Day 213: Lovely Day for a Carriage Ride!

“…horse collapsed while pulling a carriage through downtown traffic in sweltering heat.Jerry was left lying for several hours on the scorching pavement, before his owners eventually moved him via forklift to a nearby stable.”

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Yes many cities, including Seattle where I live, have these ‘horse drawn carriage’ rides where the horse pulls tourists in a carriage down the busting downtown streets. Apparently tourists find some kind of enjoyment or novelty in having a horse pull you in a carriage down a street so you can look at the buildings and cars.

Things like this only exist as a way to make money. I mean, do you really think these ‘horse drawn carriage’ companies would exist if everyone had access to the things required in order to live an effective, comfortable life? What benefit does such a thing have in the lives of anyone? Certainly there is no benefit for the Horse in this scenario. Certainly it is obvious that the horse is being used as a slave for the human with the only ‘benefit’ / purpose of this scenario being – the income the company receives through people buying a ride on the carriage. Certainly if we were living Care and Compassion and Love, we would have a system where, no matter if you are born as a Human or an Animal, you will be supported to explore your expression in the context of your particular Physical Form, and would have no problem swapping places with any other being at any time?

Consider the vast scope and variety of abuse taking place daily throughout the world simply for the purpose of gaining access to money to pay bills and have basic stuff like a house, clothing, food, electricity. Consider how we Allow all such abuse simply through the Acceptance that money must not be Equal – that Life must not be Equal – that Support must not be Equal. Consider how through this we are creating the Breeding Ground for all forms of Abuse in the name of Money / Survival.

With a Living Income Guaranteed, we would eliminate the idea of using animals as money-making tools for the entertainment of humans.

With a Living Income Guaranteed we would eliminate the very starting point / breeding ground that gives life to the idea / thoughts / consideration of abusing animals / other human beings in order to ‘make money’.

With a Living Income Guaranteed we would be Preventing the Problem in a way where we prevent the very thoughts and ideas that lead to the actions / behavior of abuse-for-money – because, such ideas / behavior would no longer serve any purpose within the interest of the Human.

Join us – become part of the solution.

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  1. Also the person who purchases the service wishes to (ab)use the animal for their own entertainment of living an imagined ideal of riding around in a carriage. Do police officers still ride horses by Westlake Center? I do not have much experience with horses and so for a long time, and even still, clydesdale horses especially have been very majestic to me, but I have not respected them for this, instead have wanted greedily to have a good look at them. The opportunity to see them up close in downtown Seattle was always a draw for me, where even though I thought they looked unhappy and imagined that the pavement was not comfortable for their hooves (not to mention that police on horseback in a city seems very impractical), I was nonetheless glad for the opportunity to see them up close. So the money is made off that image and ideal and human's greedy self interest in disregard of the animal as equal life. Interesting to think about that could easily just be brushed aside. Thanks!


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