Day 307: Earth: Red Pill – Heaven: Blue Pill

What do you do when you get emotional, experience conflict, get frustrated, get depressed, get stressed? Irritated? When the world gets you down? When you’re bored?

Do you access an experience? What is the name of the experience?


Take a moment to look at the experience you use. Are there pictures / visuals associated with the experience? What do you see in your head? Images? Colors?

What’s the story behind your experience? Is the positive nature of the experience tied in with a form of belief that, in spite of all the ‘bad stuff’, there is something, someone, some greater force looking out for you, or some brighter, better, happier place waiting for you in this life or when you die?

If someone presented you with two pills – a blue pill that if swallowed, would whisk you away from the Earth into your preferred heaven – or a red pill that, if swallowed, would cause you to live here, in your physical body on Earth forever, which pill would you choose?

In choosing the blue pill, what would be your starting point? To escape? What are you wanting to escape?

Would you resist choosing the red pill? Why? What comes up in your mind at the prospect of remaining here on Earth in your physical body forever?

In choosing the red pill, what would you do with your time here? Would you be satisfied living as you are now, with everything that exists in your, in your mind now, forever on Earth?

Would you be able to walk with Humanity, with all that is here on Earth, within absolute conviction that you will be able to create a new world, free of abuse and inequality?

What is your purpose? What do you live for?

Are you a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience?

Or are you a Fearful being having a Religious experience?

Do you follow the religion of an experience that helps you cope with being here? Are we getting ‘enlightened’? Are we ‘awakening’? Or are we just creating the same construct of religion over and over and over again – just with different pictures and words?

What is the nature of the Idea of some form of Heaven? Isn’t is the place you want to End up in when HaveEnded?

The Idea of Heaven is that it’s like – the ‘best place’ you can be, the place you want to be, the place you want to end up in, in the end.

So, doesn’t that make this life, this Earth – actually the representation of Hell in the mind of someone living for Heaven?

When we say we want to change the world and have peace and oneness on Earth – how can we really ever commit ourselves to doing what it takes to make that a reality, when within the very Idea of Heaven as the ‘non physical world’ in some form — we are stating that Earth is Hell? That Earth is, and always be – ‘less than Heaven’?

The funny thing is though – Heaven is in your mind. Heaven is the mind because that’s where you’re free to free yourself from the things you don’t like about this life, through dreaming up whatever you want. Yet, your mind is in your physical body, on Earth. The Earth was here first, your physical body was here first. Then you installed words, stories, and beliefs as a response to everything you don’t like about this life, this world and — *poof*; Heaven was born. Born from Hell.

At Desteni we take the Red Pill. Because we have made the decision that our Destiny is not to escape what we Fear Here – but to Create Heaven Here. What will you choose? Who will you be at the end of this life?
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