Day 242: Humanity as Interest Groups – Part 3

Continuing from the previous posts:

Day 240: Humanity as Interest Groups – Part 1

Day 241: Humanity as Interest Groups – Part 2

“We all know that the function of Companies in our money system is to make a profit – and we all know, within seeing the existence of individuals and small groups of people amassing millions and billions of dollars, giving them unimaginably more power of access within the system than the average person, that the primary principle of Profit is — Self Interest. In the end, no matter how much philanthropy, charity, and funding of public works such individuals and groups enact — the fact that alongside such activities over generations of time there has always existed poverty, starvation, unemployment, undignified living conditions, pollution and environmental destruction and disregard – shows that at the end of the day the primary interest is — amassing and protecting wealth for a select few to have a nice life. 
Now what do we not yet seem to grasp within the relationship of such Profit interests and their Consequences, to our own individual interests within the Interest Groups of our immediate relationships?”

What we don’t seem to grasp – or what we do grasp but don’t want to face – is how our own interests — meaning our wants, our hopes, our dreams, the stimulation we get when buying things and building a lifestyle around the particular pursuits, preferences, hobbies, styles we’ve defined ourselves within, the pursuit of relationships with others who share our particular opinions, preferences, beliefs, opinions, styles, etc — our acceptance of the world as it is and our willingness and satisfaction to continue simply trying to enrich / better our own lives using the system that happens to already be here — our own interests – those of us reading this blog and going to work every day and planning our retirement — we are the real source of all the power and profit that the richest, largest corporations and governments currently possess.

The most powerful Interest Groups in the world are our immediate relationships because within our mutual acceptance and allowance of the world / system as it exists – while accepting the ‘pursuit of happiness’ as our sole purpose on this PLANet – we are enabling the system to continue and thus the Profit machine to stay alive – feeding off our willingness / acceptance and allowance of the way of life that benefits the Profit Motive – thus enabling those with all the Money and Power to continue within their current status / power.

We as ‘the majority’ are simultaneously the most powerful and the most disempowered because through our pursuit of happiness / self interest we stand as the Sole Source of Power for those who Profit from our pursuit of Happiness / Self Interest and thus if we STOPPED — Profit could not exist which goes to show that we as the majority are in fact the ones with the Power — and yet in continuing to Empower / Fuel Self Interest as a way of life through our daily acceptance and allowance of thoughts, beliefs, wants, desires, self definitions that do not include the consideration of what is Best for All Life on Earth — we continue to give our power away and create our own circumstances of Lack and Limitation and Debt and Fear for our Survival in Empowering and Perpetuating the Profit Interests of this world which also in turn Empowers and Perpetuates all the Harmful Consequences, Abuses, Restrictions, Inequalities, Wars and Laws associated with the Protection of Profit Interests of the current Corporate / Governmental institutions / interest groups throughout the World.

To continue in the next post.

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