Day 228: Sorry I’m not Qualified to Understand That

Isn’t it fascinating how we have all these scientific research groups and research centers and foundations with all these people with college degrees studying the effects of Poverty? For example this latest one: Children from families where the average income is £324 a week are ‘more likely to suffer from ADHD’ than wealthier ones 

It’s fascinating because – do we really need ‘experts’ to tell us the effects of Poverty? Do we really need to keep ‘studying’ poverty? Don’t we all know that allowing anyone to exist in a situation where they do not have access to a good life, is neglect?

Don’t we all know that a family in poverty is not going to be able to raise their child as effectively as a family with a lot of money? Why would we even try to justify the existence of a child in poverty in any way whatsoever? What is the motivation behind such justifications?

Don’t we all know that having more money gives us greater access to support in the areas of : Housing, health, nutrition, education, comfort, childcare, self development, productivity and creativity, etc, etc?

Why do we never read about university research groups coming up with effective equality based economic systems that would eliminate poverty?

Why do we always wait for the ‘experts‘ to tell us things before we’ll consider them?

When will we stop accepting and allowing a system where your geographic location and particular upbringing and education and skill set determines whether you will be poor or wealthy and thus have less or more ability to support yourself and your children?

When will we admit that having a ‘poverty line’ and allowing poverty to exist is simply not acceptable and not normal?

When will we realize and admit that we’re all actually experts in human rights and what is best for all?

When will we stand together and Love our Neighbor instead of accepting and allowing a system where we are divided into completely different worlds / societies / support structures based on the ability to earn money?

Research the Living Income Guaranteed proposed by the Equal Life Foundation which will give everyone the Freedom to support their children effectively.

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