Day 216: The Paycheck Conspiracy and the Value of Life

When you have a job, you receive a paycheck. You are being payed because your Name, your Number, which is associated with your particular Physical Body has received a ‘check’ mark, indicating you are providing sufficient value to a company / individual in terms of performing a function that helps generate them a profit for themselves.

Within this, the easier it is to replace you, the easier it is to train someone else to fill your position, the more ‘fish there are in the sea’ to fill your job, for example the job of a fast food cashier, then the smaller your paycheck will be, because your individual, particular value as a Physical Body is very low within the relationship of You to the Profit the company providing the job is looking to make. You are expendable. You are of little to no consequence to the company. If you quit your job, there is very little consequence the company must deal with – they simply hire another person off the street to fill your job.
In in terms of the company’s priority – which is to generate profit – there is no ‘point’ in paying you more than the bare minimum to scrape by at the lowest quality of life – because the Law states that they only have to pay you the ‘minimum wage’, and therefore – they’re going to pay you the bare minimum because, then they’ll have more profit at the end of the day.

Whereas, if you are the head of advertising for the fast food company – your value will be considerably higher within that relationship because there are fewer people available who are qualified to do what you do – your skill is valued by the company more than that of the cashier because you might create one advertisement that generates a million customers and thus – a large amount of profit for the company. Therefore your paycheck will be much bigger because the ‘check mark’ associated with your Name, your Number, your Physical Body, is indicating you are of much higher value in terms of profit generation, to the company you work for.

And, everyone knows that to have a life in this world – you need money. And to get money – you need a job. And what this Paycheck structure is clearly showing, is that your access to Money and therefore a Life, is based on Discrimination. We can look at it as a form of Racism, because for all practical purposes, your Skill level, which is based primarily on your Education and Upbringing, groups you into your own ‘race’. It’s actually no different than discrimination based on skin color / ethnic origin.
Because – just as with racism where for example a white person exists within a point of Ego / Opinion that black people are of a lesser value and deserve a lower quality of life — those making the Profit in this world exist within the point of Ego / Opinion that a person of a more common, expendable skill level is of lesser value and deserves a lower quality of life.

Many people however would argue that at any time, any of of these ‘expendable workers’ could decide to ‘take initiative’ and ‘better themselves’ and develop the high level skills and qualifications to gain access to a bigger paycheck and that thus – it’s their own fault for being payed minimum wage because they’re ‘just lazy and unmotivated’. However, some Self Honesty is required here, because ask yourself — why don’t you then just ‘take initiative’ and decide to become president? Or decide to become a Billionaire and just ‘improve yourself’ in order to get to that level? Why are you settling for an average income when, apparently all you need to do is ‘choose’ to develop the skills to be a millionaire or billionaire?

Could it be because we actually know that it’s not that easy?
Could it be because we actually know that it’s ridiculous to claim that every single fast food cashier in America could at any time decide to somehow get the time / capital / practical understanding / training to be able to become a CEO?

To those who have the Opinion that fast food cashiers are just ‘lazy people’ — Why are YOU not the CEO of the company you work for?
Doesn’t that mean you are LAZY, just like the fast food cashier?

Or is it that we actually understand that this is not in fact a world of Equal Opportunity?
Could it be that we actually understand that our place / opportunity in this world is basically already decided by the time we reach High School?
Could it be that we are just trying to Justify a system of Discrimination, so we can feel okay about accepting it? So we can feel okay about Poverty, about Crime, about Prostitution, about Starvation, about Abuse? Isn’t it clear by now that, justifying / arguing the validity of Inequality is simply a defense mechanism to help us focus on our own survival / self preservation and not have to face the obvious Abuse / Discrimination /  that our entire money system is based on?

When will we realize that we are bringing children into a world where life is not valued? A world of Discrimination where, depending on their education and skills, they will given a ‘check mark’ indicating whether they are worthy of a lower or higher quality of life? A world where Profit is God, and the Physical Human Body is merely seen as a Slave / Tool to serve Profit?

Why do we define our self worth, the worth of our own children, and the worth of others according to what function they can perform to generate profit for a company / CEO? Why do we believe this value system is valid, when the result of our labor / work does not benefit everyone Equally?

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