Day 209: Desteni as A Higher Education With Integrity Part 1

I’m now going to be writing some blogs where I will show how the Desteni tools have enabled me to assist and support myself to walk a form of higher education with integrity, giving effective direction to my life in walking the development of the skills required to take responsibility for this world.

I’m beginning with some important facts about the American Education System to give context for further blogs.

In John Taylor Gatto’s The Underground History of American Education, ( Mr. Gatto explains how in the 2000 Presidential race, 4 out of the 6 finalists for the Presidency were graduates of one or another of a handful of elite private boarding schools that together graduate a total of only about 1000 people per year. 1000 people in a population of over 300 million, and 4 out of 6 of those up for Presidential election came from these schools. In contrast, about 2.5 – 2.8 million students graduate high school each year in America in total. ( )

The point is that these top private schools are designed to produce the country’s leadership.

Here’s a look at some of the people who attended these schools and the tuition cost of each school:

George W. Bush:
Phillips Academy, Andover
Grades 9-12

“Tuition for 2013-2014 is $47,200 for boarding students and $36,700 for day students. The average cost to educate a student at Andover will be more than $70,000.”

John McCain:
Episcopal High
Grades 9-12

“The Comprehensive Fee for the 2013-14 School year is $47,850. This amount includes tuition, room and board, basic health center expenses, and the cost of most school-sponsored academic, athletic, and recreational activities.”

Steve Forbes:
Brooks School
Grades 9-12

Tuition: $51,240
Tuition: $38,780″

Al Gore:
St. Albans School
Grades 4-12

“Day School Tuition: Forms C-VI  $38,082
Boarding School Tuition: Forms III-VI  $53,870″

Now obviously the average parent cannot afford to spend around $70,000 per year, per child to get them an education. I mean to afford that you have to have to be in the top 1% of the population in terms of income.

The fact that only the very wealthy, which is people who have a vested interest in the system to protect their wealth, can afford to have their children educated as leaders in institutions like business and politics, goes to show that the current agenda of the Education System is not to empower every child with a supportive income, functional knowledge of the world, and the skills to take responsibility for the world system, but rather to train the majority to remain a limited working consumer, seemingly unable to make a difference at any fundamental level, content to merely watch the world happening from within an isolated bubble, content to make enough money to achieve basic comforts and be able to pay the bills. In fact surveys show most Americans measure success at $70,000 a year or less total income — the cost of only one year of education for one child at one of America’s top private schools.

 This shows the massive difference in priorities between America’s top elite families and the average middle class family, because as the average family is content sending their child to a FREE school, the wealthy minority are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to train their children at one of these handful of elite private schools. Now as everyone knows, the super wealthy of the world have a hard time parting with their money and tend to become indignant when faced with being taxed on their multiple millions or billions of dollars of wealth. So the fact that they are willing to spend in only a few years time, more money on their children’s education than most people will ever see, shows the value of an elite education within the world system as it exists. This value would, for the wealthy elite obviously be for their children to be educated in the values and skills required to take over the reigns of leadership and influence in the system, to ensure the continued protection of wealth which if we look at the evidence all around us, unfortunately means the perpetuation of inequality; the perpetuation of an unharmonious, destructive relationship with the Earth, the perpetuation of War, the abuse of human labor, and the abuse of the Animal Kingdom in the name of Profit.

In the next post we’ll look at some of the Principles that set these elite private school curriculums apart from the average public school curriculum.

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