Day 271: Does the Earth Discriminate?

So that there may be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another. – Corinthians 12:25

Does the soil that grows the food of the Jew and the food of the Arab, care who was there first?

Do the seeds of the grains, the fruits, the vegetables, judge who plants them to be more or less worthy of the nourishment contained in the plant?

Does a virus discriminate between Christian, Catholic, Jew, Muslim, or Atheist?

Does the physical body of the Jew reject a blood transfusion from an Arab?

Do the blood, the cells, the organs of the Physical Body judge some to be more or less worthy of their support, based on what they believe about themselves?

If Nature, if the Earth, was created by GOD, and ‘God’ has judged some to be ‘special’, ‘chosen’, and ‘saved’, why does Nature support all humans the same, regardless of their religion, beliefs, opinions, and feelings? Has not this Equality been Here, unchanging, from the beginning?

Are not all Children born Equal, unable to Judge, unable to Hate, unable to Participate in Thought?

How can the idea of Heaven be a thing of Love, of Value, of Worth to Program into a Child, when it has taught only Judgment, only Fear, only WAR, only Neglect, and only the Denial of our Equality as Life?

If the Earth is Creation, and the Creation comes from God, would not the Earth then directly Express the Will of God?

Lift a STONE and I am tHere…

Does not the Earth demonstrate that in the eyes of God – All are the SAME?

Is it not the Mind of Man that has corrupted and denied the Equality of the Physical that Births All the Same as Flesh, through stories of Fear, and False expressions of God as Pictures, False Images, and False Idols, to BLIND and CONTROL in the name of Self Interest and Survival?

Is not the World System the DEMONstration of how we have Strayed from the Equality of Here, down the path of Judgment, judging ourselves worthy to claim the Earth in the name of OWNership, so that we can survive and WIN over our FEAR of Survival?

Have we not become Demons in our desire to be MORE than the Earth, MORE than the Physical, MORE than the Creation as Expression of God?

Do we not all take part in the daily RICHual of Judgment, judging some to be more or less worthy of Life as DEMONstrated through our acceptance of a World System that protects some, and allows many to suffer?

We have made Money our God, that which judges who is more or less worthy of what the Earth provides. And in our Acceptance and Allowance of Money as God, we reveal our interest of attaining one of the many Mansions of Heaven – where Heaven has become the attainment of Money, and where we decorate our Mansion with our I-Mansion-Nation – connecting Value to False Idols (lifestyle, fashion, storybook hopes and dreams). Seeking to feel closer to God.

Funny how the closer we feel to God, the further we distance ourselves from what is happening in the realm of the Physical Earth that gives us Life?

Just as the Jew and the Christian and the Muslim and the Politician refuse to see that no belief justifies War, so do the rest of us refuse to see that no amount of happiness justifies allowing War.

No belief can be an expression of Goodness, of Care, of Love, of Virtue, of Value, if the more you believe, the easier it is to forget the pain of others…

We have a long hard road out of Hell….

Not hard because there is any force of evil we must fight, or favor of god we must win…but because we’re going to have to face Self Honesty…we’re going to have to Exorcise the Demons we’ve become…we’re going to have to banish that which would deny Equality. The only question is whether we will decide to wait…and continue to fan the flames of hell hotter and hotter…or whether we will decide to become the Fire under our Ass we all need to Stand Up and stop giving into the fear of losing ourselves and what we’ve known and been…so that we can Change…

If we ever want an end to War, and end to Greed, an end to Conflict, an end to Poverty and Starvation, an end to Neglect — we’re going to have to Forgive ourselves for our Trespasses against Life…which is Ourselves as Equal….and learn to Give to each other each day our daily Bread, and Judge not one to be more than another, but to have the same Care for one another…

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