Day 219: Freedom Within Structure Part 3 – Energy Secrets of the Human Computer

So what is quite clear by now through investigating the nature of Spirituality through Self Forgiveness is really fascinating because it shows how, the same as with any other type of personality or belief system – it’s simply a program we input into our physical bodies through the pre-installed mind platform of the body which is like, our operating system that enables us to have language, and process information through our sensory systems.  

The spiritual program is quite a bizarre program because — when one is installed with this program, one will tend to, in the face of the personality / character / belief system’s obvious dependency on the Physical as the very platform through which it exists / is experienced — fervently proclaim that the physical reality, the physical body is ‘an illusion’, while the spiritual / energy experience you’re having inside your physical body — with all the pictures and feelings and fantasies — that is what is apparently real. You’ll even find people who present themselves as the most ‘enlightened’ and ‘aware’ and ‘awakened’ being, making statements like — “poverty is not real — that does not exist in MY reality!” Or, “you can stop being poor if you change your beliefs” — where, if you actually go and investigate the physical situation a starving person is in, you’ll find that is impossible because there is simply no system in place to support them, regardless of their beliefs. You’ll find that none of these so called ‘enlightened’ people following this so called ‘enlightened’ information, can explain how their mind actually works and in fact will say ‘we’re not supposed to understand how it works’ — which immediately indicates, whoooops! You are not ‘aware’ — you’re just a program that’s ‘along for the ride’ in your vehicle / body — completely taking for granted its existence, with your soul focus on consuming any type of information / idea / belief that you can use to generate more positive / feel good energy and thoughts. Not even noticing that you are constructing the experience with information that you place into your mind using your physical body’s information processing / language platform — clearly showing that the spiritual experience, no matter how ‘non-physical’ it feels — relies on the Physical entirely for its existence and that – if your physical body died — all that information would also be gone! That entire, structured spirituality reality you’ve built through your body’s information processing platform — would no longer be receiving power — it would shut down as your body shuts down — it would shut down and all the bright pictures would turn to darkness — just like shutting down a computer powering a computer game.

And, just like with a computer — if some of the components are not functioning properly, for example as in the case with severe mental retardation where things just aren’t ‘wired properly’ — the program of the ‘normal human’ cannot be input / carried out properly, and you can see the effects of this — we’ve all seen this. And here is where Self Honesty is critical because if you took a human with a severe physical development problem in the brain / mind platform and tried to teach it about all these wonderful spiritual concepts like love and light, and that the physical is an illusion and there are all these wonderful higher dimensions and we can go there if we just develop our love and light effectively — you’d have a problem because, their mind platform is not able to process what you are teaching them — and they will not be able to construct themselves as a lightworker or an indigo, or a positive thinker.
This again clearly demonstrates how the Energy experience within Spirituality, and within the Personality in general – with all your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and imagination — is running on a Physical platform within which it depends on the proper development / formation of the Human Physical Body and Brain.

Within this, what we are showing at Desteni as a group with our writings, is that we’ve found that Self Honesty — to be Self Honest — is to have a starting point of standing as Life in the Physical — because, when you look at the written Self Forgiveness and see how I’ve been deconstructing Spirituality — you can see the Physical is the Starting point – the First Point — and the Energy, the Spiritual Experience, the Personality, the Thoughts, the Imagination — that is all built / designed as an alternate reality as a secondary point – dependent on the Physical Platform. And, with Energy, with Spirituality, with Consciousness — we’ve actually been looking at things inside out — believing that the Energy is the Source, when it’s actually the Physical that is the Source. But, we’ve been so wrapped up in the Energy / in our Consciousness entities we’ve designed within our minds, that we’ve missed this.

Now it’s interesting because within Spirituality Energy is seen as the way to Freedom — if you can just generate enough energy, you’ll become that energy and you’ll somehow leave your physical body and go into some pure energy reality. But come on now — that’s just a picture in the mind, it’s not even Here as an actual Manifested Reality you can Touch and Breathe — and when you take your attention away from it for a moment, let’s say if you are riding your bicycle and you swerve to avoid an oncoming car and you go into a ditch and fly off your bike and go tumbling into some blackberry bushes and then sit up and immediately assess the seriousness of the scratches on your arms and legs and checking out your body to see if you’re okay —- where’s the 5th dimension in that scenario? Where’s the love and light in that scenario? Whoops — it goes away like a soap bubble being popped with a pin — and then you have to blow the bubble again, you have to go into your mind and access your Spiritual Program again – you have to turn the power back on, because the Physical Reality knocked you to your Physical Senses for a moment and the alternate reality was shut off.

Wouldn’t this indicate that the real Source we’re looking for — is in the Physical? Because the Source would be something you cannot just shut off, but something that is always HERE — the Starting Point — the Origin Point. And, look around. What is Here? When you take both a Human that does not have all the Spiritual knowledge and information and stories and ideas installed into its mind, and a Human that does have Spirituality installed into its mind — what is Here, what is the Source of both types of program? The Physical — each Human has the same Life Force in it, and each Human is made of the Same Dust, the Same Physicality — and this clearly shows that our Oneness, our Source — is not love and light, is not some divine creator god somewhere, is not a glowing ball of light at the center of the universe — it’s simply that whereby we are here, breathing, in this moment – that whereby a rock is here, a tree is here, the ground is here, the sky is here — it’s Life.

Within this, a living being, one who Stands as Life, as Source, as Oneness, would not be afraid to give up Energy, give up the imaginary mental realms of Spirituality that are so entertaining — A Free being who is Life and who is interested in what is Best for all Life, is not addicted to any opinion or idea or energy just because it ‘feels nice’ and is ‘what you would prefer’, but is Free to to make the Choice to Direct themselves as Life to be Self Honest in every moment within the Mind Structure to make sure that what you are putting into your body and Accepting as information, as definitions, is based on how to effectively support all Life in ways that can be implemented structurally as Physical Actions that will result in Freedom from poverty, from starvation, Freedom from the struggle to find a way to survive in a world where we have the means for everyone to live like a millionaire — actions that will ensure everyone has access to basic elements of an effective life like food, water, homes, education, sanitation.

Are you Free to be Self Honest?
Are you Free to Stand up for Life?
Are you Free to be a part of the Real Shift?

Develop practical Self Honesty skills

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