Day 279: Humanity’s Content Containment Conundrum

Looking at the world, at this reality, at our minds, at what we experience, what we know, what we don’t know, how we live, what we understand, what we don’t understand, what we’re dealing with on a daily basis in our relationships, our jobs, our lives, what we see unfold daily, weekly, monthly, yearly on a global level, how businesses operate, how cities operate, how our money system operates, the things that we see determine our quality of life and opportunities in life, what our friendships are based on, what our families are based on, how we raise children and what we teach them, how our governments operate in our own country, and in other countries, how resources are used, the effects our lives have on the environment, the things we decide to live for, how and when and why we entertain ourselves, pain, suffering, struggle, hardship, inequality, conflict, war, addiction, suppressions, our fantasies, our desires, our fears, our beliefs, the abuses we see are unacceptable but which we turn away from, where we are headed as a society in relation to the consequences of how our society functions….. all of these things, all of these words, describe some of the Content of our world, of this reality, of ourselves.

It’s strange how we tend to view the world, to view reality, as this big and apparently ‘unknowable’ thing ‘out there’, believing that all we can really handle and grasp, is our own survival and finding ways to ‘feel alright’ in this ‘big wide world’. But, when you start to write it down, you can see — what’s here as this world is very specific, it’s the Content of ourselves. Interestingly, when you look at the word ‘Content’ — it’s that which we’re Content with – that which we Accept. That which we Allow. I mean, all the Contents of our society, our media, our laws, our money system, our businesses, our religions, our relationships, what we experience inside ourselves — is that which we are Content with. I mean, if we were not Content with the Contents of what is Here as this world – well then we’d stop, wouldn’t we’? We’d find a way to change the Contents of this world, the contents of ourselves, wouldn’t we?

And yet — for the most part, in the world of people with access to money and therefore access to things to ‘make a life’ with, we can see that the vast majority of us are simply — Content to keep the Contents of this world as they are. I mean, we are so busy making plans and setting goals to achieve more access to different types of Content that is here, Content that others have that we’d like to also have, Content we’d like to play with, to entertain ourselves with, lives that others have lived that we like the idea of, and would also like to live, beliefs that others have, that we like the Content of, and so adopt for ourselves.

Content – Contentment – Content-Meant — we’re looking for Contentment, the Content that we feel is ‘Meant’ for ‘Me’. The search for Contentment is the search for the right kind of Content that Con-tains a source of — satisfaction, happiness, something where we can say — ahh okay, my life is cool, I like my life, life is good! I’m doing what I’m ‘Meant’ to do!

But you know it’s strange because, we’ll look at the people with all the power in this world, the elite, and we’ll say ‘they are the problem!’ But – they’re simply doing what they believe they are Meant to do! They are simply Accepting and Participating in the Content that they are Content with! And, isn’t that what everyone, what the Majority, what the 99% are doing, day in and day out?

And — could the Elite really do what they believe they are Meant to do, if we were not Content with the Content of what is here? If we were not Accepting and Allowing it? If we were not giving it our Consent? If we were not busy in our Own pursuit of the Content we believe is Meant for us?

The problem we have in this world, which we’ve had for as long as we’ve been here, is that our Content, that which we are Content with, both within ourselves and our minds and Consequently what manifests as the Content of our outer world — has never Contained the Principle of what is Best for All Life! What’s always come first in some way or other is — ME and MY Content-Meant.

I mean, why else would we Accept and Allow some of the totally ridiculous and consequential Contents of ourselves? For example, judgments, beliefs, opinions, reactions — I mean we know our ‘individuality’ in terms of having our ‘own opinions and judgments’ leads to conflict, violence, wars on all scales in society and yet — we ACCEPT it because why? Because there’s always some Content we’re busy trying to get into our lives to Contain whatever momentary Dis-Content may have come up in relation to problems in our lives — our first response to a problem, to a difficulty, to a conflict, is always — how can I get content again? But, this approach has not proved to be effective in supporting ourselves to actually CHANGE any of the shit causing problems in this world — because we’ve always assumed and accepted the idea that — well this is just human nature, oh well — might as well make the best of it and find some Contentment somewhere.

So, seeing as the future of humanity and the future of our planet depends on what Content is going to be playing out in this reality each day and for generations to come, the question that should be in the forefront of our minds is — what Contents in this world am I willing to be Content with? And if our Content Considerations fail to include what is best for all life on Earth and we decide to Continue as we are — how much longer will our planet be able to Contain us before it self destructs? Isn’t this why we’re already looking to the stars in hopes of finding a new planet?

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