Day 300: What’s your Purpose in This Life?

Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

As a Destonian I’ve decided my Purpose in life, my Reason for being in this world, in this life, is to stop myself existing within and as any thought, behavior, starting point that cannot stand as Life as all as one as equal, in support of outcomes and ways of living that are best for all.

This may sound complicated and ‘philosophical’, but it’s really not.

What’s an example of a starting point that is not best for all? How about blame? When one goes into a reaction of blame toward another, there’s a judgment taking place, there’s the experience within yourself that you’re directing toward another, of them being ‘bad’, ‘wrong’, ‘deserving to be punished / yelled at / made to feel bad’ because of something they did or said.

Now, the reality is that whatever happened, there’s always a point of practical reality to a situation. For example is the blame related to some actual physical action that created consequence that caused harm to you or another? Or is the blame related to words or actions that merely went against / didn’t align to some expectation / desire / belief / definition you had in your mind?

In the first scenario where a person’s actions created consequence of some actually physically detrimental nature, usually blame and judgment steps in when you don’t understand why someone did what they did, and you take the situation personally and react to it in fear, or in offense. For example let’s say a cop shooting someone based on racism. Or maybe your relationship partner or a family member neglects some responsibility and it causes financial detriment in some way. In reality, there’s always a practical explanation and reality behind someone’s behavior, and there’s always a practical solution in terms of – okay now how do I direct myself in relation to what has happened / what actions are required to be taken as a result of this situation happening? In reality, the reaction of blame and judgment doesn’t serve any practical purpose. I mean when you understand HOW something happened, and are able to see how to direct a problem to a solution — you usually don’t react to that point, because you have all the information – you have a direct Seeing of the reality you’re working with. If you look at the nature of reactions you can see how they’re primarily based on points where we don’t see the full reality of how and why something came to exist / happen and so the reaction tends to be that of helplessness, loss of control, fear of loss, etc.

And in the scenario where the blame is a result of someone’s actions not aligning with something merely in your MIND as a belief, expectation, desire, definition — the practical reality within that is that you’ve set yourself up to experience another’s words or actions as a problem and go into blame toward them, through having accepted and allowed yourself to define yourself / another / your world through a particular belief, expectation, desire, definition, that obviously your world is not going to always conform to / align to. But, since it’s your definition of yourself, you go into blame because when your reality doesn’t conform to how you’ve defined yourself and your world — you feel invalidated and go into fear of loss, trying to protect your self definitions.

So, the reason why the mind as expectations, beliefs, desires, self definitions, reactions, judgments is not Best for All, is because it’s through such points that we exist in separation from the SEEING of practical reality of what is actually here in terms of how things work, what really shapes behavior and human nature, and the actual solutions to problems — in separation within our individual Mind bubble in which instead of being able to direct ourselves / the world in a way where all Life is supported and our relationships support ourselves to reach our full potential for self expression and self development — we’re constantly trapped in survival and protection and defense of whatever our individual, limited reality of expectations, beliefs, ideas, and self definitions happens to be. The protection of your Mind becomes your Purpose. It’s no wonder our economic system is such a mess and so many are suffering — when those with the ability to change the system — those with Money — are each preoccupied with pursuing only relationships and paths that will ‘keep MY life stable’ and fulfill MY expectations, desires, beliefs, and self definitions.

When we’re each individually trying to protect our own expectations, desires, beliefs, opinions and self definitions and just trying to validate and protect what we want for OUR OWN life only, and for our own happiness and satisfaction only — I mean we’re going to have conflict and neglect and abuse as a regular part of our existence in all areas of our relationships with each other. Conflict and neglect and abuse which – if you look around — is taking place every day, in every walk of Human Life. We’re not coming to solutions that are best for everyone, because we’re each stuck within our accepted and allowed Purpose of protecting and surviving our Minds of expectations, desires, beliefs, and self definitions.

What’s your Purpose in this life?

Why are we really here? To protect our opinions, beliefs, desires, and self definitions that have been passed on generation after generation? To repeat the past? Or to STOP what we’re creating and participating in within our minds and change ourselves in a way where instead of merely surviving as our individual Minds, we become participants Together in Practical, Equal Awareness of our Reality, and Direct ourselves as Group to create what is Best for Life?

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