Day 249: How Love got Lost in the Matrix Part 5: Solutions

Continuing from the previous posts:

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“Isn’t it strange how, starting from a very early age, we actually start to define our awareness / our very Self itself, only within the context / parameters of reactions, feelings, emotions, memories inside our heads — to the point where, like in the story with the woman losing her memories – a 27 year old would regress to the mental age of a 4 year old after losing her personality / memories? Doesn’t this go to show how completely separate we have allowed ourselves to become, from the actual substance that we are made of, in the actual physical reality that we in fact exist in and depend on – where we basically can’t function or participate in reality if we lose our memories of our relationships and feeling / emotional experiences?

What are we living for if we’re only living for the Survival of Energy that is not in fact Real because it can be deleted, as in the case where a person loses all their memories?

What does it say about the Nature of Ourselves we’ve accepted when we’ve placed all Value in Surviving as the fleeting Energy within our Minds – and virtually no Value in that which remains, that which is Here – the Physical Reality, the Physical Connection we all Share with each other?

But I mean, the whole ‘Love’ point is so bizarre – why do we value it so much? Doesn’t ‘love’ really only exist because we’re afraid to ‘feel like no one loves us’ or that ‘we’re not special to someone’, and ‘we don’t want to be alone’? Doesn’t that mean that our true nature has never been Love, but has always been FearFear of being alone? Fear of feeling insignificant? Fear of being left out by others? Fear of not having anyone to protect us? But really how is it that we feel alone when we are Here in a world with Billions of other people and animals, actually Physically Connected and made of the exact same Substance / Source?

We’re all in essence Equal in being parts of Life, and One in the Substance from which we’re made, here together, here in the same reality, physically accessible to each other, able to communicate and interact with each other — and yet in spite of this obvious togetherness – we have no real Physical relationship with each other, but only Mental relationships with each other, based on using each other as a source of Mental fulfillment of some some Need / Desire for a feeling that enables us to suppress / hide from our fears and loneliness.

So, something is fundaMentally mis-aligned in our starting point we’re existing in from a very young age, where instead of developing as a Living, Expressing, Self Fulfilled being, able to simply enjoy ourselves with another / express ourselves with each other — we develop within a starting point of Neediness, Fear of loss, Desire, and Obsession — where we literally will make it our sole purpose in life to have people around us that tell us they think we’re special – so we can feel good about ourselves. Really? Is that love? Is that a valid, self honest relationship?”

How can love be real if, when the memories are lost – a person does not recognize and feels nothing toward a person they previously had spent years building a relationship of ‘love’ with?

What does this really show about the nature of our consciousness? Is it who we really are? How can it be who we really are if it can be deleted?

How can our consciousness, our personality, our feelings toward each other, our needs and desires to feel things and have others feel things about us – how can that be a truly positive, beneficial manifestation when it is constructed from an initial fear reaction connected to being alone in this world? How can we reach our full potential for expression and harmony as a species when we have not solved the problem of our Fear? When we require someone else to make us feel better and end up suppressing our fears? When we have not yet learned to stand alone without existing within some form of mental attachment / fear of loss toward others?

Would we as children develop such fears and emotions and subsequently develop and perpetuate the ‘search for love’ and the valuing of the feeling of love as being more important than anything else, if we were born into a world where all Humanity was unified in a real physically lived Love through valuing and supporting each other as Life, as physical beings, instead of divided through valuing and supporting belief systems and opinions that judge some to be of less or of more value than another?

What if we valued our Physical Connection / Source Here in this Life on Earth, instead of valuing made up connections and sources in the mind as ideas of God and the Afterlife?

What if we treated each other as we’d like to be treated?

What if we walked as Equals, making sure no decision is made that will bring harm to another, but will rather ensure each will be able to reach their full potential and be Equally supported with the resources the Earth provides?

Would a child grow up in Fear and Loneliness in such a world? If we weren’t faced with constant judgment, division, violence, opinions, conflict, argument, hate, spitefulness, greed, hardship, fear in our environment and the world system and in our relationships — would we be afraid of being alone? Would we grow up in neediness / fear / anxiety? What if Love was literally, physically all around us as the actual physical support of all beings to live effectively, without fear?

How can we individually start to take Responsibility to create such a world? How can we transform our relationships from Mind constructs of need, want, and fear, to Physical relationships? How can we unify ourselves as Humanity, through transforming the way we create our immediate relationships?

What is it to be Here in Physical awareness, rather than to be in the Mind completely defined only through memories?

Here I suggest the following article for perspective on being Here, rather than in the Mind:
Who I am, who I am HERE:

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