Day 251: Love is a Coordinated Effort of Humanity

Over the past few weeks pretty much every major news channel has bombarded us with regular updates about the search for the missing Malaysian flight.
Here’s the latest from the Mail Online:
Chances of finding MH370 diminish further after underwater search vessel suffers setback

A huge effort has been coordinated by multiple countries using all kinds of airplanes and search equipment to try and find clues about what happened and where the plane ended up.
It’s strange what we’ve come to accept as our definitions of words like ‘crisis’, and ’emergency’, and ‘priority’. I mean, one airplane goes missing and apparently this is so interesting to the average person that the media is motivated to give daily updates about each little speck of debris someone spotted in the ocean that could possible be a particle from a piece of the lost plane? 

Every day thousands of people die because they didn’t have money to buy food, or because they didn’t have money to get clean drinking water, or healthcare, or because they were murdered by another poor person in a robbery or fight over some resource. Every night millions of children go to sleep living in landfills, or slums choked with human waste and garbage. Every day millions of people around the world wake up wondering how they’re going to get ahold of some money to take care of their most basic needs, or if they’ll ever find a way to work themselves out of debt. There are billions of people for whom life is nothing but a sequence of actions carried out day after day just to afford to keep breathing, who go to sleep and wake up and repeat the same sequence of actions until they die. Every day people intoxicate themselves into oblivion through alcohol or drugs or both, in order to escape the painful reality of living in a dimension of human society that can only be called Hell – the poverty dimension – without any hope or reason to believe that anyone gives a shit about their life.

Wouldn’t you define each of the above points as a Crisis? As something that requires immediate coverage and attention? Wouldn’t you define each of the above points as a situation that calls for the immediate cooperation of every country on Earth to implement an immediate solution using the vast financial resources available, to unconditionally lift everyone out of such conditions and abolish such economic circumstances absolutely? Wouldn’t you say that such action is required immediately, and that any ensuing re-adjustments to the structure of the Economic system and society – can come AFTER poverty has been eradicated? Can anyone really stand by the excuse that we apparently cannot unconditionally end poverty through a guaranteed income, because apparently such an act of giving would upset profits or would somehow be ‘unfair’ to those who already have money?

Would we have the same opinion if we were bombarded every day with updates about the smallest details of someone’s desperate search for a job, or for a way out of debt, or for a way out of being a slave in the sex trafficking industry, or for a scrap of food or useful material in the landfill?

Do we ask ourselves these kinds of questions? Or have we been trained, programmed, brainwashed over generations, to align our thinking only to our immediate stimulation and gratification and entertainment and personal enrichment as Consumers?

Do we ever ask ourselves where our thoughts have come from? Why our thoughts are only aligned with our own immediate bubble, and do not encompass an awareness an attention to what is being experienced by all other parts and people in this reality that we share?

Is this natural? Is it natural to exist within a small bubble inside one’s head filled with opinions, beliefs, fantasies, judgments, desires concerning only our own relationships and fulfillment?

Is it natural to only be concerned about someone if they are in our immediate, touchable sphere of reality?

Wherever poverty exists – there is a Crisis
Wherever a child starves – there is a Crisis
Wherever someone is in debt – there is a Crisis
Wherever someone does not have a place to live – there is a Crisis
Wherever someone cannot afford healthcare – there is a Crisis
Wherever someone cannot afford to reach their full potential – there is a Crisis
Wherever survival or money motivated crime exists – there is a Crisis
Wherever profit is being made through exploiting another’s disadvantaged situation – there is a Crisis
Wherever profit is being made through deliberately using up finite resources – there is a Crisis
Wherever the resources to support life exist but are deliberately used for self interest instead – there is a Crisis

We have the means to stand up and become a new Media – the ME-dia that reports on the reality of what is being experienced by ME as LIFE on EARTH as ONE and as EQUAL – in a system that justifies Inequality.

When will we Decide to take Responsibility within our Ability to Respond to the Crisis faced on Earth?

Isn’t real Love the coordinated effort of Humanity to seek out and abolish every point where Inequality resulting in deprivation and harm has been Accepted and Allowed?

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