Day 298: How can we be Free when we have so many automatic Physical Behaviors?

Why is the human face one of the most sensitive and illustrative places for the Quantum Physical to be seen?
How can you read your face to see the Quantum Physical?
How is the Quantum Physical connected to the face of your physical body for it to come through and be seen so specifically?

How will this series assist and support you to quantify your process when facing the Quantum Physical?

Check out this free interview Introduction: Quantum Physical available to download on Eqafe.

Listening to this interview, I wanted to share how throughout my process I’ve come to develop an awareness of how specifically and consistently my physical body reflects and shows me when there is a thought, feeling, emotion, reaction activating within me. Everyone can relate to the experiences of for instance a tensing of muscles, negative or positive energy experiences appearing in the solar plexus / stomach / chest area, feeling physically awkward or uncomfortable, shoulders hunching, shallow breathing, holding your breath, avoiding eye contact, foot tapping or some movement happening automatically, clenching fists, slamming doors, moving aggressively, changing the way you walk or stand when you’re around different people, doing weird things unconsciously with your hands and fingers while talking to someone, etc, etc.

Each of these kind of physical manifestations can be traced to the activation and experience of some thought, feeling, or emotion – some positive, negative, or perhaps somewhat neutral experience that has come up and is now occupying your physical body and your attention. For example nervousness, desire, fear, anxiety, defensiveness, frustration, anger, depression, excitement, resistance, hurt, etc, or simply being ‘lost in thought’ where you’re off in your mind seeing things, imagining things, thinking about people or places or memories or information, and you’re not consciously Here in your body, self-directively moving it and positioning it.
One of the most revealing and complex parts of the body through which the Mind comes forth in expression is the Face. I’ve found that looking at what’s going on with my face is one of the most specific ways I can identify what’s going on within myself especially when speaking to others in moments of reaction. 
For instance:
What is happening in the muscles around my eyes?
What is happening in the muscles of my forehead?
What is happening in the muscles around my mouth?
What am I doing with my lips?
Is any part of my face clenched or tightened in some way?
What is happening with my eyes? Am I rolling my eyes?
Did my eyes widen? Are my eyelids feeling heavy or drooped?
What is happening with my chin? Is is jutting forward? Are my teeth clenched?
Am I smiling? Why? Is it a smile of spite or judgment? 
Am I staring into space blankly? lol.
Are my eyes moving around and am I resisting making eye contact?

It can be difficult to notice, let alone change these kinds of automatic physical symptoms and experiences when you’re for the most part during your day constantly in your head thinking about stuff and reacting to things – with this constant pull of some thought, some desire, some fear, some point of stress, some emotional experience, some inner conflict, causing you to exist in a constant survival mode, trying to live your life while being controlled by these experiences being triggered in you. Especially if for instance you are in a relationship or family situation where everyone is also having their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions coming up and you are frequently clashing with others. I mean it’s no wonder it’s so easy to postpone things or want to run away in moments into distractions of entertainment, drugs or alcohol, or isolating yourself.

This is why I suggest if you relate to this blog, that you enroll in the Desteni I Process course online which will actually teach you how to develop stability within the seemingly never ending experiences of your Mind, and start deconstructing your thoughts and experiences and understanding them, so you can release yourself from them and change the way you live and experience yourself and make decisions.


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