Day 232: The Hidden Agenda Behind Space Exploration

So, we’re planning on sending a woman to the moon:

“One giant leap for womankind: UK backs push to put female astronaut on moon
  • Plans outlined today show UK, US and China plan to establish moon base
  • Science minister David Willetts revealed aim to send a woman on mission
  • China expects to have astronauts on lunar soil between 2025 and 2030 ” 

          Read more: 

The last time man went to the moon was over 40 years ago. The story goes that it will be really cool to send a woman to the moon — the ‘final frontier’ in ‘gender equality’. Sending a woman to the moon will apparently be something we can be ‘proud of’, and will indicate some kind of ‘accomplishment’.
Let’s look at this space thing from a different angle. Something else that happened around 40 years ago, was that president Lyndon Johnson declared ‘war on poverty’ in America. Here are some figures describing the ‘progress’ we’ve made fighting poverty since 1964:

    “United States spends nearly $1 trillion annually on anti-poverty programs, which amounts to $20,610 for every person living in poverty or $61,830 for a family of three in poverty.
    Like with nearly every bit of domestic spending, the study found that “welfare spending increased significantly under President George W. Bush and has exploded under President Barack Obama” to the tune of a 41 percent increase. 
    And yet, despite nearly $15 trillion spent fighting poverty since Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty in 1964, the study found that “the poverty rate is perilously close to where we began more than 40 years ago.”
    “Clearly we are doing something wrong,” the authors of the study write. “Throwing money at the problem has neither reduced poverty nor made the poor self-sufficient.” Source: 

    Interestingly, despite not having ended poverty and despite now half the world living in poverty – our priorities somehow include spending billions of dollars sending more people to the moon. Have we progressed? Have we evolved? Have we become more ‘aware’? Have we become more ‘compassionate’? Can we really say we care about ‘equality’ when we have made virtually no progress in the area of Economic Inequality, which is by far the most severe form of discrimination currently on Earth?
    What could be more utterly irrelevant than a human being walking around on the fucking moon while there are people going without the basic elements of life on Earth? What the fuck is wrong with us? Why is this kind of behavior seen as normal?

    Obviously the only reason we’d be doing this is because we’ve already given up on ourselves, already decided it’s too late for planet Earth, and we’re looking for a way out – in space. Because otherwise — why would a space program exist while millions starve to death every year? Just do the math. Of course the billions of people currently in poverty would not be included in that escape plan which makes space exploration actually a rather insidious thing doesn’t it?

    And within this obviously this makes any efforts to ‘fight poverty’ simply meaningless because — if we really cared, we would’t have a fucking space program — we’d be dedicating our time and resources to supporting life on Earth.

    All of this goes to show that what we are saying at Desteni is in fact obviously true — that human beings are preprogrammed to be slaves – to be obedient slaves with no common sense or self honesty whose only purpose is to accept the system and care only about self interest. I mean, otherwise we would have changed things, wouldn’t we?

    When will we get our heads out of our Astronauts and sort out our priorities?

    The Living Income Guaranteed will end poverty.


    1. While I agree with you that there is a hidden agenda to space exploration, not to mention 'space tourism' development that only the richest can afford, the fact is that the space exploration budget amounts to a small percentage of the budget for most countries. The US is probably higher, around 3-4%, while India's space budget was only around 0.5%.

      War and killing is the real obsession that sucks away almost all available money. Not just the federal budget, but what percentage of all research dollars go to military projects? There are also large numbers of funded projects that indirectly go to war and killing. Private companies spending vast resources. The total cost of war and killing goes so far beyond what comes from the federal budget. It is a human obsession to the tune of $2.5-3 trillion per year (not including 'black projects' that we never hear about).

      Then again, it is probably meant to distract us from seeing what is really going on in the world, i.e. the rich preparing to get off this rock and leave us all here fighting among ourselves. They could care less about how much they destroy the planet. Just rape it for all it's resources and get out.


    2. Yeah, in my research I did see that the space exploration budget is a tiny fraction of military spending. The point with space exploration is that the average person on the street will likely support space exploration / think it's cool, without realizing / seeing the extent of neglect that it implies / shows about our accepted value system in relation to each other / the earth / life


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