all the lifestyle stuff that makes you Happy — that Happiness is the product of Murder and Death and so is really really Negative Happiness.

I suggest a real Positive solution, which is the Basic Income Guarantee, which would Guarantee everyone enough money to live a dignified life and which would also make abusing and enslaving and exploiting anyone for profit Illegal, so that we can create an actual, real Shift in this Reality — a Shift from massive inequality and poverty, to a new foundation for society where everyone starts with a base level of income that supports a base level of Happiness and Well Being, and, if you want more stuff to make you more Happy, well then you simply work more and earn more Money!
BIG gives us a Guaranteed Foundation of Happiness for All from which we can then truly move forward as a species. How can we move forward, how can we advance in understanding the big picture and explore the bigger questions of our existence if we allow half the world’s population to exist in a state of extreme struggle for basic survival? By justifying poverty with delusional Spiritual Opinions that shamelessly deny the reality of what other beings are experiencing, you’re not being a Positive Influence, you’re being a Negative Influence — you’re HOLDING US BACK. STOP!

Food must be Guaranteed.
Education must be Guaranteed.
Water must be Guaranteed.
Health Care must be Guaranteed.
A Home must be Guaranteed.
Employment must be Guaranteed.
Leisure time must be Guaranteed.

How can we stand by and let a system which daily Violates the Basic Human Rights of Billions continue daily? How can we call ourselves Positive if we do not in fact have an actual PLAN to support our fellow man Equally as Jesus would do?

Show your love for the world, show your love for your fellow beings, with an act of Giving — BIG Hearts Give BIG! Not in your Imagination, but in Actual, Real, Physical Reality! Let’s Give everyone Happiness! Let’s do this in THIS lifetime. Let’s free our fellow beings from the Negativity of Inequality. Why wait? Have a BIG Heart and support the Basic Income Guarantee.

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