Day 284: Why I don’t Celebrate Christmas

To preface this blog, I would suggest that it’s important to consider the following quote:

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the passion of the Christ demonstrate in various symbolisms that the Physical-Body is the Temple of God that should not be subjected to Money-Lenders in all its forms as the Physical-Body, is the vehicle through which creation on Earth takes place – and therefore the Eco-System as Earth is given, as One Body, as Support, for All Bodies of Flesh on Earth. And thus – the Passion for Economics should be to design and present ways that make sure that every Body of Flesh that enters this System is supported in every way, so that no one Ever needs to Suffer and Wish they were Born into another Body simply because they are part of the ‘have-not’s’, while the ‘have’s’ passionately protects their lifestyle, creating theories as personal-theology, justifying their passion for self-interest, defining morality based-on possession and ownership of that which was given freely to All – implying that those that do not allow equality for All Bodies of Life: are in fact the Thieves of Life, and as such must be held accountable – which is inevitable through Democracy, where the Majority will no longer accept the Mockery that is being made of Life as Bodies, just to allow the Minority to have a Lifestyle protected through an Economic System that does not include All Bodies of Life on Earth. 

Would Jesus celebrate Christmas?

Would Jesus approve of Christmas?

 Would Jesus approve of how we accept and allow billions of dollars and untold physical resources and labor and planning and to be spent on the annual perpetuation of a day that pretty much amounts to a self-imposed tradition of permeating the physical world with an interactive sensory stimulation fest consisting of pictures, sounds, foods, clothing, toys, decorations, specifically engineered plants (christmas trees), all interwoven with the bizarre and inexplicable themes of snowmen, the colors red, green, and white, jingling bells, boughs of holly, anthropomorphized pumpkins, (oh wait that’s halloween), a magical fat man that flies around giving toys to girls and boys, all while apparently celebrating the birth of a savior of mankind who has somehow guaranteed us a comfortable afterlife experience singing hallelujah and making cakes and cookies with our dead grandmothers in the clouds for eternity, finally free from all the things we hate like paying bills, physical pain and illness, cold and wet weather, and various forms of potential harm that may come to us in this big scary world, as a big scary demon shakes his pitchfork at us and curses our decision ‘accept Jesus as our savior’?

Shit, I’m sorry but none of this makes a lick o’ sense to me. And, never mind all the irrelevant backstory and historical pagan origins of Christmas symbology and traditions – that doesn’t matter, it doesn’t make any of this any more rational or ‘meaningful’ whatsoever.

What does any of this have to do with the message of Jesus at a fundamental level which is – to treat each other as equals and give each other what we’d like for ourselves? Did jesus say ‘behold, I hereby set forth the decree that the act of giving is to be defined by buying presents for each other on one special day of the year, which are to be wrapped in shiny paper and opened after eating a big meal?’

2000 years of Christmas – and how have we advanced in the way we live with each other on Earth? Isn’t there something about ‘peace on Earth and good will towards all’? Where is that anyway? Isn’t ACTUAL good will where we each have the Will to place what’s best for everyone before what we want for ourselves? Wouldn’t good will be to have a system where Profit is the outcome of our capacity to use the Earth’s resources and our ‘human ingenuity’ to provide everyone Equally with a dignified life, filled with purpose and opportunities to contribute and express themselves in meaningful ways, without having to wonder where the next meal is coming from?

Is there Peace and Good Will on Earth in physical fact? Nope. We’re worse off than before Jesus was born. By that I mean – we have the technology to access anyone, anywhere, and provide them with anything, at any time — and yet we don’t use it for the benefit of All, and millions will starve to death this year, and the next, and the next.

Clearly, Christmas has nothing to do with anything ‘meaningful’ if you’re talking about something that is for the benefit of Life on Earth. Christmas is simply a tradition — something we’ve been doing for so long that we believe it’s actually part of ‘who we are’, and that it’s actually in some way ‘natural’. And, we humans tend to do this weird thing where, when we develop an emotional / memory attachment to something in childhood, that apparently means it’s ‘important’, and ‘of value’, and ‘has meaning’, and is ‘part of who I am’ and then we ‘feel bad’ if we were to consider giving that thing up, and we want to ‘pass it on’ to the next generation because we want them to ‘experience’ the same thing. And then of course there’s the element of Fear of being ostracized or rejected or judged as ‘cold’ or ‘uncaring’ for not buying presents or celebrating Christmas, or whatever the tradition might be. And that would be an example of how dysfunctional our relationships in fact are; being based on the protection of memories and self definitions rather than common sense and self honesty, standing as Equals as Life.

But all of this, thankfully, is unnecessary and can be changed, because what we’re showing at Desteni within our thousands of Journey to Life blogs is that – we have the ability to Forgive ourselves for the attachments and emotions and memories and ideas we’ve defined ourselves by, and free ourselves to be able to view things and make decisions, and educate our children and plan our world based on common sense and Self Honesty and what’s in fact Best for All.

I don’t celebrate Christmas — and yet, strangely enough I am still able to enjoy myself, and express myself with others and enjoy their company. And I much prefer being free of the fears and thoughts and stresses and emotional rollercoasters and constant mental preoccupation with ‘the holidays’ and all the planning and expenses involved, and trying to please others. I’m not a ‘bah humbug’, and I’m not a ‘grinch’. I’m a human, I’m life, I’m on planet Earth. I care about Life. Life is my Value. Life is my Culture. And principles and actions that support what is Best for All Life — that is what interests me. As for Celebration — I’ll celebrate when we have Proven our Good Will toward All by having a system where everyone is guaranteed a dignified life from birth to death.

If this blog makes sense to you, there’s a free course you can do that will show you how to deconstruct things practically and take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and change yourself to be able to live and express without the limitations of fear, memories, and self beliefs controlling your every moment of breath.

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