Day 262: Beliefs and Respect

“Horror piles on horror: Now Israeli tank shells destroy two floors of a HOSPITAL as death toll tops 550 on 14th day of conflict in Gaza”

Are beliefs a valid basis for culture?

Does a culture defined by belief deserve respect when it kills in the name of its belief?

Do beliefs validate a people’s / culture’s claim of ownership over a particular area of the Earth’s land and resources?

Is a culture’s belief / opinion valid and deserving of respect when it causes the people of that culture to justify spending years producing and developing the tools and training and resources to wage wars on other human beings that stand in the way of the fulfillment of their belief?

Does killing those who stand in the way of your beliefs / opinions / culture, prove the validity of your culture / beliefs / opinions? Or does it prove you are a psychopath, possessed by a dysfunctional personality built on self delusions?

Is ‘freedom of belief’ a valid concept for Humanity to live by?

Is ‘freedom of belief’ a starting point that is Best for All / Certain to prevent Consequence, when it allows the starting point of Make Believe / Opinions to justify seeing another as unequal, or justify claiming ownership of that which the Earth has provided for free to all?

Is judging and killing those who stand in the way of the fulfillment of your belief ‘okay’ and ‘understandable’, and ‘justifiable’, — if your culture and belief has had a history of being persecuted / judged / killed by others?

Nazi Germany, the South African Apartheid, Israel / Palestine, the Roman Empire — is there any real difference? Each starting point involves the justification of segregation / judgment / violence / murder through Belief:

The belief of racial superiority
The belief of right of conquest and ownership of land
The belief that one’s people is ‘special’

Why do we believe that just because someone has beliefs that they define themselves by, and have built a whole culture on over generations of time, that they have a ‘right’ to continue living / acting within those beliefs, even when they are destroying others in the attempt to survive as their beliefs?

How are we deserving of any form of respect if we accept and allow war and murder and poverty in the name of belief and opinions?

Supporting the ‘freedom and respect of beliefs’ does not make you a good person. It means you are allowing all that is done in the name of belief.

Respect is to do what is best for all Life and give to another as you’d have given to yourself.

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