Day 244: Humanity as Interest Groups – Part 5

Continuing from the previous posts:

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“I mean we all know that the majority of products that we see in stores, and that we buy, are marketed to us Emotionally — meaning, words and phrases and images are used that trigger a WANT to have that product, associated with the IDEA behind the product. And if we look at the Ideas behind most products, we’ll see that these Ideas are all aligned with the things that define our individual Interests / Relationships such as — 

Wanting Love
Wanting Acceptance, 
Wanting Success, 
Wanting Popularity, 
Being seen as / feeling like a ‘good person’,
Wanting to be ‘creative’,
Wanting to be ‘original and unique’,
Wanting to be ‘beautiful / attractive’,
Wanting to have a comfortable retirement for ourselves,
Wanting to be entertained,
Wanting a particular style / appearance of lifestyle,
Wanting to have a family,
Wanting to party / drink alcohol,
Wanting to feel healthy,
Wanting to feel like we’re helping someone / that we’re a caring person, (for example charity, causes, donations, etc)
Wanting to feel like we’re making a difference, (for example recycling / buying organic / local products, etc)

If we really look at the interests that define our selves and our immediate relationships / interest groups, for example within looking at the above list, there is an obvious pattern which is that of Wants.
It’s like, we have these ideas / things that we ‘want’ to be part of our lives, and once we ‘feel’ that these things are part of our lives, then we’re ‘happy’ / ‘content’. The people that make the products obviously understand this, and thus USE our interests to PROFIT from us. But – in fact we’re really allowing ourselves to be used / profited from because — we are the ones who day in, day our – are participating in our interests – in the Ideas and Feelings and Wants that we are constantly chasing after. 

And, the thing that we don’t seem to notice or want to see, is that even the things that we perceive / believe to be aligned with ‘making a difference / change’ in the world — all still fit within a category of product / lifestyle / service that exists within the context of the current Profit driven economic system and is not actually stopping things like pollution, poverty, animal abuse, inequality, war. This is plain to see in simply looking daily at the reality of what is going on around the world.”

What it all boils down to, and what we can all actually see if we just look – is that from a young age, we started defining our lives, our participation, the purpose of our relationships — to fulfill our wants and desires and interests. To try and achieve a better experience and make our own lives better. To feel good, to feel safe, to have nice things, to be able to ‘do what we want’. And I mean the extent to which we value our own interests first is proven in how we’ll go from ‘loving someone’ to ‘hating someone’ simply because they would no longer be aligned with our particular thoughts, preferences, desires, beliefs, opinions, etc. And the extent to which we value our own interest first is proven in how we are all pursuing happiness while half the world is in poverty and while we KNOW the extent of abuse and destruction the comes with the Consumer system that provides us with the ‘Life we Want’.

This is really no different from the biggest, richest, most selfish Corporations and Governments using and abusing what is here without regard for the future generations or for the lives of others within blatant actions like dumping toxic waste, or using ‘inhumane’ practices with raising meat for example, or using sweatshop labor. At the end of the day — it is impossible for ‘Them’ to make a Profit — without OUR interests as the motivation behind what we BUY. WE are the ones who BUY into Consumerism — WE are the real CAPITAL of Capitalism — because without US, without the Acceptance and Allowance of the Self Interest of the Masses / Majority — there is nothing to Capitalize on. I mean, we the Majority are the ones doing all the Jobs, and making sure the system is maintained, and buying all the products.

What we don’t seem to want to see, is that the way this world / system works is really completely up to us. Currently, our interests demonstrate that we the majority WANT this system because – no matter how bad the abuse gets, no matter how bad the inequality gets — what is consistent and constant, day in and day out? Our wants. Our Interest of valuing our own life as the priority over everyone else. And so — day in and day out we continue to empower this System that is a direct Manifestation of our Interests.

If this world is ever to be a place that supports Life instead of creating destruction and abuse – we’re going to have to change our interests. We’re going to each have to take Responsibility to Forgive ourselves for our Interests that were never aligned with what is Best for All Life, and walk a process of Re-Aligning our interests. We’re going to have to face the Self Honest realization that from birth we were trained / programmed / brainwashed with a Value system that supports a destructive way of life – which is the belief that ‘I am here to be happy, and this reality / world is here to provide me with what I need for ME to be happy’. As long as we are defined within this statement / idea — others who currently control all the Resources will be able to Capitalize on us and Manipulate us through our Self Interest, and we will continue to BUY into the idea of Money and Profit – so that we can GET what we WANT so we can be Happy.

Only when all of Humanity is Standing as a Group as Equals with the Same Interest of doing what is Best for All Life — will Capitalism cease to exist — as only within such a Standing will the point of taking advantage of another cease to exist.

Until then – we’re just Interest Groups out to protect our Own Interest – and the idea of Ownership and Profit will continue to run the world closer and closer to Ruin.

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