Day 272: The Human Meme Machine

I was looking at the word ‘memetic’ in the dictionary, and found it comes from the word ‘meme’. Obviously we’ve all seen the word ‘meme’, and probably what immediately comes to mind is the phenomenon of ‘internet memes’; videos and pictures that gain rapid popularity and get shared and passed on by internet users.

Here’s the dictionary definition of the word ‘meme’:

an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation. 
• a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.

Looking at the first definition, and then looking at the society we’ve created as humans, it becomes clear that Human Beings are the product of Memes. I mean, our personality, our thoughts, our interests, our behavior — is passed on from one to another, from parent to child, from teacher to student, from media to mind — from me to me to me to me to me to me — via imitation, via copying existent information, existent opinions, existent knowledge, existent behaviors, reactions, thought patterns, fears, desires, wants, dreams, hopes, beliefs — into our own minds. Our Mind is our Memory – our Meme-ory – our Me-me-re —- where we REpeat ‘This is ME this is ME this is ME’. But, what we become in our minds, in terms of how we look at things, how we make decisions, what we want in life — these things are copied from others.

If these things were purely genetic, were purely something that ‘naturally grows in us’ — we wouldn’t need others to teach us, to program us, to tell us things over and over until we believe it and start thinking it and start defining ourselves by it.

I mean, take a baby and allow wolves to raise it — the baby is not going to grow up and walk out of the jungle and ask where the nearest church is, or where the nearest bar is, or be able to explain the economics of capitalism, or have any conception of the idea of life being to get a job, make money, buy products, raise a family, retire, and die.

I mean, these things are not put in you by God, or by some ‘Universal Mind’, or by ‘Nature’ — these things are not naturally part of the Human Being.

Our Mind is a Program — a program of Memes — a program that we’ve copied and imitated and accepted because — that is all we’ve been exposed to from birth. We were born into a world of MEmes. And that’s in essence what Education is – copying something, programming the Mind. Programming the Physical Body.

And the fact that I can sit here and write about this, having a look at the nature of my own mind and personality and seeing how this applies to not just me but, obviously everyone else as well, obviously then goes to show that — we are ultimately responsible for what we’ve copied. We can’t place responsibility for our minds outside of ourselves into God, or Nature, or whatever. Our thoughts, our feelings and emotions, our judgments, our opinions, our beliefs, our fears, all the stories we like to tell ourselves to make ourselves feel good about our lives and hide from the ugly truths of reality — these are not ‘natural’ things. They did not come from the Earth as our Physical Bodies did. We accepted a program we copied from someone else. We just didn’t see that’s what we were doing when we were children. But — we can see it now if we just LOOK at ourselves.

Our minds are clearly an alternate reality that, when you look at the state of the world and what Human Beings do to each other — only serve the survival and interest of — the particular program we’ve copied / exist as.

I mean, what is our role in the scheme of things on Earth? What makes sense in terms of our Capacity and Potential and ROLE within our oh so advanced ‘evolution’ as Humans, in relation to each other and to the Animals, and Nature, and the Earth? The Human is equipped genetically to take responsibility for the Earth. We have the capacity for practical things like mathematics, engineering, using the Earth’s resources to make things that can improve the lives and well being of Ourselves, Animals, and Nature. We have opposable thumbs, we have language, we have the ability to basically, run the world. And I mean, that is what we’re doing — but obviously we’ve fucked up big time because – why? Because for as long as we’ve been here, we’ve been under the impression that it’s natural and normal and okay to pass on destructive, self centered, self interested, self deceptive Memes generation after generation.

I mean, we know that religion, beliefs, opinions — create conflict and violence and disagreement and division amongst ourselves. But what do we do? Do we stop? Do we question the validity of what we’re doing? Nope — we keep insisting it’s just part of ‘being human’.

Do we have to accept our mind as it exists in us, just because we happened to, at this stage in our lives, already lived many years in acceptance of it, and it’s all we’ve ever known?

No, we don’t. We can question it. We can very well question the validity of accepting a Mind that exists solely for self interest, personal survival, procreation, and preoccupation with beliefs and stories that make us feel okay about accepting massive suffering and destruction raging daily all around the world.

I mean, is it not a negligent act to accept a destructive, self centered, happiness obsessed Mind, on our part as the only Species on Earth that has the capacity to take Responsibility for ALL beings on Earth? I mean, we can fucking go to space and Mars for fucks sake! We can take rocks and turn them into fucking smartphones that give us satellite imagery of anywhere on the planet, and which contain whole libraries of information about how the natural world works!

We cannot use the excuse that ‘oh the elite have the power and therefore I can only focus on my own life’. No — because, we have everything we need – the technology — to stand together, educate ourselves effectively, and work together at a global scale to bring forth a new MEME — a MEME that considers what is Best for All Life.

I mean this is what we’re showing as Destonians. We are working together, standing together, using the internet, to share our process of individual self forgiveness and self correction — removing the dysfunctional Memes we allowed ourselves to copy and be programmed with, and replacing it with practical, responsible, self honest Memes aligned with Life, aligned with our actual Potential and Capacity as Humans to take Responsibility for this Dominion called Earth in a way that is best for everyone. And then we’re putting these new Memes into practice, changing the way we live our lives, the way we direct our relationships, the way we raise children, the way we consider economics and resource management, the way we consider leadership, the way we consider expression — learning as we go, what it is to become an effective Human.

What memes do you support? What memes are you going to pass on to the next generation?

Religion / Belief?
Profit above Life?
Avoiding Reality?
Getting drunk?
Only caring about that which supports you to fulfill your own interest / wants?
Caring more about a belief in the afterlife than in creating a supportive system for All?

We are in a time where the next step in ‘evolution’, if you want to call it that, is possible. To evolve — to free ourselves from this pattern of self interest and self destruction — we have to change the Memes we are accepting and allowing.

Who else is going to change them?
Consider the Desteni I Process

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