Day 287: Communication: Software Updates for Organic Robots

An interesting realization opened up the other day as my agreement partner and I were talking about our finances. First some context: My partner is in charge of our budgeting because she is more effective naturally with math and creating management systems. We share a joint checking account and generally the way we’ve been dealing with decision making regarding making purchases individually is that most of the time I’ll let her know when there’s something of moderate to high cost I need to buy, and most of the time she’ll keep me updated about our available funds in relation to the expenses and bills we need to cover in a particular period, and when to hold off on buying things. We have a checking account and also a few credit cards with my partner managing our use of credit cards in a way where we make sure our monthly payments don’t exceed what we can afford.

So now that you have some context, an interesting thing happened the other day when I bought a couple of things from the office supply store. I decided to make the purchase based on information my partner had given me a couple days back. I had been planning to buy a desk, and she had given me a price range I should stay within. After looking at desks I hadn’t found one and so decided to stick with my old desk for the time being. So, a couple days later when I was at the office supply store, I decided to buy a couple things using the card I was going to buy the desk with previously. In that moment I inferred / assumed the purchase would be fine, based on looking at how we’d used the card over the last couple of days and thinking there were still plenty of funds left from the amount originally allocated for a desk.

Well, later when I told my partner what I bought and how much it had cost, it created a bit of an unnecessary inconvenience because she hadn’t anticipated the purchase and so had to now re-work the numbers a bit.

So I suggested that the solution I could apply would be to simply make sure that I communicate any such potential purchase to her in advance to make sure it’s fine, and not make a decision based on an assumption, because in that moment of assumption, though I thought I was working with an accurate assessment of our funds, I didn’t have an actual update as to the real status of the funds or to my partner’s specific plans related to that money. This opened up the interesting realization that we really are like computers with our own individual software running, and basically what happened was that in the moment of assumption that influenced my decision making, I was running an outdated software version! The assumption could have been prevented if I’d made a Connection through Communication, and downloaded the current update from my partner about the status of our money / the numbers! It’s like literally when we’re communicating and sharing information in real time, working with the actual information, it’s the same as computers connected to each other through the internet, sharing in real time the most current information, downloading updates. Then when the connection is severed — the computer is running a software version that, a few days later may be outdated! The same as when you get some information from someone in a moment of Communication / Connection – after the connection is severed, that same information a couple days later may no longer represent actual reality!

Seeing the point of assumption in the context of how it’s really like working with an incorrect version of reality that — MAY have been correct at an earlier stage, I realized how many little moments assumptions are made – in relation to each other, based on information that was received through Connections at one time, but which may have changed since the last Connection! And we all know how easy it is to, in our mind take information as fact just because it’s there and we tend to believe our own assumptions and memories just because we can form them but — man that is really not a practical way to exist with each other because things change and information can be easily warped and mutated in one’s mind by desires, memories, judgments, preferences, beliefs. It’s better to simply Connect and Communicate to keep things REAL and get updates, especially when walking a partnership with someone in an Agreement, in the money system where we’re tied to finances and jobs and responsibilities that relate to our survival.

So my partner and I agreed that, instead of allowing those little moments of assumption in relation to money, we communicate important updates to each other so we can be sure we’re running the same software version! Also after this recent discussion she suggested she share the document she’d created that she used to manage our budgeting, so I could use it for reference. So I’m now also going to make a point of familiarizing myself more with the specifics of our budget and structuring my understanding of our budget according to the actual information, and identifying and stopping moments of assumption.

It’s all part of aligning Self out of thought and energy, into practical reality awareness where, I’m being disciplined in sticking to Common Sense instead of allowing myself to believe in the Logic of thinking. Thinking involves following the logic of your beliefs, assumptions, judgments, desires, fears, projections, opinions, conditioned behavior, memories, instead of using Communication, being Self Honest about when and how one does not actually ‘know’ what’s best or have all the Actual information in Reality about how a decision may affect not just yourself but another, and directing self to take Action aligned with the practical steps of getting to the point where one can say Self Honestly that – this is the best decision.


  1. Great analogy here Matti in regards to how we seem to be running our own separate instances of software that eventually becomes prone to bugs and viruses – something we can all definitely relate to. Thanks for sharing and opening this point up.


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