Day 261: Living By The Principle Of What Is Best For All – 1

The Desteni of Living:
Here I’m going to be expanding on my Realization, Standing, and Application within Principle 2: Living by the principle of what is best for all – guiding me in thought, word and deed to always in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome for all.

“So really when I first started applying self investigative writing, self forgiveness, and self corrective statements and application, within that was the realization that – oh wow – I have the potential to really change myself – to really decide who I’m going to be, and really take charge of my life because I can release myself from previous thoughts, emotions, resistances, and self beliefs, and focus on testing out real physical actions — I’m not doomed to only do what my mind tells me I can do or not do. “

So what’s important to understand is that before I ever really considered what my utmost potential could be, I first came to the realization, through the perspectives shared in the Desteni material, that the starting point I’d always been missing in my life, in my thoughts, in my emotions and feelings, in my desires, in my imaginations, in my personalities, in my relationships, in my interests, preferences, opinions, beliefs, knowledge and information, in my behavior and actions — was the question of – is who I am in fact what is best for all life? Are the experiences within me that I experience as my Mind – supporting me to live in ways that support outcomes in this world that will be best for all life?

I mean anyone can see that war, poverty, pollution, crime, struggle, hardship, debt, the destruction of nature and the depletion of the Earth’s resources — these things are not what is best for the Earth, for Humanity, for the Animals — not best for All Life. Certainly not a world we can stand by into eternity and say — yes, this is a good world, we are doing things effectively and would be willing to stand by the way we are doing things and do this again and again and again.

And what about our minds? What about our inner world? Are we free to think and experience whatever we want in our minds? Is our Mind a place that is separate from the outside world in which we are ‘free’ from consequence? How can this be when our Minds are currently and obviously the ONLY thing causing and creating how we exist in our outer world as Humanity? Does anyone see a giant hand coming out of the sky and manipulating events on Earth? Does anyone see a magical beam of light or cloud of darkness materializing out of thin air and manipulating events on Earth? Nope. It’s just us.

I never considered the impact my inner world, my own mind really had on the consequences we keep creating in this world on the outside. I mean, to accept and allow the existence of ideas, beliefs, opinions, self definitions that form the basis of reactions, emotions, behavior through which we define ourselves into our own individual bubbles and justify feeling that we are only responsible for ourselves, even if we are not physically, seemingly doing anything ‘harmful’ — in accepting and allowing our minds as beliefs, opinions, reactions, emotions, feelings to direct and control us in how we live and what we do — to accept such a principle in ourselves, is to also allow it within everyone else, and to within this tacitly give permission for / allow all manifestations and forms of personality and behavior — from the most harmless seeming, to the most abusive and horrific forms of mind possession.

I mean it’s really quite simple when you look at the basic design of Humanity: we have programs running in our minds that are directing our behavior, and the physical evidence in this world proves that there currently exists no program that is best for all, as we are unable to stand together as a whole as Humanity and bring an end to our conflicts and abuses — nothing has changed, the inequality grows worse and the justifications keep going and going and going. We all remain in our individual self interests for the most part, unable to agree to change; perpetually consumed in our individual lives by our individual concerns of survival and happiness – in spite of our words of supposed activism and care which have not yielded any actual solutions thus far.

Only when I had come to terms with the reality of our responsibility as Humans for how our world exists; that we are each individually responsible for what we are giving permission for in everyone else, through the starting points we accept and allow in ourselves, did I start realizing that my actual Potential as a Human goes beyond what I can potentially do to enhance my own life, expanding into the Principle of myself as Life – and how I can change myself and create myself to be able to in fact always be and live what is Best for All in my inner – – and my outer, One and Equal.

I made the Decision to apply and live what is Best for All – and within such an application I stand within and apply the following points:

Investigating what works to prevent consequence – what works to prevent abuse, conflict, dysfunction in all things. Within this, looking at how must I change, and where and how can I place what works for Everyone above what I want.

Investigating what are the outflows, side effects, and tacit allowances that come with a given decision / starting point I am participating in? What are my ideas, beliefs, opinions, judgments, self definitions, creating in me in terms of experiences of thoughts, reactions, feelings, desires, motivations, fears, and how are these experiences directing me in my participation with others and my world? Am I seeking out energy from others, from my world? Am I manipulating and designing my behavior and my relationships in the name of desire / stimulation / entertainment / self gratification / validation of my own beliefs, opinions and self definitions? Or am I seeing, realizing, understanding and applying starting points that are Clear, that are based in Common Sense, effective Physical Living?

Recognizing that Life is the only real Value, and not accepting or allowing myself to be directed by any value based in belief or opinion formed in self interest / separation of the consideration of myself as Life as all as one as equal.

In further posts I will open up some of these points in more practical detail.

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