Day 222: Dying in the Desert in Search of Money

“Horrific deaths of 87 migrants – including 48 children – who died of thirst in the Niger desert after their buses broke down on desperate journey to Algeria

  • Seven men, 32 women and 48 children found near the Algerian border
  • Bodies were badly decomposed and had been eaten, possibly by jackals
  • Found scattered across a 20km radius in small groups, often under trees
  • Children and teenagers may have been heading for low-paid jobs in Algeria
  • All died in early October after failed bid to escape Nigerien town of Arlit
  • Left stranded in Sahara after both vehicles carrying them broke down”

When will we face the fact that in this Internet Age, we are provided with enough information daily which demonstrates that there is in fact no freedom in this world? Information that demonstrates that in fact there are people born into / living in conditions in which there are simply no opportunities to live a dignified life?

When will we realize that, if were in a position where we were born into a poverty stricken village in a country that consists of poverty stricken villages and maybe a few cities where rich industrialists enjoy a nice life at the expense of the labor of the poor, where we didn’t have access to a proper education, or nutrition, or sanitation, a position where the best possible choice would be to find a job doing physical labor earning only enough to barely afford to get by, with no one to show you any other way of existing, no one offering any way out, and no access / mobility within the system to any kind of better opportunity — that things like ‘being positive’ and ‘being of love’ and ‘affirming your abundance’ are obviously not going to make any difference whatsoever as — we all know that your thoughts to not magically manifest a house and food out of thin air — we all know it requires access to / mobility within the economic system?

When will we realize that – until each of us decides that we must have a global system that supports all life — we will continue to allow people to die needlessly?

The Desteni Tools assisted me to learn how to assist and support myself to break free from the addiction to the mind’s alternate reality where you only see what you want to see — and to consider actual reality directly within looking at what is actually physically here and investigate how things actually work in this world — and within that be able to investigate and stand for actual, real, practical solutions to support life and create a world of benevolence for real instead of floating around in my mind wasting time.

Investigate the Living Income Guaranteed

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