Day 295: What Determines Your Place in Society?

I read an article that put the role of police and law enforcement in context in terms of the role it actually plays in how our society is structured around the protection of wealth and keeping everyone ‘in their place’:

“Police Violence Not Merely the Product of Police with Racist Attitudes

Welcome to the Real News Network I’m Paul Jay.
Police violence against people of color, that is illegal violence usually without consequence to the perpetrators, is not merely the product of too many law enforcement officers with racist attitudes.
Their name says it all. Police are enforcing laws, including with deadly force, to make people obey legislation that at its heart protects people that own property. The more you own, the more you are served and protected.
Of course we all want to live in a safer city and police play a significant role in that, but to address this violence we must recognize the underlying causes of street crime: unemployment, low wages, poverty, and completely irrational drug laws.
Unemployment is not a natural phenomenon that ebbs and flows; it’s a product of a system that requires a big pool of available cheap labor to keep wages low. A myriad of legislation ensures that unions are weak and wages stay depressed. It’s not a product of a free labor market, but what amounts to a regulated one.
When police use violence they do so as agents of a legal system (courts and prisons), that must keep a lid on people who fight back against desperate conditions. Whether they fight back blindly and often self-destructively, or more consciously and politically, the elites have passed laws that keep people in their place.
Of course the place for those in the elites, that is the top 20%, is to own 85% of America’s wealth. On a global scale, the top 1% of the population owns 50% of the world’s wealth. In the US, the wealthiest one percent captured 95 percent of post-financial crisis growth since 2009, while the bottom 90 percent became poorer.
Laws are designed to makes sure this inequality takes place, and make sure it stays this way. The police enforce these laws.” SOURCE:
Money determines the kind of community you fit within. Money determines ‘your place’ in the world. And, when you grow up in a particular community, of a particular culture, you’re going to define yourself largely based on your community and culture — your ‘place’. And, your interests, your concerns, what you care about, is going to be largely based around your community and culture that forms the predominant World that you experience yourself in. I mean you’re going to define your purpose, your worth, your value, around the kind of culture you developed in — around your ‘place’ in the world.
Now in this world, you have communities of people with higher educations, sophisticated job skills, higher incomes, and within these communities it’s interesting because when you are highly educated and you have a lot of money at your disposal and you’re not in a constant struggle to survive — you have a foundation that gives you access to a much wider view of the world, and you are like, in a way more free to be ‘your own person’. You’re more the ‘master of your life’. And, people in such communities also have more access to ways of influencing and shaping the policies and laws in their community in a way that serves their interest. So basically, you have more control over your immediate world and you feel less dependent on others. It’s like, when you are part of the world of people with money and resources and influence — you are the one who puts yourself in your place in the way you want. For you, the system is cool – the laws are cool, because they are helping you protecting your interests, your assets, your access from being lost, from coming under threat. From the perspective of the person with money, with a high quality of life and a lot of assets, your experience is for the most part that laws and authority and government is there to serve you.
And then you have communities of people with less education, lesser job skills, lower incomes, more immediate threats to your survival and security, and the role that laws and rules play in your world is primarily that of limiting the resources and quality of life you have access to. You are existing in a more limited Place, a more inferior Place. When you are existing in the low income world, without the education, capital, and connections in the system to access a ‘better place’, what you find is that it’s very difficult to change your world, very difficult to access a better quality of life. It’s like, instead of serving the interest of your quality of life and well-being and access to opportunities — the system, the laws, the authority structure is there to put you in your place and keep you there. Again, why else would people turn to selling drugs, or to prostitution, or to theft? Why else would people form gangs and social structures that protect criminal behavior and lash out against those who are trying to keep them in their place? Isn’t such psychology born of the inherent indignity of occupying a place in the world that you can directly see is inferior in every way to those with money? I mean when you are born into a tough place, and you find that the rules you must follow are making it difficult to get into a better place — is it any wonder that people start to find ways of playing by their own rules in order to create opportunities to experience a better place in the world?
I commit myself to show that All places in the world must be a place where dignity is found.
I commit myself to show that All places in the world must be a place where life is supported to reach its full potential and self expression.
I commit myself to show that All places in the world must be a place where support is given sufficient and equal to all in order to prevent the development of survival based personalities.
I commit myself to show that All places in the world must be a place where education is the best it can be and is given to everyone.
I commit myself to show that All places in the world must be a place where self interest is put in its practical place — which is the place of being removed from any point of influence where it can harm another and deprive another of their basic human right to a dignified life without fear, without lack, without deprivation of the things that make life an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.
I commit myself to show that if we want to stop the perpetuation of riots and violence and the ‘us vs. them’ mentality — we’re going to have to lift everyone currently in an Inferior Place in society, into a Place of dignity and honor — with a guaranteed living income sufficient to change a person’s world view from that of Inferiority and Resentment, to that of feeling Supported, Cared for, Respected, and Honored as Equal.

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